Transcript: How To Open The Throat Chakra

Jul 25, 2023

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How To Open The Throat Chakra

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So many women I know right now are having throat issues. Is that happening over there where you’re listening, where your family and friends are maybe experiencing similar things? Oh my goodness. So today I’m gonna talk about the throat chakra and some ways that we can balance it, but I think it’s really important to notice the imbalances. So when I say imbalances, I mean I am balances like something is going on because if we can notice symptoms of misalignment, then we can start really digging deeper into what’s going on before it manifests itself as a future problem, so all about the throat chakra. Stay tuned.


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So you might notice I even sound a little different today and that’s because myself, I am having throat chakra issues and usually I don’t talk about things in until I’ve come over the other side of them in order to help you but this is kind of part of the journey that I’ve always had and so I’ll be interjecting some of my experiences with throat chakra symptoms as we go through so you can see how it relates. All right, so throat chakra, what is it? Well, it is an energy center in your body that is right there at the throat area and it governs different parts of your body, obviously part of your esophagus, part of your hearing elements, even the jawline, the teeth, the tongue area, and governs part of your breathing. Now, on a psychological perspective, it really helps us to balance freedom choices.


Am I speaking my truth? Am I allowing myself to express things? Maybe you’ve had an idea for a while that you just haven’t expressed. Well, your throat chakra might be telling you that. Speaking, this can be speaking in public. This can just be having a conversation that you didn’t wanna have. This can be being afraid to really say how you feel, and a lot of women especially have this from current lifetimes and lifetimes before now where we have been persecuted for saying anything called witch, whatever it was in a past life. Definitely,D this is an area that can be a place for women to heal. So there’s a variety of reasons why a throat chakra can be blocked or overactive or just not in alignment. So first, let’s cover some symptoms where maybe it’s not in alignment. Well, one, you could be having physical symptoms, actual physical symptoms where you cannot talk, where your throat isn’t feeling good, maybe your ears are clogged up, having issues swallowing, having a sore throat.


Those kind of things can be physical manifestations that your throat chakra is not in balance. Now, as far as other symptoms, your throat chakra might not be in balance. You might have this sense of fear like your throat is closing up almost when it’s time to speak or time to ask a question or you might think about having a conversation that you know you need to have, but you put it off. It’s also where you might have ideas of expressing yourself, but then you don’t do it because you wanna fit in instead of stand out. If you feel trapped, if you feel like you don’t have freedom, if you feel like you don’t have any choices, those are all different symptoms that something can be off with your throat chakra. Literally, the sound of your voice and how it is if it’s raspy or if it is clear, that can also be a symptom, not always because people have different voice boxes and different nuances to the vibration of their voice.


But if it’s something different, then this can definitely be one of those things. So why does it become blocked? I think you probably already have some insight based on what I said. This can be from physical things, allergies, foods you’re eating, things that are going on in your environment. It can also be from situations that have happened or are going on in your current life with the age that you’re at or most of the time I see that throat chakra issues are coming from a younger age where you are told for instance, not to speak up. You don’t want to have attention drawn on you or children should be seen and not heard, those kind of things. Maybe you had a great idea and let’s say you were in school and you were in a group project and everyone shut your idea down. Maybe you’re an adult and you wanted to express yourself in a certain way and it got shut down as well.


Maybe you’re business owner and your own social media and the algorithm is not delivering enough views or reach. It’s really depending on how it affects you, it’s just making you aware that there’s an issue that needs to be released. Basically, a blockage is like a super highway, right? Your chakras are all connected by the super highway and all of a sudden there’s congestion, there’s a roadblock. Something is not being released and when it doesn’t get released, pressure backs up and when pressure backs up, it can cause different ailments in the body and stress and pressure in those areas of your life and energetically you’re not flowing, so this can back up into other areas of your life as well. So I know someone who’s close to me and she was in a relationship and she would ask advice and I kept saying to her, you know, I really feel like you’re not having the conversations that you need to be having with this person.


And she was afraid, basically, of rejection. She was afraid that if she brought up some of these topics, some of these conversations, that this person would leave her or that she would be really disappointed. It was kind of like she wanted to keep the illusion going because that was more comfortable than being super uncomfortable and maybe changing her relationship status but she kept having throat issues. She went to the doctors like a zillion times and she’d have so many medicines and it kept coming back up over and over again. Well, eventually she finally decided that this person wasn’t right for her and broke off the relationship and her symptoms of her throat chakra started to resolve itself. Another example myself, so this happens a lot with me in my body because I’m primarily a channeler, so I tend to experience anything almost like times a hundred in my body.


My doctor had even said to me, you know, I think you are just extra sensitive and you process pain very differently in a sense where you are picking up something that could feel, let’s say like a level five to a person and for me it’s a level 10. So I tend to experience things very deeply. I mean, and sometimes that’s great if it’s a positive thing, but when it is something that is not very comfortable, it’s not so good. So several years ago I kept getting this true sensation that I did not wanna do readings anymore. I did not wanna do appointments anymore and they just didn’t feel in alignment with me and I’ll only do them now from time to time if I’m celebrating something like my business anniversary or the holidays or something like that but I kept getting messages not to do them day in and day out.


And one of the reasons is because I detest appointments, I do not like to be locked in and I feel like I’m in a cage and I don’t feel like I’m free. I feel like I have to wake up and I have to go to these places when there’s no spontaneity in my life when I have appointments and then if somebody cancels, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna reschedule? It’s just a a lot of hassle for me personally and that does not mean by the way that appointments are bad. I think they’re needed in the world. It’s just really not necessarily my style. But at the time, I could not see how I could transition my business without doing appointments cuz I was the primary breadwinner in my family. That was my main source of income. Well, what happened? I didn’t listen and I believe what happened was I made choices in my life such as what I was eating, what I was doing, spending time outside and already having an imbalance in my throat chakra, having allergens that kind of came into my body at the same time.


What happened is it shut down my throat chakra to the point where I was blending foods in order to eat and to swallow and to just talk and I could not do any readings obviously in that kind of capacity, so it forced me to really look at making that change in my life. So once I made that change, my throat chakra symptoms started to alleviate themselves which is great. However, this time around as I’m recording this, I am having similar symptoms yet again and I have sought within myself to really figure out what is going on and I feel there’s a couple things going on. One, is I feel like there’s been some illusion of not being able to express myself or put my abilities out there into the world the way that I see them and what happens is my ego says it has to be one way, it has to look a certain way.


Let’s say I have an idea and I want to, let’s say write a book and let’s say I’m focused on a specific publisher and it doesn’t work out. That would be an example of like an ego kind of related thing which can block your chakra versus if I allow myself to express what I still wanna express in a different way that can unblock my throat chakra, but I recently found out I am allergic to peas. Oh my gosh, peas and pea protein. Pea protein isolate isn’t all the things that I eat as a vegan and what’s interesting is I am not supposed to. According to my doctor, have soy, not supposed to have gluten, not supposed to have dairy, not supposed to have egg and now the pea is being taken away which leaves me with very little protein sources to the point now where I’m having to really dig deep within myself to see if I want to go back to eating some type of meat or protein.


So I am seeing and sensing that one, there is a big life change, a life shift for me that’s happening and also looking at my environment when something is irritating, the breathing passages like they are with me after I just got back from my hundred allergy prick skin test things. It also kind of begs the question of is your environment supporting you such as where you’re currently living? So you have to dig deep on some of these things. Now, I haven’t found my resolution yet here because I’m diving deep into a value system. I’ve been vegetarian since 2011. I’ve been vegan since probably 2016 or 17 and now I’m forced in a way to look at, oh, I have very minimal protein sources to sustain myself with every meal. So if I can’t have soy and I can’t have pea and I can’t have egg and I can’t have dairy or gluten, well maybe I can have nuts, maybe I can try some of these other ones but I might have to really look at something else.


So I was feeling super trapped, super in this cage of not feeling very free and when that happens because I feel very limited in my choices, it’s going to shut that throat chakra down even more, so this is just an example. I’m not giving you the solution yet. I’m giving you what’s going on in my journey so you can dive deeper into what may be going on in your journey but when we come back after this really quick break, I am gonna give you some ways to balance the throat chakra and some tips as to how you can maintain that balance so stay tuned.


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Thanks for hanging in there. We’re talking about ways to balance the throat chakra and we’ve been talking about symptoms of misalignment and why it’s blocked and I just gave you some very real examples of different reasons that it could be blocked but I definitely see a lot of women having some issues with the throat chakra and I’ve recorded an episode about the sacral chakra before. The throat and the sacral have a lot of connection.


And so one of the reasons why your throat chakra can also be blocked is because if you do not feel that you can express your emotions because your emotions really are governed by your second chakra which is your sacral chakra and if you can’t express them, you can’t cry. Your throat is going to burn and you are going to just shove all the energy back down where it needed to be expressed. So if you feel like you can’t express yourself or even your emotions, that can be one. I think women specifically have been told a lot of times too, to be more submissive which I do not agree with. I was actually told that when I was in my twenties and all these different shoulds, and women should act this way or you should do this, or even not even women, just spiritual people in general.


You should be more spiritual, you should be more open-minded, all the shoulds in the world can block our throat chakra. If we are not being our authentic self and speaking how we want to speak, then we are not going to be able to have a healthy and open balanced throat chakra. One of the shoulds people say is like, spiritual people should not say f*uck. Well, f*uck, f*uck, fuck. Well, I just did it and sometimes I really want to. So you’ve got to make sure that you’re being authentic to yourself and whatever way that it wants to be expressed out of your body, whether it’s writing, whether it’s speaking, whether it is just creating music that involves sacral and expression, crying, whatever it needs to do. Allow yourself to express and that is what I feel is going on. There’s a massive shift right now where women especially are being really called to step up and speak up.


But one of the things about speaking up, I’ve noticed that the world is in this shift, not just women but this world. And right now everybody is saying everything. They are just saying whatever they want online because there’s been some suppression of this in the past. However, it’s a double-edged sword. So in a way it’s good that people are sharing and communicating more, but also in the other side of the coin, it’s not so good because they’re not actually sharing their authentic self through a love filter. So people see stuff online and they wanna have a nasty comment. So why do people do this? Well, people are doing this because they don’t feel like they have a healthy outlet to express themselves and I do believe a lot of it can stem from past lives and childhood but where they are now, they don’t feel heard.


And so they want some sort of reaction from someone. So what we can do is to one, not take it personally. We do not have to interact. We do not have to say something back and I’m seeing a lot of business owners right now complain. You know, people commenting on social media or and they send in an email that they didn’t like something that they said and it’s not constructive criticism or feedback. People are just kind of saying whatever they wanna say. So there’s a question of, well one, it block my throat chakra if I don’t say anything back and my answer is going to be one, you have to really dive into your own energy and ask what your energy needs right now. If your energy is in a place where you really feel like it would be helpful and healthy for you to expend your energy on this person, then the answer can be yes.


But I see too many business owners wasting their precious energy and their throat chakra on responding to people when they could’ve just not responded at all because it doesn’t warrant a response. No one really likes any kind of advice or comment when it’s not welcomed, when it’s not asked for. So people now are just saying whatever they wanna say without even asking if somebody wants to hear it which really it’s this place of people are trying to unblock their throat chakra everywhere but honestly, what could really be much more helpful is really going within first and saying, is this beneficial for my energy right now to comment or to respond? Is this energy right now through a filter of love? Now, just because it’s through a filter of love does not mean that it’s all rainbows and unicorns. You can still have a conversation with somebody without yelling, without being mean or calling names.


I was just talking to somebody the other day and I was encouraging them like, hey, are you gonna have this conversation that you’ve been wanting to have with this person for a while? And they said, I’m afraid the conversation is going to turn into an argument and I said, well, you can have conversations without having an argument. You can have a disagreement but without raising your voice. And this person said, well, I don’t trust myself that I can’t hold my temper back. So really it’s this practice of how do I express myself on an ongoing basis versus holding so much in so that I explode sometimes and also reserving my energy for worthy individuals. Maybe that triggered you when I said worthy individuals, but that’s what I mean. There are some people that get your time and there are some people that do not and get your time.


It actually will drain you most of the time and your throat chakra energy, if you are commenting back to somebody’s email or somebody’s social media post that is negative and not helpful, first is ignoring, blocking and deleting it. What I’m really talking about are the conversations that are not going to go anywhere and a reminder that you cannot change someone else’s mind about things nor should that be your goal. I just used a should, but that’s just my experience. You can’t really try to change somebody because it’s not going to work. It’s just not. They’re gonna have to decide in themselves to change. Why are we talking about this? Because that’s one of the things you can do to balance your throat chakra is stop giving energy where energy does not belong and to conserve your energy when you need it. Also, talking, having conversations, getting your feelings out on a regular basis, it would really, really good, let’s say to talk to a partner, a therapist, someone depending on what’s going on in your mind and how deep seated the issues are. If it does require therapy, absolutely go for it. I love that more people are talking about mental health, more people are talking about therapy, but this can be really cathartic to get this out so that you’re not bottling it up. Also, writing things down, maybe you feel like you’re so frustrated, write it down instead of bottling it up. If you live by yourself or your partner’s not open to hearing you or whatever it is, this is a great way that you can express it and also allowing yourself to have some good laughter and crying. Anything to express that energy can be so, so helpful. Now, some other ways that can be really great to unblock the throat chakra, energy healing.


So if you are an energy healer then you know how to do this but also sign yourself up for an energy healing session with a trusted practitioner and this can be so nice to just receive instead of feeling like you’re doing all the things. So energy healing can be wonderful and allowing that to come up, whether you’re doing it for yourself or you’re finding someone who is doing it for you and you’re actually getting a session. Also, crystals can be really helpful. As I sit here, I am seeing a bunch of crystals and you have to be selective to find a crystal. That one wants to work with you and that corresponds with your energy. So one of the wonderful stones the way I pronounce it is Chalcedony. That can be a stone that works really well. Some people say Chalcedony, I say Chalcedony.


You can also look at any blue stone and just see if it works with your vibration. Some people have found that Amazonite works really great. Some people have found that Aquamarine, my birthstone, works really great. You could also look at Lopez Lazuli. Traditionally, that has been a stone where people have used it for their third eye and throat chakra, same with Sodalite and Angelite is a stone that a lot of people really, really love too. And one of the great crystal balancers is Kyanite and especially blue Kyanite for your throat chakra can also be a stone that you may want to look up. Now if you like essential oils, I will list my link to my favorite essential oils where they actually have already created a throat chakra blend but one of the good throat chakra oils can be Peppermint. Peppermint can be a really nice oil to help open up your throat chakra.


Others that have been used Lavender. Some people like Chamomile, Eucalyptus, some people prefer Tea Tree. I found that Tea Tree works really great with the solar plexus chakra, but try some oils that work for you. Now, if you are going to apply the oils one, please research the oil to make sure that it will work for you and that there’s no contraindications with any diseases or other medicines that you’re on and it’s always great to seek out an aromatherapist to help you pick this out too. But if you’re gonna apply it on the skin, please make sure that the oil is diluted with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil or something else or what can be really good. What I like to do for the throat chakra is simply diffuse an essential oil in a diffuser with water because I’m breathing it in and breathing it in through my throat chakra which is really, really important.


And finally, the last tip I’ll share with you. Sing, scream, scream into a pillow if you want to. Go outside, tone, this is one of my favorite ways to balance the chakras and you can actually download a free app on your phone and it’s an app where you can actually look to see what tone you’re in and the tone that corresponds to the throat chakra is the note of G. G is in go, and I have actually toned before. Put on this app to see if I’m hitting that note. But honestly, if that’s too much work, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you get it out. Whether you want to scream, laugh, sing, get it out of your throat and out into the energy but I’m gonna say this with the disclaimer of, remember when I say this, this is for your benefit, not that you’re going to go scream at somebody.


This is what you’re doing for yourself to help you. So that means doing this in a room, doing it outside, and you’re not yelling at somebody. You’re doing it for yourself and your benefit. All right, thanks so much for listening to this episode. I will be back next week with a brand new one, but until then, here’s to staying spiritual and ambitious.


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