A Rooster, An Airport, and Speaking Your Truth

by May 30, 2018Conversations with Spirit

I had a great visit to NC. I enjoyed time with family, friends, and clients. When we travel back to familiar or “old places,” sometimes we seem to also encounter old patterns or lessons we’ve learned.


Years ago, I was not able to speak my truth or claim my space. I now do, but upon this NC trip, I had little reminders to help enforce my boundaries.


Let’s start with…. The Rooster.



My mom’s side of the family lives in the mountains of NC. While visiting my grandmother I came across a boundary experience.


Her neighbors have two roosters and a hen. They’ve learned to come harass people for food. Unfortunately, the roosters will scratch/peck someone to get food. My aunt has been a victim of that, with three big red welts on her shins. I thought it was silly to be afraid of these roosters until they showed up for me.


I was traveling with my mom, and so I was appointed with the tasks of packing and unpacking the car. For the first 2 trips to the car, I was in the clear… no roosters to be found.  Then, around the corner they came.. Seeing me.. they ran faster towards me.


I tried to shut the trunk as fast as I could, but they were gaining on me. It was like in a movie, when you need to do things fast, and you drop your keys. My hands were fumbling.


This next part is embarrassing…..


I ran….


Yes, I ran from a Rooster. Actually, two roosters to be exact.


While running, I hear a “cock a doodle dooo!” right behind me, to which jumped up in the air, and… I may have said some explicit words. I’m sure my soon-to-be 92 year old grandma heard me. Sorry Nanan.


What did this remind me to do? Claim my space.


Did I? Um no…. that was a fail. I mean, these Roosters are big.

I didn’t even try to claim my space.  Perhaps it was a message of when to assert myself, and when not to.


Fast forward to the end of the trip…..


I’m at the airport gate waiting to board the plane back to AZ. I’m wearing a Namaste shirt…


I’m sitting next to this young man, who then asks me to watch his bag while he goes to the restroom. There is a huge crowd.. this plane is going to be packed… and I say out loud, ” No, I’m not going to watch your bags, I’m not supposed to do that.”


To which he replied, ” I’m just going over there,” to which I responded, “I don’t want that responsibility. You can take your bags with you.”


Did I feel like a jerk? Kind of…


Did I speak my truth? Yep.


Did I still see the light within him, and embody the meaning of my Namaste shirt? Sure did!


I acknowledged he was helping me to claim my space and boundaries. I saw the light within him. After he got back, I explained to him that I wasn’t trying to be rude, and explained that you really aren’t supposed to do that in an airport. I think he was a young man that did not have alot of experience in flying.


In a round about way, these experiences helped remind me to claim my space and reminded me when to speak my truth. It also helped me remember when to assert myself, and perhaps when not to..


I thought back to years ago when I would’ve felt bad saying no, and may have said yes to something that didn’t feel right to me, or that I didn’t want to do. It was nice to see my progress and change.


So what happened to the Roosters? Well, I encouraged my family to speak their truth to the neighbors. I also asked my grandfather (who is in Spirit), to help. Yesterday, Mom told me there was just a pile of feathers at the door. No one knows what happened, but I’m sure Spirit does.  Blessings to the Rooster on it’s new path. Thanks for teaching me.





And yes, I did look up “Rooster medicine,” and “Rooster animal totem.” If there is an animal chasing you, I encourage you to look up its meaning too!
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