Ep 52: 5 Empath Tips To Protect Your Energy Through The Holidays

Dec 21, 2022Podcast

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5 Empath Tips To Protect Your Energy Through The Holidays

Attention ALL Empaths!! In this episode Whitney is giving you some tips to help protect your energy through the holiday season. Regardless of what emotions the holidays bring up for you, it can be a very draining time of year for the empath. She’ll give you tools you can use now, or anytime, to protect your energy and, hopefully, forgo any overwhelm we might typically face during such a social season.

Clearing Your Energy

As an empath you need to make clearing your energy a priority. Empaths tend to soak up the energy around them like a sponge, however they don’t always release it from their system on a regular basis. Obviously, that can leave you confused as to whether what you are feeling is yours or something you picked up along the way. All the holiday centered activities like shopping, parties, family gatherings, etc. put you in a position to be bombarded with the energy of others. Therefore you can see how important it is to remove that energetic residue regularly. Whitney shares several methods to do this such as salt baths, showers of light, and others.

Alone Time to Recharge Your Energy

Alone time gives you an opportunity to tune out emotions and energy of others and tune back into what you are really feeling and experiencing. Therefore, being mindful of how you feel and are affected in certain situations or around certain people will bring focus on how to set your intentions before your next interaction. Ultimately keeping your energy clear and protected. Listen as Whitney gives some great ideas for how to set appropriate boundaries to get the time alone you need.

Say No

It is ok to say no if there is something that you really don’t feel aligned to do or a place you don’t want to go. By forcing yourself to do the thing or go to the place, you will not be the happiest version of yourself in that experience. So think of it this way, is it fair to everyone else to have a stressed, sad, or just generally unhappy you? In all honesty, the event would probably be more enjoyable for all involved if you held the boundary of no.

Watch What We Consume

Whether it’s all the unhealthy snacks, treats and feasts we consume outside our usual diet or the exposure to news, gossip, and unhealthy conversation at the gatherings we attend; these things can leave us feeling heavy & tired. Whitney gives you some unique perspectives on how to be more mindful of the energy you are consuming during this time of year.

Energetic Protection

You have a Protector Spirit Guide so utilize them this time of year. They are here to watch over you on the earth plane. If you know you are going into a situation or gathering that will not be comfortable for you, call on your Protector. You can ask them to buffer the energy of others so that you can remain open and balanced. Listen as Whitney describes another exercise you can do to protect your own energy called the Aura Bubble.

Take care of yourself this holiday season. And until the next episode…. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.




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It is OK to say no to the things that drain you. And to say yes to the things that energize you. – Whitney McNeill

Call in your Spirit Guides and ask your Spirit Guide Healers to cleanse your energy – Whitney McNeill

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