Claiming Your Power

Jul 17, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Setting boundaries can be extra hard for Empathic women. When we feel other people’s feelings, it’s hard to say no sometimes.

In history, women were raised to be of service to others. While we can enjoy helping others, sometimes we do it as a detriment to ourselves. We can end up being a shadow in someone else’s light instead of standing in the spotlight of our truth.

Luckily, that is becoming part of the past as more and more women are rising up to really understand their own identities. Thank you Brenè Brown, Oprah, Marianne Williamson, and all the others that have stepped forth to claim their power. It serves as a lightning rod for other women to do the same.

But still, women are struggling. The good news is that many women consciously know that they need to set boundaries, but the bad news is that they are still meandering through HOW to do it.

Setting boundaries actually takes you into a deeper spiritual connection with yourself and your life purpose. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

So if you:

Struggle with holding extra weight (yep.. even physical pounds);

Have trouble saying, “No,” without guilt;

Say “yes,” when you really want to say, “No”

Feel overwhelmed with everything coming your way.

Then listen in to this episode.

We will share techniques:

  • To set both energetic and physical boundaries that lead to even deeper spiritual connection and even more clarity and alignment.
  • To get into the space where everything seems to fall into place in your relationships, your career, and your finances in what feels almost effortless.
  • Learn how you can stay on your spiritual path, so you don’t feel like you’re driving through life with a blindfold on, no idea of where you are going.

May your light shine SO bright it’s blinding everyone in the room,





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