Do my Loved Ones in Spirit visit me?

Feb 27, 2019Conversations with Spirit

You gotta love the readings where each and every Loved One in Spirit comes through, but that’s not always the case.

When a Loved One can’t come through in a reading, it can be confusing for the client. A bunch of questions can come up like:

“Are they okay?”

“Do they visit me at all?”

“Why can’t they come through?”

“Was this not important to them?”

Clients might have a hard time understanding WHY. While, it’s not always clear, I do have some common reasons why they aren’t able to come through… and when they are more likely around. Rest assured, it IS important to them.

As a Medium, I love it when a Spirit is able to give me lots of details on who they were and all that kinda stuff. Something I didn’t include in the video is this: “When a Spirit elevates their consciousness or lightens their vibration, they lose detailed memories. It’s similar to.. they’ve unpacked all the heavy stuff from their bag, and are only keeping the most important items. So in a sense they are “packing light,” which of course means.. they are lighter. So they have the highlights of their life, but are no longer keeping all the stuff.”

You might wonder WHY. Another way to think of this is cleaning out clutter. If you are someone that holds onto a lot of items over the years and decide one day you don’t need that “stuff” anymore, this is similar to what’s going on in Spirit. It’s just they are cleaning out things in their energy. Think of it as spiritual housekeeping.

To answer some of the questions above… check out the video.

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