Balancing Your Throat Chakra

Nov 4, 2020Conversations with Spirit

 Balancing Your Throat Chakra

2020 has been a year where using our power of expression has been important!!  And with today being Election Day in the U.S., communication and expression comes to the forefront making balancing your Throat Chakra to be healthy a significant benefit.  

The Throat Chakra is located at the center of the throat area and sensitive, intuitive people can feel as if that area is suppressed at times. There are many reasons for this.  Maybe you feel like you can’t be your authentic self.  Maybe you have concerns that people will think differently or badly of me if they find out about my spiritual interests.  It may also be remnants from past lifetimes where the topic of spirituality would have been very taboo.

When we haven’t expressed ourselves adequately and the energy builds up in the throat area, that expression may just burst out and not allow the expression to be filtered through the heart.

A lot of what’s going on in the world right now is about expression and letting our voice be heard  It’s important that we express ourselves and speak our truth in a balanced way.  Spiritual people may have been quiet or held back communication because they are Empathic.  They know that involvement means  they will feel the discomfort, may become overwhelmed, or experience the conflict that can come up when different views are expressed.

We need to understand that we can participate in balance. What one person’s participation looks like is not necessarily what our participation needs to look like.

Let’s explore the ways you can work on balancing  your throat chakra energy to maintain healthy communication practices :

Immerse yourself in the COLOR of the Throat Chakra

The color Turquoise represents the Throat Chakra.  Wearing clothes or jewelry of that color can help balance your Throat Chakra if it has been underactive or you feel like you need to activate it even more. 

 Harness the power of SOUND

Toning and singing out loud can bring balance.  If there is something you‘re not quite comfortable telling someone, write it down and read it out loud to yourself.  Getting that energy expressed can bring more balance to this Chakra.  Writing may sound counter-intuitive, but the Throat Chakra is about expression and writing is a valid way of expressing yourself and getting the energy of your idea or perspective out in the physical world.


Being your authentic self just means you being yourself in how you feel.  It is saying, “This is who I am”, “This is how I feel in the moment”, “This is my truest expression”.  By being real and not conforming to any certain belief or thought system that does not resonate with us, we find our authenticity.  Isn’t that the most balanced expression possible?  Just being who you really are!

Use CRYSTALS that correspond to the Chakra   

Wearing the semi-precious stone Turquoise can help balance the energy of the Throat center. The same crystals or stones don’t work for everyone in the same way.  Find the blue-green toned crystal that your Throat Chakra responds to most and use it to help you achieve balance in that area.

SCENTS and Essential Oils can bring balance

Peppermint, Rosemary and Lavender can be effective at balancing your Throat Chakra.  Topically applied essential oils or essential oil blends and be powerful balancing agents.  Oil blends specific to each Chakra can  be found at messengerofspirit.com/oils

Utilizing BALANCING Exercises

Maintaining consistent practices and balancing exercises are important tools for balancing your Chakras.  They allow us to bring calm in a moment before responding to things that might have triggered us and decide if what we are going to say will be received.  If it will not, that energy will just bounce back to us. We can make the decision to not respond in situations where there will not be a balanced conversation and equal reception of energy.  

Let’s walk through a breathing exercise that you can use to aid you in balancing your Throat Chakra.

  • Take a moment, with hands over Throat Chakra, breathe in beautiful white light in through the top of your head (Crown) and, energetically, breathe out through your Throat Chakra into your hands
  • Visualize a continuous flow of white light flowing in through your Crown and breathing it out into your hands.
  • Now visualize breathing white light in through the Throat Chakra and back out through the Throat Chakra. Repeat
  • As you continue to breathe, place your hands now over your heart.  Continue to breathe light in through the Crown and now down to the heart.  Exhale out through the heart as well.
  • Now breathe light in through the Crown and this time breathe out through the throat and the heart at the same time.
  • This time, breathe white light in through the throat and heart, then breathe out through the throat and heart.  Repeat
  • Adding a little more complexity, breathe in through your Crown, throat and heart simultaneously.  Breathe that breath all the way in and down through the body, exhaling through the Root Chakra (base of spine)
  • Breathe in through Crown and let the breath disperse through your entire auric field and exhale
  • Now breathe in through the soles of the feet, up and exhale out through the throat and heart.
  • Breathe in again through the soles of the feet, and exhale into your entire aura
  • One last time before we close, breathe in through the throat and the heart, and let the exhale disperse throughout your aura
  • Place your hands over your throat and heart, ask your Spirit Guides to send Universal healing and light to come through our heart and throat.  Feel and allow that energy of the highest and purest divine intention to run through our spiritual,  physical, emotional and mental bodies.  To emanate a beautiful love, peace and healthy expression through our days, weeks, and months to come!

When the Chakras are in balance it’s easier to express everything with love. As we go through the coming days (and possibly weeks), understand the balance is important, we are safe and protected,  and we need to send out an aura of love and healthy expression. In 2020 we’ve already experienced too much fear and anger that has been suppressed but is now coming out, but through the divisiveness we are all human.  We need the ability to express ourselves in a healthy, balanced way. And share love with one another. 


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