Feeling Like You Don’t Fit In

Jun 30, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Feeling Like You Don’t Fit In

I want to talk about energetic healing for those times you’re feeling like you don’t fit in. You might wonder why I want to talk about this as an adult when this typically happens more during our adolescent years. However, as intuitive and sensitive adults, who are probably also empathic (or have empathic tendencies), as you shift your vibration during your spiritual journey there will be times where you don’t’ feel like you fit in with family or friends or business any longer.
It’s important to understand that there are valid energetic reasons why we hit against these feelings of not belonging, but there are simple and effective methods to heal them as you progress through your journey.

Reason #1: Your Vibration Increasing Can Leave You Feeling Like You Don’t Fit In

As we grow spiritually, the cycle of alignment operates like a spiral continuously moving higher and higher as we learn and try to move ever closer to Source. As you go through these cycles of elevating your vibration you may find you don’t vibe with some of the same things you used to like TV shows, music, people, etc.  You just don’t connect to them on the same level because they are no longer an energetic match for you.

Reason #2: You’re Ready for New Lessons Can Leave You Feeling Like You Don’t Fit In

It may be time to explore new interests and meet new people that do support the growth you’ve experienced and align more closely with your new vibration. Change and spiritual growth is a natural part of who we are. We are here to learn different lessons and soak in information as we move through the different levels of existence but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to leave people in our lives at certain stages behind.  But we can be mindful, however, to expand our vibration to allow new people in and those previous relationships to shift and change along with us.

Reason #3: You Are In Transition Can Leave You Feeling Like You Don’t Fit In

Transition is not a place that feels safe and comfortable because it is that ‘in-between’ stage. You’ve left the old but are not fully yet in the new. It can feel naked and vulnerable as you shed that old skin, so to speak. It becomes very challenging to feel like you belong when you’re feeling that exposed. However, we need to embrace the transition phase.  It gives us time to heal from the old and rest to fully prepare to receive the upleveling that is coming.

Reason #4: Worthiness Blocks Can Leave You Feeling Like You Don’t Fit In

Blocks to self worth will show up as feelings of not being good enough or that no one will like the “real me”. Finding and becoming involved in a group of like-minded people is important for your support during those transitions to the next vibrational level. Addressing this need for my students was the inspiration for our free Facebook group, Spiritual & Ambitious. If you haven’t already joined us, please do! You can join anytime at messengerofspirit.com/group. As you become more confident in your new vibration you will attract the people who will “get you”. It’s important to remember we don’t need permission from any individual person or group in our lives to be the most authentic version of ourselves. As our vibration elevates and we open more to our intuition and the energy of spirit, it is likely that not everyone in our lives will understand or be comfortable with that change. That’s OK!! They have their own path and it may not be the same as yours.

Energetic Healing for Feeling Like You Don’t Fit In

Here are a few methods you can use to heal the energy around the feelings of not fitting in.
-Connect to your Solar Plexus: Your Solar Plexus is the chakra located below the breast bone and above the belly button. Put your hands over your Solar Plexus and ask your Spirit Guides to send healing to that area.  Visualizing white light or heat entering the the Solar Plexus can also be healing
-Affirmations: Using the affirmation “I give myself permission to be my authentic self” can help heal blocks to worthiness. Affirmations can be powerful on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
-Invite In Your Spirit Guides: You can ask your Guides for healing and learning.   They can also help create opportunities to meet others who are aligned to your current vibration
-Find a Supportive Community: We would love to see you join our free Facebook group to find the community you need. You can find us at messengerofspirit.com/group.
Remember to give yourself grace, time to integrate, and rest as you change your frequency to your next energetic level.

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