5 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of an Intuitive’s Life

May 15, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Have you ever wondered what life looks like after you’ve developed your Intuition? Well…we are getting a little bit personal here. I’m revealing some behind-the-scenes secrets of my life, so that they may help you! This episode is a little less professional, and a little bit more vulnerable than I’m comfortable with.

I know that you are Intuitive. You just are. Maybe you feel like you haven’t fully developed it. I’ve got news for ya… we are constantly evolving, growing, and learning, and everyone (even me) has an ongoing developing of their Intuitive side.

Sometimes we are fearful of developing our Intuition because we aren’t sure what it will look like, but I will continue THAT conversation in a FB live. Today, I’m giving you some secrets of what I do in my life, and what it looks like. These tips might give you some clarity on what an Intuitive lifestyle needs to flourish.

I won’t give it all away, but here are some hints of what I cover in the video:

Secret #1 – Do we need to meditate?

Secret #2 – How do we receive guidance for ourselves?

Secret #3 – How do we even get a chance to think?

Secret #4 – What does your schedule look like? Are you a planning kinda person?

Secret #5 – Do we have to go all Marie Kondo?


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See ya there, you oh-so Intuitive person.

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