Clearing Your Energy Soup

Oct 23, 2018Conversations with Spirit

Clearing Out Your Energy Soup

Do you find yourself getting a bit low on energy in the Fall/Winter? As the weather gets cooler, we tend to stay inside. THEN, we tend to live in our “energy soup.”

What’s energy soup? Well, it is the mix of energy that you and those that live within your home, build up day after day.

If you don’t clear it, then it’s a weird mix of all of the emotions you’ve experienced for X amount of days since it was last cleared. (Some of you may be saying.. umm.. that means all of my life? ?

In this video, I give you some quick techniques of how to clear your home, and then what to put back into it. When we create a void, we want to fill it with positive vibrations! This fall, I like to fill my home with pumpkin spice and fall blends.

I get asked which tools I use, so here are links to the frankincense, and oils I use to clear space. Happy clearing and turn up the positive this Fall & Winter!

~ Whitney

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