Biggest Secret to Receiving Intuitive messages from Spirit Guides

May 20, 2019Conversations with Spirit

We are always looking for an easy fix, the quickest shortcut, and how to get from point A to point B quickly. Today I’m going to tell you the biggest, #1 secret to effectively receiving your Intuitive messages from your Spirit Guides.

We’ve got to learn what our responsibility is in the Intuitive conversation with our Spirit Guides. Conversations are a two way street (or at least we want them to be.) No one likes a one-sided conversation, right?

I’ll also be revealing the 3 biggest blocks that prevent us from doing this ONE THING to effectively receive our Intuitive messages.

You’ll also find out how I can tie together my physical therapy exercises with Intuition. I mean, I’m sure you wanted to know, right? (Um.. probably not, but I threw that in there anyway.)

See you inside the video!

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