How Do I Get Started With My Intuition?

Mar 26, 2020Conversations with Spirit

You know your Intuition is key to making big life decisions and aligning to your life purpose and path, but you might be asking “Whitney, how do I get started with my Intuition?”

I tried books, meditations, CD’s, TV shows, and all it did was confuse the heck out of me. Too many teachers and too many methods caused confusion and burnout. #nothanks

In this video I’ll do a short exercise with you so you can jump right in.

  • You’ll take a deep breath
  • Clear your mind
  • Talk to your Spirit Helpers
  • Receive the messages coming through

Plus I’ll give you some tips on keeping your energy clear and what you can do to increase your trust in the messages you receive.

So, let’s get you started connecting with your Intuition.

Are you ready?

I’ll see you inside the video.

And don’t forget, if you want to see what your primary Intuitive type most likely is, you can take this free quiz.

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