Ep 48: Healing Karma – Ancestral Healing Meditation

Nov 23, 2022Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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Healing Karma – Ancestral Healing Meditation

Here in the United States tomorrow will be our Thanksgiving Holiday. This is a holiday where we typically gather with family (biological and chosen) to share a meal and give thanks. This can bring up a lot of emotions especially for those of us that are very sensitive. Whether these emotions stem from difficult family dynamics, from the history of how this holiday began and the portrayal of how the Indigenous Peoples of this land were treated or from the excitement of having so much to be grateful for; it remains a season of heightened awareness and the possibility for karmic healing.

Holiday Thoughts and Choices

Sometimes we find it too easy to focus on the less than positive aspects, what didn’t go to plan, or even what we might be dreading. We have the ability to turn that around and mindfully focus on the positive aspects. We can focus on our ancestors, those who have gone before us and our family on both sides of the veil. Some of us have amazing relationships with our family and some of us do not. But there is usually also at least one person in our family or circle that we feel more disconnected from where there is probably a need for some type of healing.

Karma, Incarnations & Contacts

I have learned from Spirit that we come into this plane, incarnate and choose our family based on Karma. On things we need to learn. On things we need to teach. These agreements or contracts, if you will, can leave us feeling stuck and unable to move forward. It becomes a block that we need to heal and release.

A Gift Of Karmic Healing

Listen as Whitney channels a reiki infused meditation for Ancestral Healing and clearing related energy blocks . Go somewhere quiet where you won’t be distracted and can relax and enjoy

I hope you enjoy this Holiday and here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.




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I truly believe we come into this earth plan and reincarnate and choose our family based on karma. – Whitney McNeill

I like to bring Gratitude into my life everyday. – Whitney McNeill

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