Being Empathic

Jan 24, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Are you Empathic? If you are sensitive to energy… that would be a resounding… “YES I AM EMPATHIC! ?‍♀️

Being empathic can feel like a curse, even though it’s a HUGE BLESSING! You can feel energy physically or emotionally. So that means, you often take on other people’s problems.

When not managed properly, it’s like you are swinging from one end to the other. This is primarily due to being around positive happy people, or negative “funky” people.

So… ya gotta learn how to manage it! It’s really a beautiful ability to be able to relate to others, feel Spirit, and be able to understand our world. You have a super power! When tuned into the right frequency, you can know things before words are spoken, get out of places that don’t “feel good,” and increase your bond with friends & family. If this is happening, that means you are connected to your Intuition through your Empathic abilities.

Think back…. have you ever had a time where you just felt so tired and drained being around someone who was complaining? What about being in public places? Do you feel overwhelmed or take on the energy of the collective? Do you seem to feel things about people, but you have no actual knowledge about them?

That’s ALL empathic “stuff.”

Our empathic awareness is governed by our solar plexus. This governs our digestive system and how much energy we have.

Checking in on our solar plexus and making sure it’s balanced is INSTRUMENTAL in developing a healthy balance in your empathic sensitivity.

Other helpful ways to balance are: Having clear boundaries and “recharge” time.

Learn more about your empathic ability, what it means, and how to manage it, in this short video!

If you want to see if your primary way of connecting with your Intuition is being an “Empath,” you can take this free Quiz. Who knows, maybe you will be surprised and have other Intuitive languages, too!


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