Is Your Energy Closet Getting a Little Too Full?

It’s that time! We all dread cleaning out the closet. It can seem daunting, taxing, and laborious. Afterwards, we feel organized once everything is in its place. Our energy can act as a closet too, storing things we don’t need. There can be old wounds, grudges, or heavier energy we forgot we had in our energy closet, that no longer serve us! Are you holding onto old things you no longer need? Time to take inventory!

So how does one do this? Cleaning our energy closet involves self-reflection and taking note of your energy system, emotions, physical health, and routine. Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you full of energy and zest for life? The answers to these questions will help let you know if you need to do some “spring cleaning.”

1. Identification

Identify your day-to-day emotions. Do you have a steady mood throughout the day or do you tend to have ups and downs? Perhaps you are happy in the morning, irritated in the afternoon, and stressed in the evening? Check in with the emotions you wish to shift and change.

2. Pinpoint The Triggers

Once you have identified which emotions you want to shift, really sit with the feeling and reflect on what is triggering this sensation for you. Is it your job, deadlines, kids, spouse, or something else?

3. Dig A Little Deeper

Once you have identified the triggers, take a deep breath and center yourself. When you are centered, delve deeper into the trigger. Ask yourself, “What about this person, place, thing, or situation triggers me?” Write down your initial feeling or thought. Take it a step further and hone in on the word you wrote down.

Let’s say you wrote down, “control.” Now, look at the word “control” with a centered and clear mind, and ask yourself, “In what other situations did I feel like I had no control, or who was trying to control me?” These could be situations that occurred recently, years, or lifetimes ago. It’s time to let this baggage go.

4. Explore Each Memory

Explore within each situation. Each memory in your energy closet may hold a different vibration for you. If it is a powerful memory to experience, you may want to see a licensed counselor to assist you. Treat each memory with reverence and respect, as it is part of your healing journey. Ask yourself, “What do I need to do, to send healing to this memory?” “What do I need to heal?” “What did this situation teach me at the highest soul level?”

5. Identify Any Cords

Imagine you can see your heart chakra in your mind’s eye, or just feel the energy of love. Ask yourself this question, “How many cords exist between this situation, person, and myself?” Jot down the answer. Imagine a beautiful white light starting to form at the top of your head. With each breath, see and feel this white light. Allow yourself to be surrounded by love, appreciation, and gratitude.

6. Send It Love

Breathe this light down into your heart space. Allow for this light to heal and replace any heavy emotions. Begin sending this white light down the cords that exist between you and this situation. Continue sending until you see and feel these cords become thinner and more flexible. Clearly communicate what you feel you need to say (if anything at all) to this previous person or situation. Do so with a clear mind and heart, expressing yourself. It is important to express love and gratitude for the lesson you have learned on a soul level.

7. Release The Attachment

After you have conveyed aloud or with your inner voice, things that you needed to say, it is your choice to remove cords. Ask yourself, “Do I wish to remove all, some, or none of the cords.” Jot down your answer. If your answer is none, don’t judge yourself. You can repeat this process when you feel ready. Perhaps there is another lesson that needs to be learned by keeping the cord with you.

8. Letting Go

If you have chosen to remove cords, take a moment and breathe more white light down into your heart. Feel love, gratitude, and also the intention to remove cords for the health of all parties involved. When you are ready, send this light down the cords and see them dissolve.

9. Gratitude for the Clearing

After you are finished with your cord removal, express gratitude and thankfulness for the healing that occurred. Take a moment to come back to the present and center yourself. Be gentle with yourself. You may choose to rest peacefully, take a bath, meditate, walk in nature, or something else that allows you to keep a peaceful reflective mood.

10. Repeat

Repeat this process if necessary, and/or repeat this process with other energy weighing you down.

Congratulations, you just cleaned out your energy closet!

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