When Giving Up is Good

Nov 8, 2018Conversations with Spirit

Why giving up isn’t bad… from an energy perspective.

That’s right. Giving up can be GOOD. That thought is something most of us are NOT familiar with. We are taught at a young age to “stick in there,” keep going, and “make it happen.” However, if you are working so hard at something, and you aren’t getting anywhere, there are a couple things going on.

You most likely are spinning your wheels because you are tired and have no creative life force left. You end up going into ZOMBIE mode, and wonder why you aren’t getting results. ENERGY DRAIN leads nowhere. ?‍♂️

You just can’t fathom the thought of stopping because you are a fighter, but you are putting more frustrated energy into the problem at hand. You think it won’t resolve itself, right?

If you are just doing something to “do something,” and you feel like you are going around and around in a hamster wheel… you need to take a step back. It would be the same as being way too involved in the details and not seeing the higher, bigger, more expansive perspective.(Think Eagle ?, Think Hawk.)

When you take a step back to clear your Mind, and put that project, relationship, or problem on hold, it can be the best gift you give yourself! So, giving up? It’s not so bad. That doesn’t always mean you give up forever. Sometimes we just need to let our issues have a little breathing room. It is similar to when we are trying to hover over a child, because we want to make sure we do everything right.. but really, they need time to “do their own thing.”(I learned that lesson.?)

What can help is to remember we are a CO-creator of our reality. It isn’t JUST us. The Universe, Spirit, and our Higher Self have a hand in this process. Sometimes the timing is just “off,” and we are throwing a tantrum that things aren’t working out for us. Often times, we can look back at our predicament and see why it was delayed or cancelled.

Sometimes our Ego wants something to work so desperately, and it isn’t supposed to work. We’ve got to release control, take a step back, “give up,” and see which direction we need to take. Giving up, just for a little while (and sometimes permanently), can be the best thing we do, because in reality, when we give up, we are just surrendering to the Divine Will. We are releasing control. When we try too hard to control something, there is no breathing room for the magic to happen!

So, if you’ve given it your all and there isn’t any progress.. take a step back to BREATHE.

May your Spirit Shine Bright!
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