Ep 36: Healing The Witch Wound: Is Past Life Trauma Blocking Your Intuitive Gifts

Aug 31, 2022Podcast

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Healing The Witch Wound: Is Past Life Trauma Blocking Your Intuitive Gifts

Have you ever felt like you didn’t know which direction to go next, or you’re struggling to fully step into the intuitive abilities that make you unique? This can feel almost paralyzing. When I first came into my intuitive abilities, I was so afraid of tapping into them and using them for a purpose. The fear of rejection or persecution is legitimate. Let’s dig in to see how the “Witch Wound” might be affecting you in your life and/or business.

What Is The Witch Wound

I define the Witch Wound as lifetimes of trauma that we carry in our bodies and energies that we continue to incarnate with. It can show up as the fear of being seen and stand out with your intuitive abilities. Historically witches have been persecuted to the point of being burned. This carries fear and control. Afraid of ridicule, shame, and being judged incorrectly. Listen as I disclose how I discovered a wound I carried from a past life.

Roe v. Wade & The Witch Wound

Wounding can also happen in our current lifetime. The overturn of Roe versus Wade in recent months has brought this up due to the topic of controlling women or control of women’s bodies. It will trigger that fear response for showing up totally and authentically female. And fear will always block us from taking the next step on a subconscious level, even when we know it is the absolute right step.

Stepping Past The Witch Wound and Into Your Power

The most important thing you can do to move past the fear that The Witch Wound can create is to find your community. You need a group of like-minded people with whom you are comfortable being seen authentically. Part of our lesson in this lifetime is to standout as the unique individual you are. The more you are authentic to yourself, the more you will attract those like-people to you. Sometimes we just have to step around the fear and take a step toward doing the thing that our ego is telling us is not safe and that we should be afraid of. Ask yourself what is the worst that would happen if you did step out. Barring emotional or physical danger and speaking solely about the fears of being seen or speaking your truth, the “worst” that can happen is usually the people who really aren’t in your vibration will fall away. And although change in any aspect can be hard, this may be for your highest and best anyway. It can also be helpful to find a role model that has been through your situation before that can advise you. Past life regression and energy work can also be a great benefit when you find someone that you fully resonate with and trust.

A Parting Question

As I close out this episode I’d like you to ask yourself one question. Are you planted in the right soil? Is the location where you live conducive to your growth? Are the people in your life nurturing your desire to grow and expand your intuitive abilities or your healing potential? Are the choice I’m making nurturing me? If the answer to any of these is “no” you within to find out what block is really holding you back. Get curious about it so you can bring it to the surface and do the work to release it and step into your full potential

Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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Part of your lesson in this lifetime is to stand out. Be you. Be authentic, unique, and individual. – Whitney McNeill

Your light has to be on so more people can be drawn to who you are – Whitney McNeill

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