Ep 33: Building Your Business In Alignment With Purpose

Aug 10, 2022Podcast

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Building Your Business In Alignment With Purpose

Today we discuss aligning your business with your life purpose with The Entrepreneur Coach, Bri Seeley. Bri believes that entrepreneurship is the way to close the wage gap once and for all. Bri works with female entrepreneurs at any level to create highly profitable businesses. Listen as she shares with us some tips on how she helps budding business owners answer questions like: How do I get started in my business? How do I build my business in alignment with my values, if that business model doesn’t exist? or I can’t make money from my life purpose?

Importance of Resonance

The first order of business is to find that most aligned expression of you. Businesses are built from the inside out. Everything begins with you so all elements of your business (the outermost and innermost) must be aligned and in resonance with your core beliefs and values. The key is to help people identify ways they can express themselves that people are interested in and willing to pay for.

Abundance Blocks

Many of us experience limiting beliefs when it comes to money. Maybe it’s “I can’t make a good living doing something I enjoy” or “People will never pay more for this”. The entrepreneur mindset needs to see money as a tool. And what you provide your customer is simply an exchange of value. Money is the tool they use to earn your goods or services and should be exchanged in equal amounts. Bri recommends the best way to move past limiting beliefs is to prove yourself wrong. Research and find an example where that belief didn’t exist for someone.

Symptoms of Mis-Alignment

Bri gives some personal examples of what NOT being in alignment with your business can look like. As we grow and evolve it is possible to move past something that you used to be in alignment with. If you suddenly start having anxiety, frustration or depression around your business that wasn’t there before, it may be time to pivot to stay in alignment. And that is OK!

The Importance of an Alignment Routine

At its foundation an Alignment Routine is a feedback loop that you build into your business. Planning and checking in are super important. Weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly plans and follow-up can help keep you focused on the things that are in alignment with your values and with the vision you have for your business. As well as aligned with your current energy on a more day to day basis.

The Journey to Find Your Purpose

Your purpose is the thread that runs through your entire life. You have to do the introspection to identify that common thread. Journaling can help. But oftentimes you uncover the truth of your purpose in the doing, trying new things, failing, and pivoting. By taking aligned action and being on the journey with your purpose it continues to reveal itself. You must allow yourself permission to change, evolve and grow in your business.

And finally, listen as Bri shares what being Spiritual and Ambitious means to her and how it’s affected her path. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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You are the beginning and ending and everything in between of your business. It has to be in alignment – Bri Seeley

Is there any bigger blessing than to be paid for something that comes easy to us and that we love? – Bri Seeley

Your purpose is the thread that runs through your entire life. – Bri Seeley

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