Transcript: How To Heal Your Abundance Blocks

Oct 4, 2023


How To Heal Your Abundance Blocks

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Do you feel any kind of resistance when it comes to receiving or abundance in general? Sometimes we’re in this place where we feel like we’re receiving and we’re really great and then all of a sudden it’s like, why is everything like a moving through soup? Well, it could be that you’re facing an abundance block. So today on this episode, I’m gonna be showing you how to heal your abundance blocks so stay with me.


Welcome to Spiritual and Ambitious. I’m your host Whitney McNeil. I’m a certified medium and spiritual teacher and I help spiritual and ambitious souls just like you live your life purpose through your career and attract abundance by connecting into your intuition and spirit guide. Let’s get spiritual and ambitious.


Hello. Hello. Thank you for listening but before we get started, I’ve got some cards for you from the Messenger of Spirit Oracle. First card is protector guide. It’s time to set boundaries with someone and this is really perfect for our topic today and you’ll learn why as you continue to listen but setting boundaries can be really, really helpful so that’s probably gonna make its way into the conversation. The next card I have here is your purpose is being revealed, and then the card on top of that is Divine timing. Let go of your timeline. Spirit has a plan. Our purpose is really shifting and changing and we are always connected to our life purpose archetype, but what’s happening is the path that we choose to walk is changing and because our vibration changes, well sometimes we can fall out of alignment of things that we did before that worked for us with manifesting and things that we did before that worked for us with feeling very abundant.


And so it’s really important for us to continue to do the work which is why we are here today to talk more about it. So abundance blocks is something I talk quite a bit inside of Intuition Abundance Academy, that’s opening soon but I’m just gonna share with you some quick steps that you can kind of do a check-in with yourself on how to heal when we go through the program. I go deeper, but I just wanna give you some tools that you can do yourself right now. I like to share this knowledge on the podcast because I know not everyone can enroll in the program, but if that’s something that you’re wanting to do and you’re wanting to work with me in a group, I’d love to see you inside of that program. So what are abundance blocks? I’m approaching this topic today from an energetic, spiritual perspective.


I do acknowledge that we live in a world where people are not not treated equally and today I’m talking about abundance on all levels here. As far as the energy block that’s created from that treatment and the energy block that’s created from certain belief systems. Do I think removing a block within a person is going to heal the issue in the world? No, I don’t. It would be great if all of us though could heal the blocks that we have because this might heal the world. But I do know that this helps people open to a different perspective, raise their vibration and have a different perspective on the abundance that is available to them and helps them with spiritual healing. So they are more in alignment with the energy of abundance. So abundance blocks are created from physical trauma, from mental beliefs, from the family that we were raised by or the caregivers, or a situation in our life that caused us to shut down, that caused us from stopping abundance from coming into our lives.


And we all are different and we all have different circumstances and depending on what those circumstances are, there’s different blocks that are created. There are people that grew up in a very wealthy lifestyle and perhaps they were made fun of because they were called the rich kid and so they created an abundance block and then they grew up to be adults and now they’re not receiving it because they didn’t want to be judged. There are people who grew up in poor households and so they feel like they don’t ever need more than just enough. These are what I’m talking about with abundance blocks and this is why they happen but where do they get stuck? Like, you know, where’s a block formed? Well, we have different energy bodies. We have our physical body, then we have our etheric body which is a conduit between our physical body and our aura.


We have our mental, we have our emotional and we also have our spiritual bodies. The block is going to be in one of your bodies and I really believe that it starts outward and then moves inward, and this is a little controversial, but I really believe that a lot of the ailments that are created in the body can be traced back to some emotional pain and some mental pain that’s happened as well. Of course, I know that there’s actual disease and genetics and things like that, but even then I feel we can trace that back to certain instances in a family, especially if it’s genetic. So understanding where is the block today we’re more so talking about a mental and emotional energy that’s kind of stuck in one of those bodies. So if we can kind of find where that is because oftentimes we can feel it physically, we have more of a tangible thing to reference when we’re talking about a block.


So what kinds of blocks do you have? It really depends on you and your story and today we’re gonna dive into that. This is gonna be a quick episode to help you. So one of the most common blocks that I see with spiritual entrepreneurs or spiritual and ambitious people, regardless if you’re an entrepreneur or not, I’m not good enough. I’m not kind enough, I’m not a good person, I’m not worthy enough. Sometimes these beliefs are formed because we think, well, I can’t have it when the world is suffering. I can’t have it when we don’t have world peace or I am selfish if I take more than others so we can kind of get confused here with that. Another spiritual belief that happens in the spiritual community is you can’t be spiritual and wealthy or rich because of these same kind of blocks where people will think, well spirituality, you know, is not, it’s not money, or money is bad, and money is not bad.


Money is just energy and it depends on the person and what they do with the money, right? Like if it’s good or if it’s bad and that’s all relative too. So understanding that that can be a block of you not receiving what you would really love, and I’ve seen it time and time again. People get money, they give it to their friends. People get money, they give it away because you don’t feel like you are worthy enough to actually receive it or you feel uncomfortable that it’s sitting in your savings account when it could go to further use. Another block can be that you’re scared to receive because you’re selfish, like we kind of just talked about, or you are scared to receive gifts because you’re gonna feel like you owe somebody something, or you’re scared to receive messages from your spirit guides because of a belief that that was bad or that maybe you’ll change.


A lot of times fear comes in and we’re scared for many different reasons. We’re afraid that when people find out that maybe you have abundance, that they’re gonna ask for all this money and you’re gonna be put in awkward positions or that you’re not able to give to everybody and it’s gonna feel really awkward. We are afraid to accept even somebody paying for our lunch or we can’t even accept a compliment sometimes and that is also abundance. I have a story that I shared on my social media. If you go over to my Instagram, you can scroll back through. This is one of my own blocks and so I’m teaching this because I have really done a lot of abundance growth and work and and really moving in my life in that way. I’m gonna preface this with me constantly doing my work. I am not perfect.


Please do not ever put any teacher on a pedestal. They will disappoint you, so I like to share my fumbles with you. So you know I’m not this person that’s like everything in my life is amazing. Well I do love my life and I am grateful for all the abundance I have. I just mess up sometimes, so here’s an example. I am a very private person. I do not welcome people just, you know, ringing my doorbell in fact and my backyard is my sanctuary where I want to hang out at my pool in the nice months and I wanna do whatever I want. I purposely found a place where I was not around a lot of neighbors so that I could enjoy my backyard or hey, if I wanna sunbathe nude or something, I can, you know, like that’s my space, like get out of my space.


So we were at a friend’s house playing games because I am in this place of abundance or I wanna have more fun in my life, and we saw that on our security system this woman rang our doorbell and she looked a little bit suspicious. It kinda reminds me of those Instagram reels where it’s like, don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious. We saw the way she was carrying her pocketbook, had like her phone out, looks like it was recording something. She had a paper in her hand, then we saw that she went around the back and peeked into my backyard. I was just all bad. Well, I thought about all the awful things that this person could possibly be doing, maybe she got some mail and she could have just left it there so obviously that’s not the answer. So I’m trying to come up with all these things and none of them really are positive.


So the next day my husband and I go out to run errands and when we come back, she’s there. I got my defense up, I got my aura bubble up, and she rolls down the window and she says, I am the knucklehead, the open your mail and I’m so sorry to apologize. I have a gift for you. She starts digging around in this black bag and I’m like, oh my gosh, what’s she gonna pull out? And she gives me this little butterfly, and I’m still in my head going, oh my gosh is, is this like poison because I’m seeing all these things online with people touching dollar bills and you know, it’s not good, like it’s laced with poison and all this stuff. And I thought, okay and she said, I put a little magnet and it’s this beautiful butterfly. And I said, thank you so much. This is so kind and thank you so much.


And then she proceeded to tell me that she was gonna go drop off something else at someone else’s house in a different town that they had messed up, and then we had a conversation about how our mails been messed up lately. This is an example of me being in scarcity, being defensive instead of welcoming the gifts that spirit gives us, the gifts that are available and abundant all around us all the time and also it’s a nice message of transformation and butterfly. Open your wings, fly in the air, open yourself up to the opportunities and also that kindness still exists in the world. That’s my story of just being honest here but let’s talk about the next thing. Judgment. People will judge me. I will be bad if people know I have money, they’re gonna think I’m awful or people might say I’m a rich b*tch or whatever.


I’ll be a bad person. They’ll judge me on what I’m spending money on, and sometimes we’re afraid of even telling our spouse or family what we’re spending money on because they may view it as frivolous. Listen, we all have different value systems so that’s one of the things I wanna tell you. Your value system is your value system and it’s really important with abundance to find what your value system is. So for me, when I’m flying somewhere, I don’t love flying. I’ve talked about this on the podcast, but I actually have felt great about it lately. Knock on some wood, you know, but I used to have tremendous anxiety, but I really feel like Spirit has helped me with that but I also love to go first class because it feels like I’m not as crowded. I am not as surrounded by people. It was very awkward for me to tell my family or to tell others.


Yeah, I fly first class, then they have all these assumptions perhaps about things. My value system is if I’m going somewhere, I know that I need to take care of my energy so I will not be exhausted. This helps me enjoy my trip. This helps me enjoy my travel because I’m an energy sensitive person so this is just one of those value systems that I have for me. Whenever I used to go to conferences, people would say, hey, do you wanna share a room? No, no, I’m not sharing a room. I have friends and they’re always trying to get together throughout the country and sometimes they wanna be in the same house and I’m like, listen, I need my own air conditioning unit. I need my own bed and because I know I’m a highly sensitive person and an introvert and I need to make sure I’m taking care of in order to enjoy the experience.


So that is a value system to me, and so those things might require extra money. So if you are also on that place, it’s gonna be important for you to rearrange some of the value system. Maybe you’re saving in other areas so that you can have this as part of your value system as well, so I just wanted to share some of those stories too about understanding what that is. Sometimes we don’t understand why something is important to somebody and it’s not for us to judge. Okay? So when we come back, I’m gonna talk about walking you through a process about releasing these blocks.


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Alright, so we’ve been talking about abundance blocks. They gave you some examples and let’s talk about how to heal and remove the blocks. Now this part of the process can be very complex depending on each person. Sometimes we have deep seated issues that need to be resolved in therapy and sometimes we do this more on a spiritual basis. So I just want to clarify that please don’t use this as a replacement for therapy, but certainly if we are working on abundance blocks, this can be helpful for us. So number one, acknowledge your blocks. I gave you some examples. Don’t run from your blocks. Awareness is really key. So one of the exercises I have my students do inside of Intuition Abundance Academy is to write down all the old stories and belief systems. You can just start with asking yourself, am I afraid of abundance?


Really just get honest with yourself. A lot of times our first reaction is, no, of course not but really, I mean I’ve talked about, I know someone specifically, I’m thinking of who shall remain nameless, but always said, if I had enough money then I would do this and then she got this huge money from an inheritance and she gave it away. So really, are you afraid of abundance? Are you ready to receive abundance? And then let’s kind of put in the word money as well because that’s part of abundance. We have spiritual abundance, we have financial abundance. So acknowledge your blocks and don’t run from them. Awareness is really key. The next thing I want you to do is look into who created the story for you and ask if it is really your story. Think about what beliefs have been created because of this.


So for instance, you feel like money doesn’t grow on trees or you have to work really hard at something in order to earn the money, right? Maybe you are saying something like, money is evil, money is bad, or spiritual things should be for free. That one really irks me. So think about stories about money, stories about abundance. Maybe even say one day when I win the lottery, I’ll do X, Y, Z. No, that is meaning that something is not abundant here. We need to change that belief system. So once you kind of think about all the things that maybe you thought or believe or that you say, and also pay attention to when people try to pay for things for you or tell you your hair looks nice or whatever. Do you say thank you or do you say, oh, I just threw this on, or no, no, no, you don’t have to pay for me?


Just kind of pay attention to the receiving and see where that comes from. Receiving blocks can come from so many places and you know, like I said, if, if it’s a place where receiving hasn’t been safe for you because maybe it didn’t come from safe people, then this is something that you wanna work with a therapist on but just start thinking about your story. Is it your true story? A lot of these beliefs we were taught by parents or when in our formative years. We were around other people, caretakers, teachers, community, whatever it is, just kind of pay attention to who created the story for you. Let’s say that you grew up in a rich household and people made fun of you at school. Do you still feel that that’s true? Maybe you grew up poor and people made fun of you because you were poor.


And so you feel like the only way to not be made fun of is abundance and having more money. Just pay attention to that as well because even though you might think, well, no, I want more money, that’s not a block. It still is a block because you’re not allowing yourself to receive. You’re gonna be putting yourself in go mode all the time trying to get something, like chase after something. Okay. So acknowledge your blocks. Don’t run away. Awareness is key. Look into who created the story for you and is it your true story? Do you really believe this? The next thing I want you to do is where in your body is this block? Find it. Where do you feel this block when you close your eyes and just ask, where are you? Where do I feel you? Maybe it causes you to slump your shoulders.


Maybe it causes you to hide your body because you don’t want attention. Maybe causes you to feel very uncomfortable with visibility. Perhaps you are someone that feels like you need to hide. These are just some examples of your body. Now another example is just, it could just be in an energy center that’s trying to make its way into more of a chakra, so you might just feel it in your solar plexus, like every time I try to speak up or every time I try to receive I, I feel this pain in my solar plexus. Pay attention to where you’re feeling it, maybe you feel it emotionally or physically, and then I’d like for you to talk to your block. Now that you know where it exists, it gives you a little bit more tangibility as to where it is and just talk to your block.


Hey, what are you teaching me? What’s the purpose? And just talk to your block. You would’ve let it go already if it didn’t serve a purpose, so it is serving your purpose. Perhaps it is serving a purpose to teach you a lesson to then release it. Perhaps it’s serving a purpose as to it was trying to protect you at a young age and now you’re an adult and you no longer need it. That’s what I mean about serving a purpose. It’s not serving your purpose for your highest goal to open up to more abundance, but it’s helped you on your journey, so let’s be grateful because now you’re at the point where you can choose to release it. And then you just ask your block, what have you been holding me back from? So sometimes the block will say, I’ve been holding you back because it might be so awkward to have all this money or visibility and you know, people will acknowledge you and recognize you and just recognize that.


Talk to your block. Once you find this out, then you can rectify any of those issues. You can say, thank you for protecting me, but I’ve got this now and it’s safe. It is safe for me to have more visibility. It is safe for me to have more money. It’s safe for me to live an abundant life. Sometimes it’s like, hey, I don’t want you to change any of your relationships. Your relationships are gonna change and that’s why it’s blocking you and you get to say, I trust in my intuition that the relationships, if they do change will be for my highest good.


And then the next step is release the block, but you have to really be ready. You can’t force the release and so there are many different ways to release your block. Sometimes it is with crying, sometimes it is with affirmation and intention. Sometimes it’s with energy healing and sometimes it’s with ritual but the best way to release the block is to make new decisions that are not in alignment with that block. It’s in alignment with your new story. So some affirmations you can say to yourself, I release you with gratitude. Thank you. Show gratitude when you’re releasing. One of the exercises I do with my students is have them write them down and and then rip them out. You can also do an energy release as well, especially with the full moon as it is then going into its waning phase. I’ll release you into the full moon.


I release you from this universe. I appreciate the lessons you have taught me, but I release you now and then the most important thing is replacing with your new belief system. So I told you I would give you a short episode because there’s so much more I could go into, but I do that inside of Intuition Abundance Academy. So you want to make sure that you are going to attend my free class and the link to it will be in the show notes all about abundance and living your life purpose. You can go to messengerofspirit.com/register, but I will be back actually really soon on Sunday with a brand new episode to help you set your energy for the week. And then on Wednesday, I will be back with a brand new episode and I can’t wait to see you inside of the free classes coming up in a few weeks. Great, I will see you soon. Here’s to staying spiritual and ambitious.


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