Boosting Your Intuition & Abundance

Apr 27, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Boosting Your Intuition & Abundance

Today we are looking at some Ways to Boost Your Intuition & Abundance that are so conventional they may be overlooked. Although very simple, these methods are not as prevalently discussed within the topic of intuition. There are intuitive exercises to consistently connect with your Spirit Guides, nevertheless, these are very simple things that you may not think that they could have such an impact on your intuition and abundance.

EXERCISE is one Way to Boost Your Intuition & Abundance

I know, I know….exercise?!? While this revelation may feel like a little bit of a let down to some of us, the more we move energy through our bodies (even physically) the less resistance it encounters and the more easily it flows. The physical movement coupled with the breath as we breathe deeper acts as an invitation for other energies (like our intuition) to flow in a similar way. When the physical self is engaged it leaves space for our mind to be clear. Whereas our ego is more focused on controlling the body in the activity vs trying to control the mind.

The Channeler intuitive type has more of a direct connection between the body and intuition. For them, exercise clears all the excess energy in your mind and energetic field helping your body let go. In turn, it makes it easier to settle into a calmness and clear the mind for intuitive messages to come through. If you are not sure of your intuitive type, please take our quiz at www.messengerofspirit.com/quiz to find out.

DIET is another Way to Boost Your Intuition & Abundance

Diet, the things we put in our bodies, can have a huge impact on our energy vibrationally. For instance, if you eat a heavy meal that takes a long time to digest. The body has to devote resources to breaking that heavy meal down to absorb what it needs, it creates a lull or slowness in our energetic frequency. The difference between the body focusing on exercise enhancing intuition vs the body focusing on digesting heavy foods, is that digestion involves the stomach area and the Solar Plexus. A chakra that is key to your intuition is the Solar Plexus, (think of “gut instinct”). If it gets weighed down with one task it is not a clear channel for intuition to come through. Water is also a very important part of our diet as it, just like exercise, can be key in allowing energy to flow through our bodies without resistance.

SLEEP is also a Way to Boost Your Intuition & Abundance

When we don’t get enough sleep the energy and vibration of our bodies is tired and drained. So our bodies go into conservation mode with the energy we have to get through the day, versus allowing it to flow freely. In a way, our energy shuts down from allowing intuitive messages to come through when we are tired and only have mental and energetic capacity to deal with a limited amount of stimulation.

ALONE TIME is a Great Way to Boost Your Intuition & Abundance

There are different types of alone time. Such as alone time for studying (like taking a course on intuition). Also there is alone time where you’re meditating and connecting to your Guides. And here is alone time where you just want to be with your own thoughts and “veg out”. No matter the type alone time is an opportunity to rest, recharge, and allow your energy to expand and increase your intuition and abundance.

EMOTIONAL CLEANSING is also an important Way to Boost Your Intuition & Abundance

Actually, this turns out to be one of the biggest reasons I tend to see for people who feel blocked intuitively. Purging pent up or stuck emotions can be critical to the “flow” we’ve been talking about. Whether it comes in the form of crying, journaling, or even therapy for very challenging emotions really doesn’t matter as we are able to achieve that release of the blockage. Holding on to those lower vibration emotions can create a thick, heavy energetic field around us which can make it difficult for high vibrational intuitive messages from our Guides to penetrate.

When we boost our intuition we also boost our abundance because we are open (in a balanced way). As you expand and become even more open, it expands beyond just our intuition but to our abundance as well.

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