Ep 53: End Of The Year Release Ritual

Dec 28, 2022Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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End Of The Year Release Ritual

As we move into a new year we often think about new intentions and what we want to release. Today Whitney shares her New Year’s release ritual ceremony so you can reflect, release and recenter before starting this new cycle. Get yourself a pen and paper and take part in the bowl burning ceremony in this episode.

The Void & Transition

The holidays can be really draining, but then there is the week in between Christmas and New Years that can feel odd. The old year hasn’t quite ended and the new year hasn’t started either. Lot’s of businesses are still shut down in holiday mode and you are left to consider all the things from this past year you didn’t quite get done. But we get the opportunity to look at this void as a transition cycle for us. Transition/Change can be triggering for some, but it can be a way to ease into something new without it being jarring or a shock to the system. Here are some tips on performing your own release ceremony during your cycle of transition.

Get Grateful

Grab a journal and pen and call in your Spirit Guide team and higher self. Focus on your heart center and invite in a feeling of love. Begin to write down everything you are grateful for from the past year. The good and the not so good. What lessons have you learned that you are grateful for? What cycles have you completed? Write it all down in your journal in a list of all the things for which you feel authentic gratitude.

What Are You Releasing?

Next, on a new page, right down all the things from this past year you are releasing. All the things you no longer want in your energy going forward. People, careers, old patterns, dreams, or disruptive thoughts. Write them all down. Release with gratitude for the lesson it has taught you. Set the intention that you release it all in a healthy and balanced way.

Let That Stuff Go!

The next step is to burn your releasing list. Listen as Whitney shares several methods on how to do this in a safe and effective way. If burning is not an option for you, she also shares a few other ways to finish your release ceremony.

Filling What Was Released

The Universe loves a void and will fill it. So we need to set the intention of what we want to fill the space that was left by what we just released. Ask your Spirit Guide team and Higher Self for inspiration and write down all the wonderful things you are calling in. Think about the emotions of how those things will feel and any actionable items you can take to draw them in. Write them in present tense as if they are already existing and create affirmations around them. Ask your Guides to call in opportunities aligned with those intentions. Send love to the paper and burn this paper as well, sending its energy and intention out into the Universe.

Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious with those amazing intentions you have just set for the New Year!




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Gratitude tells your energy, “I’ve learned this lesson. This cycle is complete.” – Whitney McNeill

Write down in gratitude everything you have learned from this past year – Whitney McNeill

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