Ep 78: 5 Best Questions To Ask Your Spirit Guides

May 24, 2023Podcast

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5 Best Questions To Ask Your Spirit Guides

Have you ever wondered exactly what you should be saying and what type of questions you should be asking when you communicate with your Spirit Guides? I believe we all should be asking better questions. In this episode I’ll share my absolute best questions to ask your Guides, and I bet they are not what you think.

Ask Better Questions? (1:08)

Better questions lead to better answers. Knowing the “what” to do and not the “why” you need to do it is only half the information you need. Guides most likely will not give yes or no answers, but rather lead you to a conclusion for yourself.

The Questions Your Guides Don’t Think Are Important & the Better Alternative (3:20)

When people first start communicating with their Guides they want them to identify themselves. But most have no interest in that earthly type of identity and would rather just be noted by their energy signature. Identifying Guides in their preferred method will only serve a strong relationship with them.

The Part You Play In Better Questions (7:48)

Developing your intuition and building a relationship with your Guides is crucial to knowing the right questions to give them and in being able to receive their guidance clearly. The two of you will be on the same page consistently.

Receiving Direction vs Guidance (11:19)

Our guides will not dictate to us with a yes or no answer. A better question would be to ask for guidance on the next step.. Answers to this question are opinion and guidance from Spirit, but you still have authority to follow it or not.

The Better Question At Decision Time (13:35)

When we are trying to make a decision we absolutely want to know not only the answer but the reasoning behind our Spirit Guides’ answer as well. Listen as I share how you can communicate to receive that reasoning.

The Best Question to End With (15:53)

My last best question advice is to confirm your understanding matches with your intentions for the question. We always want the guidance we receive and act upon to be for our highest and best

I hope some of these recommendations will help you elevate the time you spend communicating with your Guides. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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What is important is that you have Guides all around you that are willing and able to help you.- Whitney McNeill

Asking about the energy around a situation helps you make a more informed decision – Whitney McNeill

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