Is It Fear or My Intuition?

Aug 31, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Is It Fear or My Intuition?

I’ve seen many of my empathic and energy sensitive students wonder if what they are feeling is fear or my intuition. This can be harder for them as they will perceive both fear and intuitive messages in the same area of their bodies, the solar plexus. We’ve all heard people gripped by fear describe it as a “punch to the gut”. Empaths and Channelers also get intuitive messages as sensations in that area. As an empath, if you “feel” something is not right you may experience feelings akin to anxiety or discomfort in the situation. Channels may have a clear-knowing that something is not as it should be, a “gut instinct” if you will. If you’re not sure of your intuitive type, I invite you to take our quiz at messengerofspirit.com/quiz to find out. And here are some key tips to help you distinguish fear from intuitive messages.

Healthy ENERGETIC BOUNDARIES help you tell if it’s Fear or Intuition.

A clear, healthy energetic boundary defines and separates your personal energetic space from the energy of the people and places around you. I sometimes teach my students to envious this as a bubble of protection around their aura. It keeps their energy close to them and free from mingling with the energy in the environment around them. As empaths it is so easy to pick up, and sometimes even absorb, the energy and feelings of others. This can lead you to feel anxious or fearful when those emotions are not truly yours. Maintaining healthy energetic boundaries can help you ensure you’ll know the difference if the fear is truly yours or if it is an intuitive hit from your environment.

TAP INTO THE EMOTION to determine if it’s Fear or Intuition.

As spiritually ambitious people continue through our spiritual journey and growth we continuously uplevel our energy. Aligning with higher vibrations and expanding into new learnings can obviously be uncomfortable, and sometimes even scary. Taking that next step or a big leap of faith can bring up reasonable fears for us. However, the more we trust our Spirit Guides we can tap into that discomfort and turn it into excitement for the next phase, knowing our Guides always support us. If we keep receiving intuitive nudges to move forward and continue, even though we may have a little fear of the unknown, we can be assured we are following our path and lean into the excitement of trying and learning new things.

TALKING TO YOUR GUIDES MORE makes it easier to distinguish between Fear or Intuition.

The more consistent you are in talking to your Guides and tuning into the messages they send in return the easier it becomes to know for sure when a sensation or feeling is undoubtedly an intuitive message. Just as with any other activity, the more we practice it the easier and easier it becomes. Intuition is no different. The more consistent we are with flexing our intuitive muscle the better we get at identifying the messages we receive and, therefore, removing any ambiguity.

CLEARING YOUR MIND shows you the difference between Fear or Intuition.

When your mind and energy are clear it makes it easy for your Guides to communicate their messages to you. This can take away any confusion whether a fear or anxiety you might feel is really yours or if it is actually energy you have picked up along this way. Doing the energy maintenance to keep your mind and energy field clear definitely goes a long way in making it easier for you to know where any sensations of fear or excitement are coming from.


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