Aligning To Your Spiritual Path And Life Purpose

Nov 26, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Aligning to your path is easy, but sometimes we make it seem hard. Often times, my students and clients want the play-by-play of how everything is going to work out…

…but that’s cheating! Our Spirit Guides tell us the “what” and where to aim, but they won’t tell us every detail in between. If they did, we wouldn’t grow, learn lessons, and be able to be flexible enough to pivot when needed.

Even though we don’t always know the EXACT steps to take, the good news is that we get to choose our direction (unless we are way off base.)

If you imagine your life is a boat, and you can point your ship where your inner compass is telling you, then your Spirit Guides are your crew and will help you get there. This doesn’t mean you will always have clear weather each and every day because you need to blow past the storms, put in the work, and gain experience and confidence in your role as captain. Your Spirit Team will help keep you on course when you veer off a bit.

Just point toward your direction, start moving forward, and trust your Spirit Team to open the doors aligned with your path while they close those that aren’t. The key is: YOU HAVE TO MOVE FORWARD, WALK THROUGH THE OPEN DOORS, AND PUT THE ENERGY OUT THERE.

Are you ready to align to your path? Do you have the courage to do so? Let’s chat about it in the video.

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