Busting Myths of Spirit Guides, Intuition & Abundance

May 7, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Busting Myths of Spirit Guides, Intuition, and Abundance

I truly believe we have incarnated on this earth with a compass called our intuition and we have navigators, called Spirit Guides, to help us live our mission (life purpose) in an abundant way. I know abundance is defined in many different ways, but in all cases it is when we experience internal abundance that the external falls into place. 

Today we are Busting Myths about Spirit Guides, Intuition and Abundance.

BUSTING MYTH #1: I Don’t Have Intuition / I’m Not Intuitive!

Every single person born on this earth has intuition. It just may not look the way you think it “should” all the time. We are all unique beings, and logically we will all have different styles and methods of receiving our intuitive guidance. Intuitive messages can be received through hearing, seeing, feeling, or knowing. Knowing may be the most common and the most challenging of the ways. It can show up as a thought popping into your mind, or your body may simply go into action as it responds to the energy of the message before it even registers with your brain. If you feel as if you are blocked to your intuition, your Guides will still send you messages in any form or fashion in which they can to get them across. The message may come via speaking with another person, by a sign, by things you hear on TV, or even songs that pop up on Spotify. Your Guides will get you the message externally by the path of least resistance until you begin to cultivate your  intuitive abilities.

BUSTING MYTH #2: Intuition Just Happens When It Needs To. It’s Random

Although you can’t force intuition or make your Spirit Guides talk to you, you can make your intuition work for you. You may not be able to force a specific answer, but your Guides want to communicate with you. You can cultivate a relationship with your Guides by communicating with them regularly, even on a daily basis, to get intuitive guidance and hone the ability so messages can come in more “on demand”. For anyone who has run from their intuition in the past, you know that it’s possible to press the “pause button” on the flow for your intuitive messages. Make that work in your favor by working with your Guides to open those channels only when you want to receive the messages. In essence, temporarily pause the flow when you don’t need to be so open or sensitive to Spirit.

BUSTING MYTH #3: You Have To Be Born With Intuition.

This is 100% true, because we ARE ALL born with intuition. Intuition is simply you receiving answers from your spiritual guidance team for yourself for use in your daily life. Just as we are all born with different genetics which show in different physical attributes, we are all also born with different and unique energy signatures. Everyone has different levels of sensitivity to spirit energies, but just as any other attribute you are born with, that sensitivity level can move, shift and change as you grow energetically. You have the ability to grow your sensitivity or to tone it down if you feel you are too open.

BUSTING MYTH #4: I Don’t Have Spirit Guides.

We all have Spirit Guides who guide, teach, and protect us. They are drawn to us based on our vibrational state. We attract Guides who are similar to us, but are slightly higher in vibration. This way they can provide guidance to us based on their higher perspectives. Our Guides want to help us navigate through our lives, however, just like in any healthy relationship we need to give them permission to be involved and we have to communicate back with them to develop a balanced relationship and tight bond. Guides are ethical beings and don’t just read your mind. You must communicate to them your wants and needs, as well as the intentions you want to set for your life. Then you must hone your intuitive skills to be able to listen and receive the communication they send in return. It’s true even in the spiritual realms, communication IS a two way street.

BUSTING MYTH #5: It Will Never Happen To Me.

These type of comments speak more to the abundance mindset, regardless of the type of abundance you seek. Whether its spiritual abundance, financial abundance, or relationship abundance the “never” mindset creates a separation between the person and the abundance available to them. They see the thing they want as being “over there” and not attainable. A person with this type of mindset will need to shift the perspective to become curious. Yes, today that goal is over there, but how can it be brought closer to my reality? We don’t have to know exactly how, just be open to the fact it could happen and be curious as to how our Spirit Guides and our intuition can work together to make it happen. That is the mindset of true abundance. To begin to create that shift, begin looking at all the ways abundance already shows up in your life. Identify the areas where you already easily receive abundance to make any area where you’d like more abundance not only possible, but attainable.

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