Medium Myths

Have you ever wondered exactly what Mediums do or don’t do? There are so many titles out there along with media illusions that it can be difficult to understand facts versus fiction. It is always great to be informed when making a decision to connect with a Medium. Here are some common misunderstandings regarding Mediums, mediumship, and connecting to loved ones in Spirit. You may even get some inside tips when choosing your Medium.

Common Myths about Mediums
Myth 1: Mediums only talk to loved ones in Spirit

This is a common myth. Some clients say, “Hey, you can’t tell me about past, present, and future right?” Wrong. Mediums have the ability to connect with Spirit Guides and loved ones in Spirit. They can develop a skill set with Spirit Guides to deliver messages regarding the client’s past, present, future and loved ones in Spirit. Loved ones in Spirit are subjective. They still can have an attachment to their family who are living, so the messages are more their opinion. Spirit Guides can come through and deliver objective messages. This can be helpful regarding future events in relationship, career, etc. The message is always from Spirit with Mediums.

TRUTH: Mediums talk with loved ones in Spirit and Spirit Guides, and they can deliver messages about the past, present, and future.


Myth 2: How do I know if a Medium is connecting with my psyche or a loved one in Spirit?

This may be a question rather than a myth. Mediums connect with your Spirit Guides and receive information from Spirit. That means they do not receive information from you. The technical definition of psychic in Spiritualist belief is connecting “mind to mind.” While all Mediums are psychic, not all psychics are Mediums. Mediums often deliver messages and details that you aren’t even thinking about or may not even know. Sometimes loved ones in Spirit come through in your reading for you to deliver a message to someone else you know. For example: A loved one in Spirit may come through for your neighbor. You deliver the message to your neighbor and he/she understands who the Spirit is and the message. You never knew the deceased person.

TRUTH: Mediums receive messages from Spirit. While they have the ability to connect to your aura or mind, they primarily receive information from Spirit Guides or loved ones.


Myth 3: Mediums can connect with any Spirit with which the client wants to connect.

The loved ones in Spirit the client wants to hear from are able to come through about 80-85% of the time. The times that loved ones aren’t able to come through, a Spirit from the family or a Spirit Guide will come through to deliver a message about the loved one in question. Clients often ask, “Why can’t they come through?” Spirits have different reasons. Sometimes Spirits have to go into a healing state when they transition; sometimes they are involved in a learning, training or class; and sometimes they have other reasons. An honest Medium will tell you if the spirit is coming through or unable to come through.

TRUTH: Mediums can’t force a connection. Spirits choose if they are able to come through or not.


Myth 4: If I get a reading from a Medium, then Spirits will start following me around

Just because you get a reading doesn’t mean Spirits will follow you around. You actually already have Spirits around you all the time. Sometimes when clients get a reading, they shift their awareness of Spirit and become more sensitive to Spirit communication. Perhaps, you didn’t use to pay attention to the bump in the night you heard, assuming it was a pipe shifting in the wall. Now that you have Spirit on your mind, you start thinking of other possibilities for the noise. Shifting your awareness to Spirit increases your openness to the Spirits already prevalent around you, not because you had a reading.

TRUTH: Spirit is already around you. You can become more sensitive to Spirit by shifting your awareness.


Myth 5: Mediums should be able to tell me names and answer detailed questions all the time

All the time are the key words here. It is true that Mediums can receive details and names from Spirit. While loved ones are able to come through, Mediums can’t force what information they receive from them. Most Mediums will get details from Spirit, it just may not be what the client was looking for. Some clients may say something like, “What did my dad use to call me as a nickname?” Well, if the client’s dad in Spirit hasn’t kept all his memories, he may not be able to answer that question. Mediumship is natural and should flow effortlessly. Trying to force or restrict the process by asking boxed in questions will lead to an ineffective reading. Spirits have opportunities to evolve and become lighter. When this happens, some of the old memories and baggage are removed from their energy. These Spirits then keep a few highlights of their life memories. Some Spirits have lots of detail and some just don’t.

TRUTH: Mediums can’t force the message. Spirit determines what flows through.


Myth 6: Mediums should be able to tell me everything. I shouldn’t have to talk with them during the reading

It is true that Mediums can deliver messages from a Spirit to the client. However, if the client can’t place who the Spirit is, it is nice for the Medium to know this. The Medium can ask for more detail from the Spirit or provide additional evidence, so that the client can identify the Spirit. It is also helpful for the Medium to have voice vibration from the client during the reading. Sometimes clients maybe be closed, shy, or private, and the voice vibration opens the channel up more clearly for the Medium. A Medium may ask the client to say, “I understand,” or “I don’t understand.” This is so the Medium understands if Spirit is delivering the message appropriately.

TRUTH: It is helpful for the Medium to know if the client understands the message or not.


Myth 7: If I get a reading from a Medium, it also opens a channel for positive and negative energy.

If you are working with an honest and high quality Medium, then the Medium will only be working with honest and high quality Spirits. Like attracts like in the Law of Attraction. Mediums have a multitude of guides. Some of those guides specialize in protection. Make sure you feel a connection with the Medium and get a good feel of him or her. If you resonate with the Medium, then you most likely will also resonate with the Spirits around them.

TRUTH: Positive, high quality Mediums attract positive, high quality spirits.


Take these tips into consideration the next time you are contemplating receiving a reading from a Medium. You will have more knowledge about the process. Also, if you have sincere questions regarding the process before a reading, feel free to ask the Medium. It is always nice to get a feel for the Medium’s background, and how they conduct a reading.

If you would like to learn more about how to connect with your Loved Ones in Spirit on your own, grab this free pdf guide for “5 Tips to Connect with your Loved Ones in Spirit.” If you would like a little more clarity, you may wish to seek out a professional reading or mentorship.

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