It is February and most of us automatically think of Valentine’s Day. Around this time, most people tend to focus on the “significant other.” Some who do not have a partner may focus on wanting a Soul Mate, Partner, or Twin Flame. Instead of placing the focus on another, put the focus on yourself. Go internal and come from a Heart Centered place. Approach all things with the best of your ability from a place of Love. If you find yourself being frustrated, take a moment and visualize that you are centered in your Heart before your respond or take action.Putting a healing and loving focus on ourselves not only helps us, but spreads out to your significant other, even if you haven’t met them yet.

If you are wanting to attract a soul mate, get rid of the “want.” Put the focus on yourself. Perhaps there is healing to do before your partner enters your life, or perhaps your partner, though you do not know him or her, needs to do healing on him or herself. Allowing ourselves to Be and project a loving energy, puts out signals to the Universe. These “signals” are really just vibrations, our own vibration, our Mind, and we begin to attract others with similar “signals.” We also can attract others who need to learn from us. Use discernment in who is attracted vibrationally to you.

Nourish yourself this Valentine’s Day and do what inspires you. When we are following our heart center’s passion, we then end up meeting others who are doing the same. Some of the best friendships and relationships happen when we all follow our desire, passion, and excitement. At the Institute in Sedona, we follow our passion and excitement instead of following regular business hours. When we feel into a situation, event, or circumstance we can gauge how excited we are about it. If we do not feel inspired to take action, we do not. Even with small tasks like accounting there will be a push about when to take action. Of course there are “rules and regulations” in this reality and deadlines to meet, but knowing you need to accomplish these tasks, feel into when is the best day or time to take action!

About the Author

Whitney McNeill is a Certified Medium, Reiki Master-Teacher and Spiritual Mentor. She is the owner of Messenger of Spirit, LLC, and the co-founder of the International Institute of Advanced Metaphysics (International I. A.M.), in Sedona, Arizona. For more information about services, classes & retreats, visit www.MessengerofSpirit.com or www.InternationalIAM.com.

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