Ep 40:  Healing The Root Chakra – How To Ground Before Spirit Communication

Sep 28, 2022Podcast

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Healing The Root Chakra – How To Ground Before Spirit Communication

Intuition is more than just an open Third Eye Chakra. In this episode I’ll address the most neglected Chakra in intuition and mediumship, the Root Chakra. Grounding is such a critical piece to connecting to your intuition in a balanced way and the key to any effective grounding technique is an open and healthy Root Chakra.

Importance of the Root Chakra to Intuition

Spirit is able to communicate to us in human form since everyone and everything is made from the same “stuff”. Energy. If we think of intuition in terms of energy, we know when electricity flows through a circuit that is ungrounded, not-good things can happen. The wires have to be grounded for the flow of electricity to be safe and useful. Essentially, our Root Chakra is our grounding wire so the flow of information and messages from our Guides can also be safe and useful.

Importance of the Root Chakra to Mediumship

As a medium, once you’ve delivered the messages you receive from Spirit, you have to come back down and function as a human on the earth plane. You need to drive, cook, and various other tasks that can cause harm if we aren’t present and focused when doing them. Grounding helps you stay connected to this existence so you are able to more quickly resume normal physical activity without feeling all spacey or forgetful. Staying grounded during a mediumship reading also helps with the way Spirit is able to deliver the messages to you.

Tips on How to Ground

No spoiler alert here…but one of the most crucial ways to ground is by working on your Root Chakra. Energy healing, reiki, sound therapy, aromatherapy, and crystals can all be extremely helpful in keeping your Root Chakra healthy. But remember, this is only one part. We should treat all 7 primary Chakras as a system. Only focusing on one or two and neglecting the others defeats the purpose



The Root Chakra identifies with the earth element, so being outside in nature can be a grounding experience. If weather or climate is not conducive to being out of doors, going barefoot in your home can also aid grounding. Connection with animals and connection to your body (like massage, acupuncture, etc) are grounding. Each of the Chakras correlate with a scent, so diffusing essential oils can be supportive for Chakra heath. Listen as I give you some additional techniques and visualizations to use to supercharge your grounding practice.

Circumstances that can Affect Grounding

If you happen to travel a lot for business or end up having to be away from home for reasons not of your own choosing, it can create an environment where you don’t “feel at home”. Feelings of having a solid foundation and safety are highly integral to being grounded. If you are unhappy or unfulfilled in your job; if you are in an unhealthy or unsatisfying relationship (whether that be with a family member, with yourself, or with a partner), any of those can obviously leave you feeling as if your life is not in a solid place. If you are like me and don’t enjoy exercise, that can leave you disconnected from your body and make grounding difficult. Any situation that is not supportive of our energy will not be nurturing to our Root Chakra.

A Final Thought

If your Root Chakra is still unbalanced I would challenge you to reflect on if there is something that you are not releasing. The Root Chakra is where we physically release waste from our bodies and is important in energy release as well. If you are holding on to old grudges or past patterns it may be difficult to ground. I’ll leave you with things you can do to begin releasing what you are holding that isn’t serving your highest good.

I hope this gives you some actionable steps to support that Root Chakra and get firmly grounded. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious



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The Root Chakra is the most neglected Chakra in intuition and mediumship – Whitney McNeill

If you feel like your Root Chakra is not balanced, I want you to reflect on “Am I not releasing something?”. – Whitney McNeill

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