Create Boundaries with Your Intuition and Spirit Guides

Aug 27, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Three Tips to Create Boundaries with Your Intuition and Your Spirit Guides

Creating boundaries with your intuition and Spirit Guides is something most people don’t know that they can actually do! Instead of having to respond to your intuition anytime something comes through, you can make your intuition work for you. We’re going to look at ways that we can create boundaries with our intuition and Spirit Guides. 

When I have students inside Intuition Abundance Academy, one of the most common “ah ha” moments my students have is that they are able to create boundaries with their intuition and their Spirit Guides. They will usually share a post about how they are woken up in the middle of the night or otherwise receiving intuitive information at a time – or in a manner – that does not work well for them. They are always so surprised when I tell them: you can create boundaries to decide when and how you receive intuitive messages and Spirit Guide communication. 


This is such an important part! Schedule a time to connect into your intuition and with your Spirit Guides. When you are consistent in that time and place, the channel won’t get backed up and overflow at inconvenient times. This allows your Spirit Guides to know when and where they can best communicate messages with you; you’ve got to create those boundaries. 

In my professional opinion, it’s not healthy to be open 100% of the time because it can become very confusing to know what is happening in reality and what is a message coming from your Spirit Guides. 


Not only do you need to create boundaries and consistently show up for yourself and your Spirit Guides, communicate these boundaries with your spiritual team! The Universe and your Spirit Guides are always conspiring in your favor, but a little direction never hurts. When you create boundaries and communicate these with your Spirit Guides, they will be able 

It’s important to remember to not micromanage and stick to your personal boundaries as well. The boundaries you create (or don’t create) in your own life will carry over to your spiritual practice. Look at your schedule and create space for yourself, saying yes only to things that light you up, and making space to take care of your personal needs. 

As above so below, and vice versa

As you create boundaries in your personal and business life, you’ll also see it reflected “above,” in the spiritual world.

The more you embody boundaries in your life, you will feel more balance and clarity with your intuition.

Getting Started and Next Steps

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We are here to really enjoy life, and one of those ways is to fully love what we’re doing. It’s why I believe it’s important to connect to our life purpose, our Spirit Guides, and attract abundance – as well as creating boundaries within those spaces.

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Looking forward, every Tuesday this month will be focused on abundance and every Thursday will be focused on intuition. I am passionate about helping you to really, clearly connect with your spirit guides to receive intuitive messages, align to your life purpose, and attract abundance. 

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