Ep 35 – 7 Biggest Mediumship Myths

Aug 24, 2022Podcast

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7 Biggest Mediumship Myths

Although we are specifically referencing mediumship when we talk about these myths, make no mistake. These also apply to everyone who is intuitive. And you already know… Everyone is intuitive. You just have to exercise that muscle and develop it.

Myth 1: Mediumship Means You Are Always Reading

Many believe that mediums are always getting messages from Spirit.That they experience energy constantly. It’s a mistake to think that a medium is “on” all the time. First of all, that would be extremely exhausting to the medium. Secondly, it is highly unethical to enter someone’s energy/vibration without their permission. If we were on all the time, we would be sensing things left and right. Perhaps from people who do not wish to be read. Always getting messages can also lead to mediums becoming unbalanced and unsure of what is reality.

Myth 2: Mediumship Is A Gift And Should Be Free

Time and time again in the spiritual community I hear people saying spiritual gifts should be given free of charge. The thought being, the ability to receive messages from spirit is a gift to the medium so the reading should be a gift to others. By that logic, any gifted doctor or lawyer should also give away their services. Mediums can always have a philanthropic portion of their business, but still deserve to be compensated for their service.

Myth 3: Mediumship Is Only Talking To Dead People

When a medium is receiving messages for you from the other side they will get information from your loved ones in Spirit, but they also get information from other entities. Your Spirit Guides, Angels, or even Ascended Masters can relay messages through mediums. Mediums can also get information directly from you psychically. Listen to the full episode to hear how I define mediumship versus being psychic. Hint: They are not the same.

Myth 4: Mediums Can Connect To Any Spirit

Mediums can’t force a connection to any particular loved one you may want to hear from in a reading. The Spirit decides if they want to come through or not. I talked about several of the reasons a loved one on the other side might choose not to come through in a reading in a previous episode about What Happens When We Die. Although most mediums can connect 80-85% of the time, there are instances where it just doesn’t happen.

Myth 5: Getting A Mediumship Reading Opens You Up To Negative Energies

The truth is Spirit is around all of us all of the time. When someone receives a reading from a medium their awareness could be heighted, thus making them more aware of the energies around them. Sounds or sensations that they typically brush off as nothing, may catch their interest now because Spirit is currently on your mind. It’s not that you’ve become any more open or sensitive to Spirit energy.

Myth 6: Mediums Should Be Able To Answer Questions In Detail

There are times when Spirit chooses not to give specifics because it is not in your best interest. We are souls with free will and have to make our own choices and learn the lessons we agreed to in this existence. Spirit can only guide. They don’t tell us what to do or when to do it, even though sometimes that’s what we want.

Myth 7: I Shouldn’t Have To Tell My Medium Anything In A Mediumship Reading

First of all, the energy and vibration of your voice creates an openness showing the medium and Spirit you are ready to receive. Secondly, by putting the vibration of your voice out into the space you are helping to amplify energy so that it is easier for the medium to connect with your loved ones. I’m not talking about giving the medium specific information. But letting them know you’d like guidance on a certain topic or being an active listener (“Yes, I understand that message”) totally help the medium get better and clearer messages for you.

I hope you found these common misconceptions enlightening and helpful in your next mediumship reading. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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A medium can be psychic, but not all psychics are mediums – Whitney McNeill

Spirits are around you all the time, but you can shift your awareness and become more sensitive- Whitney McNeill

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