7 Tips To Align To Your Highest Self

Jun 22, 2020Conversations with Spirit

It’s not always rainbows and roses on your way to spiritual enlightement. When you have a spiritual awakening, it’s often messy, uncomfortable, and emotional.

And it’s supposed to be. You can’t spiritually bypass your way to raising your vibration.

Our spiritual purpose is to become lighter, get closer to source, and be the best version of ourselves we can be.

Purging out the old, cleanses our vessel out, which in turn raises our vibrations.

You can think of your energy system like a pipe system. When you work on the pipes, it runs mucky before it gets clean again.

Feeling emotions, energetic blocks, and low energy is normal as you cleanse your energy field.

Are you ready to align to the highest version of yourself?

These are 7 steps to help walk you through your alignment journey:

  1. Create space for re-evaluation.
  2. Drop your Ego
  3. Turn to Spirit
  4. Be willing to “be in it.” It feels messy.
  5. Be willing to accept friends and family might feel triggered about the new version of you.
  6. Love yourself.
  7. Take action in your timeline.

I’ll explain more in the video. See you there!


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