Are You Born a Medium?

Apr 24, 2019Conversations with Spirit

One of the main questions I get from people who are interested in Mediumship, but don’t quite understand it is, “Aren’t Mediums just born with it?” While I can totally understand why they might think this, there are a couple different answers to this question.

1) Here’s the first scenario:

Someone is born super sensitive, and can see Spirit, flashes of colors, feel everyone else’s emotions, has vivid dreams, premonitions, hears their name being called, and/or sometimes knows who is calling before they do. This is an example of someone who is sensitive, but not necessarily going to give messages from Spirit to others. We would call this person very Intuitive.

Now, let’s say her name is Sara. If Sara wanted to give messages to someone from Spirit, she probably has that ability since she is so Intuitive, but that would be her choice. Mediumship is the art of delivering messages from Spirit to the living. Being Intuitive is receiving Spirit messages for your own knowing. Sara will probably need to have some help balancing, tuning into the right frequency, honing, and keeping her abilities “in check.” That’s where training or learning techniques comes in so handy.

If Sara continues without training or learning techniques, she will most likely be “on all the time,” and feel overwhelmed, drained, and scared of her ability. She will probably not know how to use her mediumship skills appropriately and will need to regain some control over when they “come on.”

2) Let’s move to the second scenario.

Let’s say that John wasn’t born sensitive. He was raised in a strict religious background where Mediumship was taboo. As he grows older, he starts investigating what his truth is. He wants to find what he really believes. As he starts looking into Mediumship he becomes very curious about how it works, and starts watching videos, readings books, and even schedules an appointment with a Medium.

As his interest increases, he starts to notice little messages coming from Spirit. At first he starts seeing little flashes of light and swears someone said his name as he was waking up. He shrugs it off thinking it must be his imagination, however, one day he realizes that what he dreamed came true! He starts to feel and know things that he can’t explain. He seeks out a class to learn more about Mediumship.

This is an example of how John who wasn’t sensitive at birth, is now becoming more sensitive through his desire and willingness to explore possibilities with Mediumship.

In both scenarios, you have Mediums. We are all Mediums. It is up to us to develop more of our sensitivity to Spirit. Find out more in this quick video and learn what we need to do to be able to channel Spirit messages.

See you inside! Whitney

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