How Do I Know If My Intuition Is Right?

Sep 10, 2020Conversations with Spirit

 How Do I Know If My Intuition Is Right?

I hear this so many times from people wanting to understand their intuitive gifts, but end up second guessing themselves and doubting whether or not their intuition is right. I know I’ve been there myself! We can thank our ego for that. Our ego thinks it knows better; it likes control, consistency, and structure. Our intuition is all about flow – it’s more like water or air. I like the symbolic form of air because like our intuition, we can’t see it. It’s intangible, but it’s powerful when you think about how it can move things. You breathe in air and have an implicit trust that you’re going to be able to keep breathing. You trust that it’s there when you need it. 

I’d like for you to consider the fact that your intuition is right all the time. With that in mind, what are you doing to enhance your intuitive practice? 

1) Consistent Effort

Set aside a time that you dedicate to practice and work on your intuition. This should be distraction-free so you can pay close attention to what is a thought and what is your intuition. Your intuition is not usually a loud, booming thought. Our Spirit Guides send us messages, but the intuitive messages you receive on a daily basis are usually more subtle than that. 

Pay attention to your intuitive type. Pay attention to your body; it is a wonderful tool to guide you! Physical ailments aside, if you are feeling tired, grumpy, or worn down, it’s your body telling you things intuitively.

Your intuition can come through via your main type:

  • Seer – clairvoyance, (seeing Spirit)
  • Owl – clairaudience, (hearing Spirit)
  • Empath – clairsentience, (feeling Spirit)
  • Channeler – claircognizance (knowing Spirit)

It’s possible to be more than one type, but which one is your main type? Join us for my 5 day Free Increase Your Abundance & Intuition Challenge where we go over each type!

2) Clear Your Mind 

You have to clear your mind to be able to receive. If your mind is cluttered – filled with or distracted by other things when you’re trying to receive, you won’t have space to receive. Sometimes clearing the space you’re in can help clear your mind (“as above, so below” is a common phrase to indicate your physical space represents your mental space as well).  

You also want to be sure to do a mind clearing technique that works for your intuitive type. For example, I prefer when I am making a decision or dealing with anxious energy to move my body. Movement helps me process this stagnant energy to be more receptive to what my intuition is telling me. 

3) Detach from the outcome

When you are questioning what your intuition is telling you, and whether your intuition is right or not, it can often be a sign of being too attached to a particular outcome or what you want the answer to be versus what you are receiving. 

Allow yourself to detach from the answer you want and be open to receiving the answer that is. This used to happen when I would read: people would ask me the same question multiple times, and I’d tell them I can’t change what I’m receiving. When you’re receiving for yourself, you may be disappointed because the answer isn’t what you wanted, or you doubt you’ve received the correct answer. It could also be that the answer isn’t bad, but perhaps it’s scary in a way, such as having to step outside of your comfort zone or take a leap of faith. 

4) Your intuition is right all of the time

When you ask me, “How do I know if my intuition is right or not?” My answer will be: it’s always right. 

Your intuition is never wrong, but we may be too attached to a certain element of it.It could be that your timing is off. When my husband Chris was submitting a proposal for a client, my intuition told me he was going to get it. As it turns out, he didn’t! However, a few years later, it was the same client, different proposal, and he got it! My intuition was right in that he was going to get the proposal, but my expectation in the timing of it was not. 

We don’t always know or see the bigger picture, so we have to trust that our Spirit Guides and Intuition are guiding in the right direction for our highest good. Remind yourself when you find yourself in a moment of doubting your intuition: my intuition is right!

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