Discovering Your Life Purpose

Aug 13, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Discovering Your Life Purpose: 7 Life Purpose Archetypes

Discovering your life purpose requires using your intuitive messages and gifts, to find out how you can align or realign to your life purpose, and manifest abundance. I believe we are here, on a spiritual mission, to live our best life and to help others while we do it.

Everyone comes into this world with an energetic imprint, which is all the skills you have that you incarnated into this life with to utilize. It is held in your aura and you can choose how you express that energy in this lifetime – whether it is your career or other ways. 

1) What is my life purpose?

As we grow and develop, we tend to start thinking about it in ways like, “What am I supposed to do? What am I here for? Why am I existing?” We may look externally or ask for a sign, some guidance, as to what our life purpose is. Everyone’s purpose comes in different shapes, sizes, and degrees. For example, some people may have one primary one while others have 2-3 that show up in big ways in their lives. 

You may be surprised to learn that it is not external; it’s within you! This is why it’s really important not only that you connect with your intuition, but that you know how to identify and connect with your spirit guides and higher self, as well as interpret their messages. This will help you feel aligned with your life purpose. 

It’s important that you connect with your intuition and energy. Think back to your childhood and what you felt connected with. Children often embody their life purpose without realizing it, and then are often pushed out of it as we grow and conform to the expectations of friends, family, or modern society. 

2) How do I know if I’m out of alignment with my life purpose?

As you’re reflecting, ask your higher self and spirit guides for direction. Your higher self will be most helpful when you are really tuning in to your archetype. Your spirit guides will help create opportunities to do that.

You may notice you’re feeling tired and drained from your daily routine; you’re not being fueled or filled up by what is currently in your life. Take a deep breath and check in with yourself. Is what you are allowing in your life, or spending your days doing, what you love and feel called to do, or are you filling your life with things you feel expected to do or “should” be doing? That is a big signal you are out of alignment with your life purpose. 

Think of a roller coast off its track – things are not going to go smoothly, if at all. That is what you are like when you’re out of alignment. When you’re in alignment, you go smoothly and quickly as your work together with your higher self and spirit guides as you become clear in what you are called to do and opportunities are created for you. Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that I tie  life purpose, intuition, and abundance together. Those are the pieces of the puzzle that we need in order to thrive and move forward. 

3) I feel like I’m already living my life purpose. Is this for me, too?

Heck yes! Intuition Abundance Academy, our Alumni group, and Aligned are filled with people live their purpose every day. Any one of them will tell you that even when walking in their life purpose, it’s important to realign. We are energy beings who shift and change. We grow and learn in the mental, emotional, and spiritual fields. As that happens, our intuitive language may change, or one may become more dominant that wasn’t before. The way we express our life purpose archetype may change, too, and that’s OK! 

 My freebie for you is a downloadable guide: https://messengerofspirit.com/lifepurpose to help you in discovering your life purpose archetype. Once you get your guide, come back to this post on Facebook and share which archetype is your primary archetype. 

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