Ep 55: Find Your Genius In Wealth Consciousness with Anna Tsui

Jan 11, 2023Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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Find Your Genius In Wealth Consciousness

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, I’ll be talking with Spiritual Business Incubator guest expert Anna Tsui. Through her Intuitive Business School, Anna helps spiritual and ambitious business owners identify their unique zone of genius to increase self certainty and embrace a healthy wealth consciousness.

Biggest Struggle of Intuitives Right Now

As much as we may culturally identify with “the struggle is real”, the reality is that the struggle is NOT real. Economically there is a prevalent scarcity mindset, and as intuitives if we find ourselves buying into that mindset it can quickly halt the abundance we’ve been working with our Guides to create. We have to break free of that “vortex of fear” scarcity creates. The more conscious we stay about the reality of abundance, the more we can help heal that scarcity mindset for ourselves and the collective.

Break Free From Fear & Scarcity Into Your Genius

Fear can be addictive to the ego. The opposite of that is embracing an attraction mindset that is free of worry and doubt. The simple knowing that whatever you need exists for you and is available to you. All you need to do is match the vibration of it and it will flow to you nearly effortlessly.

How Can You Know What You Desire

Listen as Anna shares an exercise you can easily do to get clear on what you truly desire so you can supercharge your manifesting. Our soul always knows our deepest desire when we let go of the ego and shadow aspects that hold us back.

What Is Our Genius?

Genius is not solely based on mental IQ and aptitude. Anna defines Genius as the natural personality of our soul. At that deep level there are certain things each individual is uniquely obsessed with. The thing that regardless of outside circumstances would still light you up.

Being Spiritual & Ambitious for Anna

Anna feels the more confident she is in things energetically, the more immediately they show up in her life. She strives to stay aware of how her spiritual side affects her 3D reality. Your own inner confidence and certainty is the energy of Source in your individual being.

Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.




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Our Genius is the natural personality of our soul – Anna Tsui

We are always just a hair’s width away from Divine wisdom and abundance. – Anna Tsui

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