Fear of Talking to Spirit

Mar 28, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Why do we have such fear of talking to Spirit?

I can think of several reasons why:

1) There are a zillion movies out there that portray Spirits taking over our houses, cars, and bodies. (OMG. please stop… already)

2) We are taught through certain religions that only special people have access to Intuition and Spirit. (Nope, we all do. Not one of us is more special than the other.)

3) There’s no education about where you are getting messages from and who these “unseen” Spirit people are. (Except I’m tryin’ to get the word out! Check out my other videos if you need to know more!)

It’s time to get over your fear if you have any. I know you are Intuitive. You know you are intuitive. Let’s stop saying that you aren’t, and start learning how to work with it. Okay? Agreed? YES!

In this quick video, I will tell you
1) Where you are getting info from,
2) What you can do to make sure you are getting the info you want to know about,
3) What it takes to be Intuitive..

And maybe some other tips, too.

Once you get over your fear and allow yourself to trust… messages flow so much easier!¬†

Looking forward to seeing you in the video!

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