How To Keep An Abundance Mindset

Jan 15, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Did you know that you might be blocking your own abundance?

Why in the heck would you EVER do that?

It’s not because you are doing it consciously, but it’s because you are most likely programmed on an internal level to block it. If you are Intuitive and an Empath, then you might be blocking it for several different reasons.

One of them being: “I feel selfish if I have abundance.”

Hold up here. I’m going to ask you a question and answer honestly. If you had money would you help other people with it?

I know you are answering, “YES!” So let’s revisit why you think it would be selfish to have money.

This is just one of the concepts that Empaths often have in their energy, yet don’t know it!

In this video, I’m talking about how to keep an abundant mindset and shift the flow to receiving abundance. Sound good? Join me in the video.

Plus, I have a couple things to share:

3 Mindset Shifts Towards An Abundant Biz. It’s perfect for those of you with the entrepreneurial spirit!

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Let’s keep that mindset abundant.


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