Being Authentically Intuitive Without Approval

Apr 22, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Being Authentically Intuitive Without Approval

This happens to be a prevalent topic among the people who choose to work with me. They usually come from a place of asking, “How do I step into my purpose and be intuitive because the people around me don’t get me or understand?”. Most often those family and friends around us who try to be supportive still come from a place of fear. So as we begin to open our intuitive gifts and understand that we are here for more, we want to fully live our true purpose, Unfortunately, sometimes those closest to us don’t know exactly how to react to us growing into our authentic and intuitive selves.

Let’s look at a few ways that resistance from those around us can show up and how we can shift our perspective to see what being authentically intuitive without approval looks like. 

Being Authentically Intuitive Without Approval requires a Supportive Community

When your intuition starts to blossom and you begin to get these hunches, or feeling, or dreams and you want to connect to your Spirit Guides even more, what ends up happening as you talk to your friends and family about your interests they may be shaming or producing worry. Even though they think they are doing from a place of love and support it doesn’t help you move forward on your path. You are here for your purpose! It is so important to have a group of like minded people to support you who understand, who are where you are and who are going where you are going. 

Being Authentically Intuitive Without Approval is all about You, not them.

When you begin to be authentic and live your purpose it can cause jealousy in others. They may not like these changes and this new role you have assumed. They are used to you being a certain way and fitting into a certain box. Ultimately it’s not about you changing at all, rather how they feel and the discomfort it may cause them. Now they have to adapt and their perception of you has to change. They don’t necessarily like having to relook and re-evaluate themselves.

Being Authentically Intuitive Without Approval brings up Limiting Beliefs for others

As you move more fully into your purpose and start living more of your life in that authentic place, those around you begin to question themselves and what this is bringing up for them even more. Especially if you want to turn this purpose into a business or to earn your livelihood, those around you who don’t have that same entrepreneurial mindset may be triggered all the more. They start to ask all the questions… “How are you going to pay your bills?” “How is this going to work?” “Is this even possible, what are you going to do?” “Why are you doing this?” All of these questions stem from their own limiting beliefs about what a job or career should be or exactly what making a living should look like. These are their beliefs being triggered, not yours. Any disapproval you may hear is coming from a place of their own fear of the unknown and their lack of understanding about what you are doing, however it is not yours to act upon.

Being Authentically Intuitive Without Approval can get labeled as being Selfish

Sometimes when we get super excited about living your purpose and want to share the abundance of joy you feel with everyone around you, they may perceive you as “selfish”. Keep in mind, there is a huge difference in being selfish versus being centered in self. If anyone is spending the majority of their time each day in a place or on tasks that don’t bring them joy, you are limiting yourself. It is your right, your freedom, and within your ability to create a life you love to live. This doesn’t have to be your career. Living a life you love can be through simple things. Taking a long bath. Talking to Spirit everyday. Walking in nature. Finding the things in each day that bring you joy fuel you to live your purpose and find your abundance. It is safe for you to be your authentic self!

Listening to the limitations that the lack of approval from others dims or hides our light. When, in fact, we are here to shine in our purpose and draw in the people who can learn from us and who are like us to bridge a community of support for all.




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