High Vibe Food & Screw Ups

Dec 3, 2018Conversations with Spirit

Ever had an epic fail but you turned it around? You probably realized you weren’t perfect, and it was time to let your guard down.
Okay, here it goes…. My story of my screw up & high vibe foods.

Awhile back, I sent out a survey to see what topics everyone would like to learn about. One of them was “adapting to higher vibrational foods.” I thought I would send out a quick video & email around the holidays, for those who are interested in lightening their energy through their diet.

Well, you ARE going to get this info, BUT… also a story behind it.

Trying to be all professional for you, I wore make-up, did my hair, and even wore a fancier shirt than I’m used to. (Now, I WAS wearing hot pink sweatpants, but you can’t see that. The top half of me was dressed up for you.)

I got the video camera set up and in focus, and started talking. I was in the flow! I felt like a lot of good info was coming out!

You know what it feels like, when you are channeling information? It is this continuous flow of energy. That’s the way it felt to me. I had good energy, I was in a good mood, and I was excited to help everyone who was going to hear this info!

When I was done, I felt fulfilled and my recording session was completed.

Riding the wave of excitement, I downloaded my video to my computer for editing. I was getting ready to test out my editing skills… AND…..


$#!@ ?

I really didn’t want to try to re-create what I had said. I can’t fake energy. My students will know! I didn’t want to add this frustrated energy into a new recording, as my students would feel it…

Grumpy, I tried to add the audio. (I wear a little lapel mic so the audio is better quality.)

Searching on the drive, I can’t find the audio. Where is it? I know it is here somewhere! It finally dawns on me after about 10 minutes of searching file and file….. ?



Now I sound like I’m in a freaking tin can.

Calm down, Whitney.

I really sat on this for awhile, and realized…


Have you ever heard someone say, “I can’t have company over because the house isn’t clean?”

Well, it’s because they don’t want someone to see how they live authentically.

Now, I have DEFINITELY said this. ?

For me, if someone is really close to me, I’ll let them see how I truly am.

Laundry on the floor and piled up? Sure.

Haven’t vacuumed for 3 months? Come on over.

Oh, that suitcase is still on the floor from when I traveled 3 months ago? Just walk right over it.

Today, I’m inviting you “into my home and how I live.”

Of course, that is symbolic. But I must feel pretty comfortable with you to share this 🙂

Aside from my “screw up story,” I am sharing some tips on how to adapt to higher vibe foods.

Have you ever felt heavy after eating a big meal? It could totally be the actual pounds of the food you just inhaled, BUT it could be the energy. ?

Yep. Food can retain the energy of the animal or even the person stocking the food in the store.

To become lighter, I am giving you some tips.

  1. Replacing heavy items with lighter ones.
  2. Organic / Non-GMO / Preservative Free foods
  3. Life Force Foods

Using your Intuition with food, is so important! We can be guided in the direction of our health. Sometimes we feel like “hmmm.. I feel like I need to eat xyz.” Later, you may find out you were low on a nutrient, and your Intuition guided you to the right foods:)

Watch the video to see my “screw up” and more info on High Vibe Foods!

If you want to connect to your Intuition, learn how you specifically receive your messages in this free Quiz.

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