How To Read The Energy of Numbers

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Welcome to Spiritual and Ambitious. I’m your host Whitney McNeil. I’m a certified medium and spiritual teacher and I help spiritual and ambitious souls just like you live your life purpose through your career and attract abundance by connecting into your intuition and spirit guide. Let’s get spiritual and ambitious. Thanks

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Thanks or listening to another episode of the Spiritual and Ambitious podcast. Today we are talking all about numerology with guest expert Meaghan Alton. She’s a master numerologist and intuitive strategist. She’s an economist turn numerologist, which is so interesting, I can’t wait to talk about that and that gives her the passion about helping others with their intuitive gifts, but being supported in a sustainable business at the same time. Now Meaghan’s unique approach to teaching numerology activates her students to feel the energy of numbers and use the energy for alchemy to transform challenges into opportunities and potential, and I love this because I think so many people can shy away from numbers and Meaghan really puts her unique spin on it, so welcome to the podcast, Meaghan.

Meaghan (01:23):

Oh, thank you so much for having me.

Whitney (01:25):

Yeah, I love that you bring light into numbers and you know, sometimes when we talk about numbers we’re, we kind of splint up and we’re like, oh my gosh, I can’t do it but numerology has always been so fascinating for me. So this is such a important tool and I wanted to ask you for everyone that’s just getting started with numerology, what really is it in your definition?

Meaghan (01:48):

Numerology in my definition is really using the language of numbers to interpret energy, and we have lots of different ways to interpret energy and some of the languages, you know, speak to certain of us in different ways and numbers happens to be one of those things that really, really speaks to me. And I love what you said a minute ago because so many people have this like dislike of numbers that was like put into us at a young age of like, I’m not good at math or I’m not good with numbers and really what I’ve come to understand over the years of working with people who study this is that’s often your soul telling you that you’ve only been sold half the story. That there is so much more available to understanding numbers than we’ve ever been taught.

Whitney (02:31):

Hmm. I really like that whatever you said there, I felt also an energy transmission when you said it, so I was feeling that as well. So tell me a little bit about how you got into numerology. How did it started kind of showing itself to you and and how did Spirit guide you to that?

Meaghan (02:47):

Well, you know, it’s kind of a funny story. I had started my business as an entrepreneur and I had previous discovering numerology. I was like, okay, I’m starting to know and understand things that I don’t know how I know and understand, right? And I’m like, this was my deep dive into like what is intuition? What is energy? Like, what is happening? And so I started my career as an entrepreneur. I had started working as a business coach and at the same time as I was coaching my business clients I was going under this very like personal journey to understand what energy was to me, what my spirituality was, what my intuition was and someone gave me a numerology reading. And honestly that moment like it’s seared in my soul because they said to me, they’re like, you’re really sensitive, aren’t you? And I was like, yeah, you know, like this is something I’ve been working on my whole life and they’re like working on, this is part of your gift.

Meaghan (03:43):

And I was just like full body tingles in that moment of like, oh my God, the thing I thought about me for so long was a problem is my gift, like are you kidding me? And so it just caused me to really go down the path to understand like what do my numbers tell me about who I am and how has that maybe been distorted or misinterpreted just because of social conditioning, right? Just because of how we should show up or how we’re conditioned to show up and what if there was a, a more clear way to look at that and see it as a gift and a strength, and that is what started everything.

Whitney (04:16):

That’s amazing. I love that full body. Oh my gosh, this lightning bolt kind of feeling that comes out. And one of the things you said before, you said this is a different language and I think that’s really gonna speak to so many people. I teach the four intuitive languages and I really feel that we can learn our gifts through different ways, and I love that the concept of numbers being a different language that speaks to us and I think that you make great sense of it and you teach people to do that, which is amazing. Tell me a little bit about how the transition was from being an economist to a numerologist. I mean how did you go through that? I know so many people listening are spiritual and ambitious and they’re either starting their own business want to or already have and sometimes we need that little nudge to just kinda do it.

Meaghan (05:08):

Yes. Oh my gosh. Well this story is kind of funny because I was never one of those people who knew I was intuitive. I didn’t know I had any gifts. I didn’t have any like profound moments as a child, like none of that stuff. As a child I was very interested in business because I had created this belief system in my mind that money equals freedom, and so I wanted to figure out what are all the ways I can understand business, understand money in order to feel more free and that was my mission, right? So I studied business, I got a business degree and then I went on to study economics. I have a master’s degree in economics and my goal was to understand money, understand numbers, understand how the economy worked and that’s what I studied. And I went on to work for the provincial government where I’d work with these massive spreadsheets of data to look at how do the patterns and the numbers predict what’s gonna happen in the economy.

Meaghan (06:00):

And that was my job. I was a forecaster, right? So I’d forecast the economy, the government would base those numbers on to use for their budget, right? And so then I had a child and when I was pregnant, that’s when my intuitive awakening started, right, is was in that pregnancy. And so then I started feeling that push and pull of like my career responsibilities and wanting to be a present mom and not knowing how to navigate all of that. And so then I thought, I’m gonna be self-employed. I’m gonna start my own business so that I can, you know, set my schedule up to honor my daughter and myself, right? And that’s what started it. But I was on this personal journey kind of sidelined. It’s never a sideline, like it’s never a sideline to, to discover my intuition. And so once I, you know, was working with all these different modalities and numerology spoke to me, I would start doing it behind the scenes for my business clients, right?

Meaghan (06:52):

People would come to me for marketing advice or budget advice or business growth, whatever it was and I would like do their numerology behind the scenes and inevitably it would come up in a coaching conversation. You know, they would say, well I’ve been using this strategy and it’s not working for me. And I’m like, well you know, maybe it’s because that’s not your nature. And I would use, you know, what I thought was kind of like palatable terms ‘cuz I wasn’t really like out of the spiritual closet so to speak. And people would be like, what? Oh my gosh, this makes so much sense. How do you know this? And then I, then hat’s when I started saying, well I’m doing your numerology and I’m looking at your code, your energetic makeup, how energy runs through you and how that translates to how you make decisions, how you connect with people, how you build a business, all that kind of stuff.

Meaghan (07:41):

And so then people started saying to me like, teach us how like we want to learn this, like how do you know this? And so then it naturally evolved from being primarily a business coach to being primarily a numerology teacher. And I really love to kind of integrate the two now because from my perspective this is like a selfish why, but I want spiritual entrepreneurs to be profitable because I want you out there doing your work in the world where you feel supported and you don’t need to be stressed about money and you don’t need to have two jobs to make ends meet, and so that’s just kind of how it all sort of came together in the end.

Whitney (08:19):

You know, this is so refreshing because I found this theme with people who are super sensitive or intuitive where they shy away from money, and I loved hearing that you said as a child I knew that money equaled freedom for me and this is what I wanted to do. So this is so refreshing and I’m sure this is part of that mission that you have to help guide others into embracing that profitable part of themselves and I love that you’re doing this through codes. So when you made that jump to your business, how did you know like, okay, I’m doing this full-time, you know, this is where I’m gonna spend my energy. Was there like a knowing that came through, how did it come in for you?

Meaghan (09:00):

Well I kind of feel like the universe orchestrated it for me ‘ cause I was working a corporate, right? I was working a corporate job at the time and I was doing, you know, the 40 hour work week and I was running my coaching practice in my off hours, right, which when you’re a mom to a toddler, there is not a lot of off hours, right? And so I was trying to take clients in the evening and on the weekend and then I was like, this is really eating into family time. This isn’t working for me. And so I asked my boss like, can I take unpaid time off? And the thing that was really frustrating to me is I was able to complete my job in like 60 to 70% of my day. I was filling time just to kind of fill time and my boss knew that and we talked about it and I’m like, give me an unpaid day off a week.

Meaghan (09:45):

I’ll work a four hour work week or a four day work week and on that extra day I’ll run my business, and she was like, no, we can’t do that. And I’m like, okay, like compressed work week, job sharing, like I proposed every possible alternative I could think of and every time it was met with no, no, no, no, no. And I’m so stubborn, right? So I’m like, you can’t tell me no, like you can’t tell me no. So then I was like, forget it, I quit. And I literally felt like I was kind of pushed up against the wall by the universe of like, well what are you gonna do, Meaghan? Do you wanna continue to feel like you can’t put your all into the thing you know is important to you or do you just wanna go all in? And so, I mean, I will add to that that I had been seeing clients on the side for a little while and so I had already been receiving some money and so I felt like, okay, I kind of know what to do and I had this kind of like backup plan of like, worst comes to worst, I can take some contracts and I know that I’m not gonna like go broke, right?

Meaghan (10:40):

And so that really gave me the confidence to lean forward and lean into it. And honestly like I look back and I, I have absolutely no regrets. There’s definitely been times where I’m like, oh wow, I’m not making enough money to make ends meet. This is scary but then to go through those times and go, wow, I still came out the other end and I had some beautiful insights or lessons or whatever and like here I am still standing. It’s been 10 years now since I started this business.

Whitney (11:08):

Mm, very inspiring. I love how the universe orchestrates. Our spirit guide help us, and that’s what I was doing too. I was working this other job and I would work on the weekends and the evenings and I thought at some point, you know, I need this clear sign and I’m really happy that you had that sign. It was almost like I have to make a choice, like it is decision time and you know, spirit can do so much for us, but ultimately it always comes up down to us, right? And we just have to walk the walk, actually do the thing which you’ve done. So if anyone out there listening has already had a reading with me years ago, so I no longer do readings, but what I used to do, Meaghan, at the end of the reading I’d pull some cards and I would also look at their numerology and the cycle that they were in.

Whitney (11:57):

And I found in that moment that it was so validating, like whatever came through from spirit was also validating when I looked at the numerology just in their personal cycle. So I wanted to ask you, could you tell everybody what a personal cycle is for them like in the year and how that shifts and changes? I think that this would really give some people some insight as to what is that, you know, how could I actually use that and maybe talk a little bit about life path too. So I’m gonna hand it off to you, you know more about this than I do.

Meaghan (12:29):

I love it. Thank you. Well I kind of look at numerology as, there’s two aspects, right? There’s the one aspect is me as my personality, this is the energy I was born into and this is like my individual unique code. I will carry it with me my whole life. It does not change. I am who I am, right? However, what I say to people is that energy runs in polarities and bandwidths, right? So you can experience one end of that bandwidth or the other depending on where you’re at life, what challenges are being, you know, put your way, what sole agreements and sole contracts are playing out. And you know, just to use as an example is the part about me being too sensitive. This is one of the shadow traits that I can carry in my code is I can get caught up in this sensitivity which becomes a depletion of my life force energy if I’m not working with it properly.

Meaghan (13:20):

And I had spent my whole life minimizing it and sidestepping it, which resulted in that depletion. And as soon as I was like, you know what, I’m not gonna work with this in that way anymore. I’m gonna claim it as a gift. I’m gonna claim it as a superpower and it’s not always gonna be perfect and it’s not always gonna be pretty, but I’m not gonna allow the shadow trait of that to drain my life force energy anymore. All of a sudden my sensitivity becomes an asset and this is the reason why I do the work I do. People hire me, my courses and readings are in demand, is because they want my sensitivity. And so, you know, even though your personality is fixed and doesn’t change in a sense, you’re working with these bandwidths of energy which you’re gonna be encouraged throughout your lifetime to integrate in order to become the best version of yourself, the most powerful, most potent version of yourself.

Meaghan (14:10):

The purest expression of your natural energy, and so here we are. And then the second piece is that we are moving through patterns and cycles throughout our lifetime. Short patterns and long patterns that are going to put us in various different scenarios that will both challenge us and be triggered in our shadow as well as provide opportunity for us to step into our gifts and our strengths and our assets. And so when you look at like what you were mentioning, oh, like a certain cycle or a certain season that a person’s in, you can identify that band of energy and you can say, well here’s gonna be the shadow that comes up or the challenge that emerges and here’s the opportunity and I can be, you know, unconscious to it or unaware of it and just kind of like fumble along or maybe hopefully I have guides that point the way or have other intuitive languages that will support me.

Meaghan (15:03):

Or I can see it like in black and white on a piece of paper of like, well here’s the challenge, here’s the opportunity. How do you wanna work with it? And this is why I always link it to alchemy because most of us end up experiencing the challenge first and this is because human beings, it’s not always the case, and I wish it was more, you know, less the case but we tend to be motivated to change through challenge. And so in order to strengthen our gifts, we experience that like resistance training of like going through a difficulty because it’s through that difficulty that our muscles and our skills really grow and we become more and more powerful and more and more potent, the more we own our truth.

Whitney (15:45):

Yeah. Oh that’s so powerful. Well I’ve got more questions to ask you about what a personal cycle looks like when you kind of put it on paper, and I have something we haven’t talked about. I wanna get your take on readings as well, when we come back after this really quick break. Alright, thanks for listening and hanging in there with us. I’ve got Meaghan Alton, numerologist, here to talk about how you can utilize numbers in your life and in your business with numerology. So we’ve been talking about personal cycles and yearly cycles and so I wanted to talk about that energy you mentioned where it doesn’t change. So would you say that, is that a life path number? Is that okay, and that is your month and your day and your birth year added up, correct?

Meaghan (16:39):

Yes. So yeah, I tend to call it ruling number, but yes, it’s also known as life path number and it’s literally you take all the digits of your month and your day and your year. You break them apart and you add them all together, right? So I’m February 5th, 1980. So if you were to take all those individual digits and add them up, you actually get 25. And so most of us, you know, unless you’re born after the year 2000, you tend to get a big number and then you would break it down again. So for me, the two plus the five equals a seven, and so I would be a ruling number seven or a life path seven. And I look at when people do this calculation, I would look at the numbers between two and 11. So if you have 11 or smaller then keep it but if it’s bigger than 11, then add it up again.

Whitney (17:20):

Oh that’s so helpful. So each life path or ruling number has their set of challenges and the opportunities. That’s so neat. So you take that and then tell me about how you would access, looking at the energy use for each year, and I, my understanding is you’re adding the new year instead of your birth year, is that right?

Meaghan (17:44):

Yeah, so there’s a few different places you can look. So one of the things that I love about numerology is it’s these patterns upon patterns and cycles upon cycles, kind of like concentric rings of a tree, so I can look very specific and precise. I can look at one day, I can look at a week, I can look at a month, I can look at a year and I can look at these nine year cycles we go through, and I actually layer two numerology systems together. So the one system that we’re talking about right now, yeah, I would look at your month plus your day plus the current year that you’re in, right? So right now we happen to be in 2002, 22. So you would add your month plus your day to 2022, right? And then again you could break it down and that would tell you what stage of this nine year cycle that you happen to be in because this nine year cycle is a manifestation cycle, right? And so you’re gonna be working through the numbers one through nine and each number has sort of a challenge and an opportunity and kind of like a desire or an energetic ask of you, right? And so when you’re working with that energy and you’re kind of swimming in that current, it’s gonna flow you towards whatever it is that you’re desiring to manifest. The other system that I bring in and layer is the system I call alchemy of numbers and it is based on playing in carts. So there’s actually 52 archetypal energies that a person can be born into and those patterns are going to be determined by a very complex formula, but you can look very precisely and very specifically at those opportunity windows and work with them and it’s kind of these layers, right, of like what is available to you?

Whitney (19:23):

Oh is this the cards of destiny or is this something else?

Meaghan (19:26):

It is. That’s one of them.

Whitney (19:27):

I love it.

Meaghan (19:27):

One of the textbooks that I recommend to my students, the guidance that’s been coming through to me around all of this is that this system has been, is so precious and it’s so sacred and it originated in Atlantis. And so it’s this very special system and it was cared for by a brotherhood that had to keep it in hiding for all kinds of different reasons but now that this system is ready to kind of see the light of day again, it’s missing a big chunk of it which is the feminine goddess energy that wasn’t able to stay maintained in it. And so as I’m sharing and developing it in this system, using the resources, you know, like you say the Cards of Destiny and there’s a few other places I look for my resources and integrating that with the channeled messages coming through around what pieces need to be kind of reintegrated that used to be part of the system and then as well as an updated interpretation of the energies because the energies that we’re working with now are very different than the energies that we’re working with when the books were written. You know, when the authors made their own interpretations, and so yeah, that’s kind of my passion right now.

Whitney (20:37):

I love that. That’s so helpful. I have a question about that personal year. So there’s two I think, belief systems. I wanted to ask you what you feel in alignment with. So do you go off a personal year on January 1st or do you go off a personal year on birthday?

Meaghan (20:54):

Birthday. Mm-hmm, I use per se.

Whitney (20:55):

Yeah. Okay. So my birthday is March 29th. So technically if I were to calculate my personal year, I would still use 2022 up until March 29th. Is that right?

Meaghan (21:06):

Absolutely. Yeah. So until your birthday hits then you would switch into the current year, right? And so for people like you, it’s early in the year, it’s kind of easy enough. It does get confusing for some people when their birthdays are like, you know, October, November, December, but at the same time, right, like it’s, it’s, they’re subtle where it’s like, you know, I always tell people like it’s numerology is giving a structure to interpret energy.

Whitney (21:30):


Meaghan (21:31):

So you’re looking to the structure of like the personal year calculation, the really number calculation to give you a foundation where your intuition is gonna start to speak to you, right? So letting yourself trust that as well as leaning into the formula of like, okay, so yeah, my birthday is in November so right now I’m gonna be operating on the 2022 personal year all the way through until November of 2023b which these are kind of finer points that I go into in my training and everything, but it’s helpful to know if you’ve got a baseline of numerology, of you know, numerology guidance, yeah.

Whitney (22:04):

Absolutely. You know, I always felt aligned with that too with the birthday so I love that we’re still on that wavelength. I just wanted to get your opinion because I know you’re working in this all day, every day and you’ve got so much wisdom and knowledge. So can you share with us about the energy of 2023? Tell us a little bit about that.

Meaghan (22:25):

I am so excited about 2023 and I love the timing of this call. It just works out perfectly ‘cuz I spent some time diving into it last night for my own practices. 2023 is a universal seven energy year. Seven energy is so different than what we’ve been dealing with for these last couple of years, particularly like we’ve been at six for 2022. It’s gonna be very, very different. Six has been about a lot of hanging on, right? A lot of kind of hanging on and a lot of like stuff coming up where many of us have been like bracing ourselves against it, right? We’re like, I see the changes or I see some karmic patterns that wanna come up, but I’m afraid I don’t want the boat to be rocked. I don’t want things to get too chaotic. Meanwhile, in our bracing against it, the chaos is expanded, right?

Meaghan (23:15):

And then seven comes in and says like, what are you afraid of? Trust yourself. Go within, find your spiritual guidance system, your inner guidance system and like nothing you think you know is true, so go and explore in the unknown, like how do you create safety in the unknown is you have that strong inner relationship, that strong inner relationship with your spiritual counterparts, with your heart, whatever that is to you and learning to build that sense of trust in there so that we can move in the unknown, we can go and make changes, and next year is gonna be so, like 2023 is gonna be so full of changes and so full of creating new from, you know, what has fallen away. And I think, you know, I’m so excited for the people listening to this podcast for your world, for my world, for all of our worlds, because I’ve started to really understand that 2023 is gonna be the year of the Oracle. So anyone who has any type of flares that they’re working with, any type of ways of communicating with energy with source, this is going to be your superpower in 2023. It’s so needed because if you’re moving in the dark and there’s literally no path to follow, all you have is your ability to interpret the energy.

Whitney (24:29):

Oh my gosh, that’s so powerful. That is really exciting and this leads into what I was getting from Spirit that we wanted to do. I wanted to pull some cards from the Oracle deck, but when I created this deck, I actually put numbers because I really feel like they speak to us. And so what I wanna do is pull a couple cards for everyone listening, but get your interpretation of the numbers that come through. You know, I’m also personally reflecting and in the The Cards of Destiny, I’m a seven of clubs and I’m like, oh my gosh, next year’s gonna be a seven, so it’s gonna be interesting with a life path of a or right really number of a five, so it’s so interesting. By the way, I have your mug that talks about the life path of five and I love it.

Meaghan (25:15):

Oh yeah!

Whitney (25:15):

Yeah, I love that. So let’s put some cards for everyone and see what comes up for 2023. And if you’re listening to this, no matter when it is, this message is for you. So the first card I have here, Meaghan, is the card of the butterfly and this is breakthrough your limits and it’s got the number three, so anything come up for you on that with the numerology?

Meaghan (25:42):

Well, three is all about creativity and I love the idea of breakthrough your limits because three is about creativity, it’s amplification and one of the themes that’s come up very recently is this idea of illusions crumbling, and that part of being in the crumbling is uncomfortable, like that chaos is uncomfortable, but it is in chaos that we create. And that is such a beautiful butterfly analogy, right, of like the cocoon and then emerging into a butterfly. And three being creation, amplification, like what you put your heart into, what you put your energy into is going to grow into expanded, into amplify and that’s how we create. So I think that’s such a beautiful and timely message for this. This time we’re gonna be creating in the Unknown.

Whitney (26:29):

I love it. So I’ve got another card. It is choice. So the card is choice, it’s decision time, the choice is yours. It comes with a number 50. So what do you feel from that number?

Meaghan (26:41):

Well, so 50 we would break it down to be a five, and five is right in the middle of the manifestation cycle and five gives us an opportunity to continue on with the status quo or to say, I’m not gonna be held in the limits and in the boxes of my past, I’m going to let myself evolve. I’m gonna let myself try something different. I’m gonna let myself make mistakes and f*ck things up and do it right and do it wrong and not be hard on myself. I’m gonna experiment and play and just see what could happen. And I think I love it with the two doors because to me it’s like you can look at the two doors as like, oh, well you have a choice, stuck in the past or go in the future. But you can also look at it as like, I’m gonna choose the door where there is no such thing as wrong. I’m gonna choose the door where there’s no way of me to fail, like I’m gonna choose the door where every mistake I make is getting me closer and closer to exactly what I want anyways, and so I think that’s like a paradigm shift of what we believe reality to be.

Whitney (27:45):

Mm, I love it. What’s interesting is you were talking about the past and this last card is Past Lives card. So it’s talking about complete your unfinished business, but it comes with a number 39. So tell me a little bit about that. Is that the same as the three?

Meaghan (28:00):

Definitely. And I think, well with past lives it always brings to mind karma and soul agreements that we have, right? And so that is very relevant because leaving a six energy year, we’re clearing a lot of karma and so a lot of stuff that we carried with us to make sense of, it’s now time to either like let it go, release it, or allow it to be transmuted into something different. And then when you look at the three and the nine, I think you know, particularly with the nine together, it’s like, ’cause the shadow side of creativity is anxiety, right? So if you, so three being creative, if you have stuck creative energy, it will manifest as depression, anxiety, worry. It’s that feeling of anxiousness in your body that wants to be let out in a creative outlet. And so the three and the nine, the nine is gonna mirror it back of like, okay, like were are you not honoring, where you’ve maybe got some stuck energy that it’s not wrong. It’s not bad. It’s asking you to be creative, to let yourself live a little lighter to, you know, and I don’t wanna minimize people with challenges around that, but I also wanna invite in that feeling stuck, anxious, worried, or overwhelmed is not a problem, it’s an invitation and there’s an opportunity embedded in it if we’re willing to kind of look at, well, what’s triggering that feeling of overwhelm or stuckness or anxiety.

Whitney (29:29):

Hmm, so beautiful. I love this collaboration here is so fun and this also gives everyone a different way to look at numbers when they’re seeing cards too, so thank you for that. So I’m pretty sure we know how spiritual and ambitious shows up for you in your business and I know that you have a free mini course. Everyone listening, Meaghan is gifting this Free Soul Codes course and you can find it at messengerofspirit.com/numerology but Meaghan, can you tell them a little bit more about that?

Meaghan (29:58):

Yeah, so the Magnetic Soul Codes course, it’s a three part series that you can watch that really will help you understand what your ruling number is. I show the formula and I show the definitions of the various different ruling numbers so you can calculate it for your loved ones or your friends or whoever you want. But more than that, because I always think of numerology, it’s not putting us in a box the way it can sometimes be perceived. The way I look at it is these windows of opportunity of energy and how we play with that energy and how we actually have the ability to use numbers to create transmutation, to create alchemy if we so choose. And so I create a practice and share that practice in that course that invites us to look at some of the challenges in our life and what opportunity is going to be birthed through the processing of that challenge and so you can use it very powerfully and potently.

Whitney (30:48):

That’s so wonderful. So yeah, messengerofspirit.com/numerology. This course is so, so helpful, and thank you so much Meaghan for being here. Is there any last message that you feel like you wanna share?

Meaghan (31:00):

Oh, I think, you know, at the end of the day, so many of us, you know, I know for me anyways, years ago I used to think like this was the sideline. I kind of mentioned that like I’m focusing on this and this is the sort of sideline or whatever. And what I’ve come to really understand through my own work and my client’s work over the years is like this work creates magnetism. This work creates a potency of life force energy and power within you that makes you undeniable for yourself first and foremost, and then with whatever you choose to do with that from there. And so I think if you’re feeling called to explore that path within yourself of reclaiming that energy that is your birth right, please do, like it is so needed and I am like cheering you on and celebrating you knowing that you are like even taking a little step towards that.

Whitney (31:49):

Hmm. So wonderful. Well, thank you so much, Meaghan. I’m going to put all of Megan’s contact info right in the show notes, and I really hope that you reach out to her because this is such powerful work. So again, thank you so much for being here.

Meaghan (32:04):

Thank you so much for having me. I love our conversations, Whitney.

Whitney (32:07):

Me too. All right, that’s been another episode of Spiritual and Ambitious. I’ll be back next week with a brand new one, but until then, I hope that you still stay spiritual and ambitious and connect in with your numerology. All right, I’ll see you next week.

Whitney (32:23):

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Transcript: How To Read The Energy of Numbers with Meaghan Alton

Feb 2, 2023