Ep 130: 6 Ways To Get Better Messages From Your Spirit Guides

Mar 20, 2024Podcast

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6 Ways To Get Better Messages From Your Spirit Guides

Do you feel like you struggle to get messages from your Spirit Guides with clarity? Are you constantly feeling like you should be asking them for more detail? If so, here are 6 ways to get better messages from your Guides.

What Your Spirit Guides Say To Do To Get Better Intuitive Messages (0:49)

This goes back to how Spirit communicates. They communicate through energy. So, obviously our energy will be key to receiving the information accurately. It’s not a mental or physical game. With any type of communication, place the focus on where the info will be coming from.

Why You Should Take Your Spirit Guides On A Date (3:12)

Don’t laugh! I’m being totally serious. Think about a blind date. How easy is it to communicate with that person you just met? Usually it’s awkward AF, right. It takes time to build rapport, get used to any uniqueness in their communication style (accent, word choice, cadence, etc). You have to spend time getting to know them before communication becomes fluid and comfortable. Why would we expect a relationship with our Spirit Guides to be that much different?

What To Ask To Get Better Messages From Your Guides (6:54)

To get better messages you have to…. (drum roll, please)…..ask better questions. Just as in human interactive conversation, open ended questions get more detail than questions that dictate short 1-2 word answers. Give Spirit the room to lay out all the guidance they can share.

When Is It OK to Ask Yes/No Questions to Your Spirit Guides? (And When Is It Not) (13:00)

Sometimes you may be asking expansive questions and requesting more detail and all you hear from your Guides is crickets. There are instances where they can’t give us any more info to ensure we remain fully in our free will to decide our path. In cases like this, it may be beneficial to ask yes/no questions. Whitney gives some extremely relatable examples to help you see how this approach can serve you.

Let Your Guides Lead (14:45)

There can not be enough importance placed on clearing our mind and releasing control when it comes to spirit communication. Clearing the energy and space to allow the new information to come in should be the first step you take when you attempt to communicate with your Guides.

Just Do It (19:58)

If your Guides are giving you direction and insight on an action to take (that feels aligned of course), just do it! If you were constantly giving a friend AMAZING advice that they never acted on, wouldn’t you start to feel like you were wasting your breath the next time they asked. Taking the action lets your Guides know you listen and that you are ready and willing for the next step so the guidance will continue to flow.

Here’s to having more amazing and increasingly clear communication with your Spirit Guides and as always, here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious



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To get better messages you have to ask better questions – Whitney McNeill

Spirit messages are not in our face. Spirit shows us their messages more lightly. – Whitney McNeill

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