Ep 75: Answering Your Questions About Energy Alignment With Emily Aarons

May 3, 2023Podcast

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Answering Your Questions About Energy Alignment

Last year one of the most listened to episodes was about how to align your energy with Emily Aarons. And one of her most popular episodes on Aligned & Unstoppable was when she interviewed me about Spirit Guides. So we are taking the most asked questions about energy and Spirit Guides from you and answering them in this 2 part episode. You can listen to Part 1 with Emily on Aligned & Unstoppable and Part 2 right here, now, on Spiritual & Ambitious.

How can our Spirit Guides help us remove energy blocks? (1:52)

Listen as Emily shares when she channeled an energy healing with Spirit Guides specifically to remove energy blocks. It is one of her favorite episodes to date. They can help us energetically in many ways. We can ask for help in removing blockages, or to bring our attention to certain areas. We can even ask for help in leading us to the right program or energy healer to help with our specific needs.

What is Energy Alignment? (4:13)

Emily explains how alignment is integrated into the Chakra system and how energy flows. Stress and agitation can create blocks in that system. Alignment is flowing and moving through decisions listening to your intuition. There is also the physical component. Exercise, healthy eating, hydration, and getting enough rest are also important to staying in alignment.

What is the best method for aligning the chakras? (9:27)

Listen as Emily shares a beautiful visual of her latest channeled energy to quickly and easily harmonize your chakras to your highest current vibration. This also helps with dissolving cords as well. Emily shares her unique perspective on cords and removing them.

How do you release bad energy? (13:30)

What is the most important thing to do to release bad energy? Emily shares her perspective on what bad energy is and isn’t. However, we want to surround ourselves with energy that supports us at the highest level. Emily also shares some examples of the types of energies that may not be supportive.

How often should we meditate for energetic alignment? (17:50)

Emily shares her answers and methods for meditating and how long she recommends to meditate. 

How do you keep your energy aligned in a negative environment? (24:00)

Listen as Emily shares a pro-tip about energy waterfalls to keep the vibration of your space at the highest level.

Check out the links below to hear the first part of this conversation on Emily’s podcast as well as staying connected to Emily. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious



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There are so many ways to helpI d hold your own container (of energy) so it’s not impacted by negativity around you. – Emily Aarons

I don’t think of good energy vs bad energy. Energy just is. The question is does it support you? – Emily Aarons

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