Being a Mom, Business Owner, and an Intuitive

Apr 1, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Multi-tasking moms and business owners trying to juggle it all. If that sounds like you… listen up! Don’t give up on your dream of owning your own business, following your life purpose, or doing what you LOVE just because you are a mom.

Being a mom is a beautiful, wonderful blessing! However, that doesn’t mean you should feel guilty if you want more.

Ever felt mom shame? It’s a real thing. “Oh, you didn’t make those cupcakes from scratch? You forgot your kid’s lunch? You forgot to sign that permission slip?”

Yep.. because being human is a thing. AND.. having other interests, having a business, and following your dreams.. is also a thing. It’s a THANG. (Let’s make it catchy, if we are gonna say it.)

There are plenty of mom’s who feel their life purpose is to just be a mom. That’s cool. That’s their dream.

There are also plenty of mom’s that feel they don’t want to put their dreams on hold while they are raising their kids.

Girl, you gotta balance it all, right? That’s a constant struggle that just happens. Let’s get you connected to your Intuition so that you can prioritize your schedule.

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