Ep 118: Best Release Rituals For The End Of The Year

Dec 27, 2023Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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Best Release Rituals For The End Of The Year

As we close out 2023 we are ending a cycle. A cycle can be completed at any time, but year end is a collective cycle and can feel more intense. So I’ve asked my friends and past guest experts of the podcast to share their favorite release rituals with us. My hope is one or more will resonate with you to help you navigate the end of this year with ease, and boldly step into the next.

Burning Ritual with Kristin Dwan (2:00)

Kristin Dwan is a hypnotherapist, reiki master, and all around Spiritcraft Goddess. Kristin is going to walk us through a burning ritual to use fire to release all the muck that is doing us no good and wastes energy to carry around. Listen as Kristin shares with you how to have your own Bulls#!t Bonfire to release everything you don’t want to carry through to the new year.

Most Effective Way To Release Old Energy with Patty Lennon (9:30)

Patty Lennon is the author of Space for Magic, host of the The Space for Magic Podcast, and leader of The Receiving School🄬. Her mission is to ensure that you know exactly how to build your receiving muscles and are open to allow in all the Universe provides. Patty is here to share her most effective method to release any energy that is stuck not allowing you to fully receive.

Releasing What’s No Longer Working with Tiffany Neuman (15:00)

Tiffany Neuman is a branding expert and owner of Your Legacy Brand®. She helps highly-motivated, mission-driven entrepreneurs create brand identity that will have impact for years to come. In this episode Tiffany will share with us her best releasing tips for entrepreneurs. She discusses how to release any facets of your brand that no longer feel in alignment.

Mindful Release Ritual with Allyson Scammell (23:00)

Allyson Scammell is a coach helping leaders and influencers grow prosperous lives and businesses by amplifying their spiritual gifts, activating their big soul mission, and releasing the blocks tethering them down. Allyson provides a method to turn our pain and obstacles into gifts we can take with us into the new cycle of 2024.

Elemental Releasing Ceremony with Anna Kowalska (28:30)

Anna Kowalska is a transformational trainer for women seeking to embrace their highest soul-level potential. Her mission is not just about creating success but birthing a body of work matching the soul’s purpose, thereby facilitating a prosperous, fulfilling life. Anna invites you to create your own ritual engaging with all the elements (air, water, earth, fire, and spirit)

Akashic Records Healing Meditation with Candice Hozza (34:00)

Candice Hozza is a spiritual strategist and business intuitive whose mission is to give back to others through her intuitive gifts and be the voice that lives inside of others. She is able to achieve this by helping them find their soul’s alignment through the Akashic Records creating transformation in their lives and businesses. Candice created a unique abundance meditation just for this podcast through the Akash.

I hope one of these methods connected with you and that you feel prepared to release what is not for your highest benefit as you enter the New Year. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious in 2024.



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You are a kid in the candy store of the Universe when you’re manifesting.- Kristin Dwan

It’s very challenging for us to release something the brain is attached to. – Patty Lennon

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