Commitment. What does it really mean in the Law of Attraction? Perhaps it means a lifelong partnership, a loyal employee or someone who has been committed to a psychiatric ward. What are we telling the Universe when we use this term?

It is a word we use in life to describe our association with various topics, relationships and situations. If we really think about what the word “commitment” describes, we discover there are many meanings. Commitment usually describes some sort of contract we’ve made with someone or something. Those contracts can be spiritual, emotional or legal. When we commit to something, we are inherently saying, “I pledge that I am going to be involved in this cycle for pre-determined amount of time.”

Many times this word is used to describe loyalty in a relationship, partnership or marriage. While the intention can be wonderful, heartfelt and sincere, we are telling our spirit that we must follow a set path and never be allowed to explore ourselves. When we box ourselves into this set path, the free spirit inside us is already beginning to rebel and resent the commitment we made. Being caged does not agree with the free spirit within us that wants to grow, create and transform. We’ve set into motion a perplexing situation, telling ourselves that we now must abide by these rules.

With the affirmation of, “I am committed,” we are putting ourselves into a box with no room to grow and change. This intention may literally translate to the Universe that you will hold a certain job title or stay within a marriage with no change or room to grow. It is like pouring concrete over your spiritual growth with the hope it is set it stone forever. Then years down the line, the disgruntled employee is irritated that they have not received a raise or promotion. They do not understand because they are a committed employee. The unhappy housewife starts yearning for new growth in her life and wants a career, yet feels trapped at home. Perhaps, she pledged to her partner that her primary role would always be at home and taking care of the children. She feels guilty for wanting more. Well, the unintentional intention was to remain the same and stay inside a box they created for themselves.

Commitment is a term we also use when health professionals deem someone mentally ill and are committed to a psychiatric ward. Isn’t this interesting? This term would translate to the Universe that the individual is being forced against their will for the safety of their well-being. Society uses the term crazy as a label for being mentally unstable. If we adhere to this label, then we are attaching the meaning of crazy to commitment.

Now that we’ve delved into the meanings of commitment, perhaps we should rethink how we use this word. Affirmations are so powerful and can be extremely helpful in attracting situations and relationships into our lives. The Universe takes the definition of words literally, so we must be careful in what we say, feel and do. Whatever we think, do and say will be attracted to us. If we say,” I am committing myself to you,” the Universe’s translation could be: “I am crazy and being forced against my will into this situation.” This is most likely different than your true intention.

When entering a relationship, perhaps it is best to allow both parties the freedom to grow. Perhaps you and your partner will be guided to walk the same path or perhaps your relationship serves a different purpose. Perhaps, your partner is here to help you change your perspective and serve as a catalyst for your change. This may mean you both end up on different paths. This is true for friendships, romantic relationships and even work environments.

An affirmation of, “I am excited to enter into this partnership and will hold space for you to grow, transform and learn. I unconditionally love and honor you,” may be the best choice to allow for freedom to express your individuality.

Many more individuals are divorcing, realizing they don’t love their jobs and are making huge life transitions. Some of these individuals are also holding guilt. Guilt stems from the individual saying they would honor a commitment, and they went back on their word. If an individual understands that life is continually changing and that we are all free spirits, then they also understand there is no guilt. Change is a natural process in every part of life. We must realize we can never put ourselves in a metaphoric cage as we will always break out as we grow.

About the Author

Whitney McNeill is a Certified Medium, Reiki Master-Teacher and Spiritual Mentor. She is the owner of Messenger of Spirit, LLC, and the co-founder of the International Institute of Advanced Metaphysics (International I. A.M.), in Sedona, Arizona. For more information about services, classes & retreats, visit www.MessengerofSpirit.com or www.InternationalIAM.com.

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