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Align Your Purpose In The Akashic Records

Whitney (00:00):

Welcome to Spiritual and Ambitious. I’m your host, Whitney McNeil. I’m a certified medium and spiritual teacher, and I help spiritual and ambitious souls just like you live your life purpose through your career, and attract abundance by connecting into your intuition and spirit guide. Let’s get spiritual and ambitious.

Whitney (00:31):

Welcome to this episode of a Spiritual and Ambitious podcast. I am really excited today. You’re in for a treat. I have my friend and colleague, Candice Hozza here. Candice is a spiritual strategist and business intuitive and her mission in this life is to give back to others with her gift of intuition and to be able to be the voice that lives inside of others. Today we’re gonna be diving into your mission and alignment in the Akashic records. We’re gonna go deep into those ingredients and how they can create transformation in your life and in your business. And oh my goodness, it looks like Candice has also spent 5,000 hours in the Akashic records with over 700 business owners. I can’t wait to talk to you, so welcome Candice to the podcast.

Candice (01:22):

Thank you. Thank you so much, Whitney, for having me on your podcast. It just means so much, and hello to everyone out there.

Whitney (01:29):

I am so happy that we got connected. We kind of got connected in a weird way. It was your name was like everywhere for a little while for me and I thought that I had met you before and then it was so interesting because I actually met your friend and I could just pick up your energy I guess, and so finally we got introduced and that was a wonderful connection, so I’m so glad that we’ve been in contact and have just talked about so many things And you’re here, I know, to talk about the Akashic records. So tell me a little bit about how you got started and what the Akashic records really are.

Candice (02:08):

So I’ll tell you a little how how I got started and then I’ll answer the next question as well. So how I got started with the Akashic records is I was working at a university. I wasn’t happy in my relationship. I wasn’t happy in my body, I wasn’t happy with the money I was making. I didn’t feel aligned anymore with the university. There was something happening and I kept hearing a voice and it kept saying, calling all spiritual leaders and I was like, get outta here. Stop playing with me. I’m not gonna do this. I’m my master’s degree, I work at a university, I live in a conservative area. You know, like that conversation that.

Whitney (02:46):


Candice (02:46):

Maybe some of you have had and so

Whitney (02:49):

I’m raising my hand, yes.

Candice (02:51):

And it’s like, no, I’m not doing that. Sorry. Thank you very much. And then eventually I said, look, if you can give me my re-, a retirement and a my medical insurance, I’ll retire. Well that happened. I ended up getting cancer and then I actually got my medical insurance and my retirement, but I didn’t wanna spend it yet because I was young. And so I was like, well this, I forgot to ask the universe for a specific amount. So please make sure if you ask that request, tell them how much you wanna make. The gift ended up happening that I had been enjoying the Akashic records through the process of not being happy with a whole bunch of things in my life and it felt very overwhelming for me, and there was this magical healing component in the Akashic records and that’s what started the transition in my life.

Whitney (03:47):

Hmm. Tell me about that magic. I wanna know about this magical healing moment, like can you share about that?

Candice (03:52):

Yeah. So you know, I’ve always been intuitive, you know, I always saw things, heard things, felt this unique spiritual connection, understood things before they happened and was embarrassed about it. And so during the Akashic records, like during this healing, she’d say, do I have permission to open the records? Well, I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to, so I was opening them. I thought that was the routine, and so I was opening them and I could see more and I start connecting with more and finally the person reading my records, she’s like, well, what do you mean you see this? And I said, well, I opened the records with you and I see this and she started laughing and she says, I think you’d be really easy to train. So I signed up for her training ‘cuz I wanted to read my own records. Well then she had a training to read other people’s records. I’m like, well I’m not doing that but the magic of the transition, like things started to happen and move in my life. I was stuck. I was stuck in a career I didn’t like. I was stuck in a marriage I didn’t like, I was stuck in a body I didn’t like, well I was grateful for my body, but I was, I didn’t like all the components that were happening so that’s what happened. That’s where the magic was at for me.

Whitney (05:07):

Hmm, I love that. So what do you feel like the Akashic records really are? Like what do you, how do you describe them?

Candice (05:14):

Well, so many people say they’re these books, right? So I started to create this image of a book. But the truth of the matter is, I think why they call them the books is for me, they feel like more like a database. I literally feel like I’m plugging into a resource that is absolutely infinite. So it’s an infinite space of truth, wisdom, and love. It’s also a space of infinite possibility and that’s why it is so beautifully married with heart-centered business entrepreneurs, sacred creators, spiritually practicing type people. That’s why this works so well because it’s almost like a beautiful married partnership, so to speak.

Whitney (05:58):

So when you’re in the records, like what exists there and what kind of information is there for people to receive?

Candice (06:07):

Wow, when you say that I literally, my nose started to get like I wanted to cry and I wanted to cry, not because I’m sad, but when I go in there it’s intimate like when I’m connected to that person. It feels so intimate. It feels so expansive, there’s no past, present and future. It feels like one thing. It feels like everything is within one. And when people ask questions, and I teach how to ask the highest and best questions for the highest and best insight, I see the highest probabilities of outcomes, the left side and the right side and why the left side and why the right side? So I’ll see the person, like if it’s a lawyer, or a business decision, or somebody that you’re hiring into your business, I can see if it will work out and why so I give you that information and then to me that’s empowering. So why I didn’t wanna read the Akashic records is because I felt like it was disempowering to be like the empowering Oz, and so I didn’t like that except when I found that healing component, then I’m like, oh, winner, winner chicken dinner or Boca Burger, whichever is your thing so I was like, yes, yes, yes and so that’s what how I fell in love with them and that’s why I started to do it.

Whitney (07:24):

Now you said left side and right side. Can you tell me a little bit more about what that means?

Candice (07:29):

Sure, like the highest probabilities, the going left.

Whitney (07:32):


Candice (07:32):

So when somebody asks a question, like for example, you might come to me, a client, I ask for permission to open your records and then they’ll say, Candy, I wanna change my programs from individual reading to group programs. Will that serve my clients the highest and best and why? Okay, that’s a question. See how distinct it is. So I go into their database and it’s not me, I’m a channeler. So I call it a Google search for your soul. I’m the voice of Siri. That’s my only role. So I’m plugging into your energy. I can only read your energy, your database. And so when we go into it, it’ll say like for example, you know, what would support you is because your energy is gonna be more in alignment with doing less individual readings and more group work, you’re actually gonna show up higher and better so that’s one way that it supports you. Now the other thing is it may support your revenue achievement with a group program because you can add, right? And so they talk about each individual thing and they break it out for you.

Whitney (08:34):

Hmm, I like that. Yeah, it’s interesting, whenever I’ve asked my spirit guides for messages, one of the questions that I’ve learned to ask is, what’s the energy around this decision or what’s the energy around this option? I like how you said you teach how to ask questions that will get you really the answers that you need to hear in that moment versus the yeses or into the nos ‘cuz everything is a probability. It’s interesting, I even have a spirit guide that will give percentages, like percentages of the outcome. It’s so wild, right? It’s really interesting. So the Akashic records, I’ve heard some people talk about these are the records from every lifetime that you’ve ever had. Is that what you feel too?

Candice (09:23):

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, this goes into past lives. So where I see a lot of blocks in business owners is in past lives. Now think about the uniqueness of this. There’s about nine parameters in the Akashic records that you heal from. And so one is past lives, one is vows, one are implants, hooks, entities, all the things that can kind of get us stuck, energy cords from past relationships. Sometimes you have some energy still coming in from a past relationship, especially if it’s zip in intimate. You’re sharing certain spaces of your body and that really can lock things in. So what I see when things release is when I go into past lives, if you’ve taken a valve of poverty and you’re a business owner, can you see why there might be a challenge or if you’re in a relationship and you were having sexual problems, say for instance, with your relationship, but you took a vow of chastity in another lifetime and that’s coming over in this lifetime. There’s incongruency for what feels right for you.

Whitney (10:24):

Hmm. I can’t wait to get into that. I definitely wanna dive a bit deeper in there too. But before we get there, I do wanna ask you, you talked about the healing that you had. I wanna ask you, how have you seen the Akashic records show up and help you in your business?

Candice (10:44):

The Akashic records were probably the last thing I ever thought business owners would want or need to be honest. And so I was gonna be a relationship coach, which I think I would’ve really sucked at that to be honest, >, because that’s probably still not my highest and best suit in life yet. But what, who started to ask and knock on my door we’re the business owners and I started to understand why Whitney. It’s because when we have literally a mission, it lives in our heart, but we work on it with what our heads and so we get stuck in our heads with these 35,000 decisions that we naturally are making in our business in life every day.

Whitney (11:27):

Wow, that’s a lot.

Candice (11:29):

Yeah, and when you’re stuck in one thing in your business, if you’re doing a launch and you can’t decide what you wanna do for your launch, everybody stops. The whole crew says E, like it’s a big squeak. And so we can’t have big squeaks in our business ‘cuz those squeaks equal revenue loss and that’s what I started to see. And so the people that were coming to me, like, I can remember this one woman, she was making $35,000 a month in a business that had brick, some brick and mortar. So when I say this amount, you’re thinking, well that’s a lot of money. What’s the problem? Can I please have that? But she wanted to make more, right? And so she’s now making $125,000 a month on a regular basis. I’ve been chant, like watching her income because I wanna look at this like why is that increasing?

Candice (12:16):

And she said, because I’m making easier decisions because I have your support. So I bring my decisions to the Akashic records. We go through, boom, boom, boom, this way, this way, that way, that way. Sometimes she’ll have like 30 things that we talk about and we get through. And so that’s why I think it’s a really good support because it’s our hearts that are in our businesses, not our heads. We have to use them. But getting back into that heart space, that’s where the energy or the juice I believe of our business lives and that’s all part of our database.

Whitney (12:47):

I love how you spelled that out. I feel that too. I feel we get so lost in our heads and we will sit there and think about why I should do this or I should do that and we kind of forget about why we’re doing it in the first place in a way, and if we can just get back into that energy and feel into it and really, I think this is a great tool. This is so great because so many people do think in business, I’m going to do this and I’m gonna do that and they forget to use their intuition or they forget that they have these tools which are really, really great. And I do want to talk about the four core blocks that hold businesses back or business owners back. But one thing I wanna ask before we get into that is what do you see is a consistent theme that comes up in the Akashic records for most people? What’s like a consistent theme that you’re seeing that people need to work on right now?

Candice (13:45):


Whitney (13:47):

Mm. Yeah.

Candice (13:48):

Everything seems to boil down to that. After we release the blocks are holding us back, the next thing is our identity, like who are we? Are we a million dollar business owner? Are we a $500,000 business owner? When you start these businesses, being able to see yourself as a money maker when maybe you haven’t been, I think is one of the challenges. And you sent this the other day, you were on my podcast and you send this with reading intuition and I never thought about it for reading intuition. Self-Love and an attachment of loving yourself more is also a way to get a deeper connection with intuition. I never thought about it like that, but when I see people coming in business, their identity, their new identity, because our world has changed no matter how we wanna look at it. And I, I like to be very positive, but that pandoodle kind of created some different things.

Candice (14:48):

And I say pandoodle for a reason not to be silly or to be rated. I understand there were lives lost during this, but the energy is so strong with the other word. I like to try to diffuse it a bit. So that’s why I say the pandoodle changed our identity, and so it changed the identity of our offers and our business. And so what I had to do or what I made a decision to do is was to devise a six step process to help with our identity so that’s what I think people need right now, more self-love and more of an understanding of who we really are now and who our businesses are.

Whitney (15:25):

Yeah, it’s so interesting that we can fall outta self-love and I don’t even really know why we do it. I’m sure you do. I think we get lost in all these things that maybe aren’t in alignment or we focus too much on the external and forget.

Candice (15:43):

I can tell you what’s happening because this is a, you know, it’s in my book. We create a BS story and it’s a belief system story and it’s a BS story. It’s not the truth, right? It’s like, here is the truth. Here’s what I do see in the Akashic record. So I’m gonna use my hands and I’m gonna walk you guys through what I’m doing. So our businesses and who we are are vibrational beings, right? So I’m making my hands go across like a little wave in front of a zoom room. And so like it’s up to about where my forehead is. This is where our businesses live. Our businesses have an energy field and a voice and that space above us is the highest and best, our highest achievements, the highest aligned clients. That’s what our business wants because it doesn’t have a BS story. It came here with you that you’re coded for a mission, that’s your quantum leap blueprint of wealth but here’s what happens. Here’s us and I’m going about where my chin is at and so in between, I never realized this is our head but really that’s where the four core blocks live and so our BS story is what’s holding our back ourselves back. And those four core blocks are the four things I’ve seen in over 700 businesses, 22 different countries, 5,000 hours of rating. There’s four core blocks.

Whitney (17:12):

Let’s dive into that when I come back. So we’re gonna take a real quick break. So everyone listening, stay with us. We’re gonna talk about the four core blocks and what business owners really need to know the most right now so we’ll be back really quick.

Whitney (17:29):

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Whitney (18:34):

All right, thanks for hanging in there. We are back with Candace Hozza and we are talking about the Akashic records and she’s getting ready to tell us the four core blocks that are holding our businesses and ourselves back right now so can you go into that, please? We all wanna know

Candice (18:53):

So I was writing this book called Align Your Business, and the person that was, my ghost writer said, well, what are the four things that are holding people back? And I’m like, well, I don’t know, and then I start thinking about it. And yes, I did know and how many times do we say that in our lies when it’s really not the truth? So here’s what the four core blocks are. The number one block is, this isn’t really necessarily in order, but it’s a birthing block. So if you can imagine that when we’re creating something in our businesses or in our lives, like a new job or you know, a new program or new offering, imagine ourselves as a perfectly formed pink rose. Now nobody tells a pink rose how to form, right? You don’t go out or turn a switch on and say, okay, it’s rose blooming time, let’s push the button.

Candice (19:41):

It’s coded and so are we with our mission. And so when we’re birthing something and something is going slow, all that it means is not all of the parts are together yet. How that shows up is you’ve placed a request to the universe, I want a new relationship, I want a new business, I want a new program, and all these little pieces have to come together and that takes some time and so patience for this block is needed. That’s the solution. The second block is the personal energy block and that’s when we’re moving along in our businesses, like we’re achieving, we’re growing, we’re making money, and we’re freaking exhausted and we’re burnout. And so that block is when we kind of meet up against a hard wall with ourselves and have to make some decisions. We also might be having some health challenges or, like you were talking about, we don’t even go to the bathroom from client to client. It’s like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, right?

Whitney (20:40):


Candice (20:41):

And so then there’s, that’s the personal energy block. There’s a past life block and I see this, this quite a lot. I’ve actually created a block release just so people can have this because I can’t meet with all the clients, but the past life block is in one of those nine components I was talking about earlier. It could be in a past valve that we took. It could be in our genes, in our DNA. It could be in our grandparents transgenerational DNA, right? It could be energy blocks with other energy cords that we’ve had so that’s another block. How that shows up is that your blindside. It’s like, I’ve had all this healing, all this, this, and I’ve been through every program. I know usually a past life block, that’s where the challenge is. The final one is the identity block. And how I realized that we had a block is by looking at the business owners and some of the challenges that they’ve been having with the identity of their business. Something has changed dramatically. And so then I created a six step process to get back into alignment and that’s how, that’s how the whole thing started.

Whitney (21:52):

Hmm, that’s so good. With four core blocks, how can you figure out which one you have? Do you have any thoughts around that?

Candice (22:03):

Oh yeah. And it’s in the book.

Whitney (22:05):

Your book is amazing by the way, and I, I need to get that link. So we’re, we’re gonna link to that in the show notes. Trust me, anyone listening, you have to read her book. It’s so amazing and the stories are so great so we’ll definitely do that for sure. But any thoughts that you can just share here to give a little inkling like, Ooh, I think I have this block.

Candice (22:27):

So the birthing block is you feel stuck. You can’t get that content out, you can’t find that next relationship that you’ve been looking for. You feel stuck.

Whitney (22:36):


Candice (22:37):

The personal energy block is you feel exhausted and tired and you need to make some sort of a change. You might be overdoing things in your business. A past life block is your blindside. How that shows up is you repeat these patterns and you’re so frustrated because you get so far and then like this self saboteur pops in. Why is that? There’s something in your energy field that’s in the past life block. And the final thing, how the identity shows up is you had a great business, you had a great program, you knew who you were, and then you got on a podcast and somebody said, who are you and you sat there and went, um. What do you offer? Um. Because things aren’t settling well with people again. And you’re like, I used to offer these programs and sell this like a hot cake and now all of a sudden I can’t sell anything, so something’s going wrong usually with finances. You’re having repeat patterns with finances, like not getting to that next level so that’s what I see.

Whitney (23:36):

Oh, that’s great. So I do wanna talk about how do you work with people in helping release these blocks.

Candice (23:45):

So I have a program called Align Your Business with The Totally Woo. And so twice a month, we call them Woo Wednesdays and Woo stands for Windows of Opportunity. During those times, you can come in to the program and we release the blocks that are holding you back. You’re allowed to ask questions to help with the alignment process and then we do an energy attunement. That’s one way I do it. And then the second way is I actually have in my program, anytime you would feel a block that you can come into the program twice a month, say you just are feeling it. It’s a weekend and you’re like, I don’t want this block. I also have a recording so they can also learn about how to release.

Whitney (24:30):

Thank you. So I’ve been in your Woo Wednesdays and I talked about this on your podcast which I’m gonna link our conversation to your podcast of the show notes too but I wanted to just kind of tell this story again to everybody. I was like, I’m gonna go in here, I’m gonna ask this question. And the way that Candace has it set up is that her assistant kind of feeds the question to her so she has no idea who’s asked what. So I asked a question to her assistant so Candace had no idea that it was from me. And I had asked a question prior to this to my guides, and my guides gave me nothing. It was like, crickets, just chirping. Nothing. You don’t need to know right now. Nothing. So when you tuned into my question again that you had no idea, I asked, you also said your guides don’t want you to know right now.

Whitney (25:26):

So I was on the other end of Zoom being like, what? Just tell her, just tell her what it is. So it’s so funny because sometimes we reject our own guidance, but I love coming to those Woo Wednesdays. I’m glad I got to be part of that because it was a great validation, but also you gave me some more insight too on how to release a block that I was having. It was basically like, you’re blocked right now. This is what you need to do and I wrote it all down on my sticky note and I thought, okay, I still have, you know, some insight as to how I can release the block to then get my answer, which was really, really helpful so thank you for that. I highly recommend everyone to check that out. But I also wanted to ask you too, what do you feel like most business owners need to know right now, like a message either channeled or from the Akashic records?

Candice (26:22):

Yeah. Well, so I’m just gonna close my eyes. If you take a deep breath in with me, Whitney. I’m gonna actually open the records and I’m gonna open it for the energy of your podcast. Can you state the name of your podcast so that the energy of the Akashic records is aligned?

Whitney (26:37):

Sure. Spiritual and Ambitious with Whitney McNeil.

Candice (26:42):

Hmm hmm. I love that. So the very first thing that they’re showing me is people, there’s arrows and they’re pointing this way, that way left and right and so there’s a lot of confusion and direction is what I’m seeing right now. Like, where should we be going in direction in our business? Should we, you know, people are starting to feel free right now, but then what’s gonna happen in winter? Should we have that, you know, live event? Should we be going more virtual? Should we be speaking and planning that? And so I see businesses are a little bit stuck in left and right directions, and that’s what they’re showing me right now. Where should we go right now? What decisions should we make that can help support my business? Okay, so the second thing that they’re showing me is, aw, this is kind of a tender to my heart.

Candice (27:32):

They’re showing me children. They’re saying, if you have a child, please be paying attention to your children because we came into this as stable adults. They’re still learning and growing in a world that’s probably been the most uncertain a very long time so they’re just showing me small children. So I understand what they’re saying is, watch your children right now. They’re in need of a lot of emotional support. If you feel you can’t give it to them, seek the help of professionals. This is a reading from the Akashic records. This is not my information. I wanna make that really clear. They’re showing me a third thing. Transportation. I don’t understand why they’re showing me this. Oh, I kind of understand. I think they’re trying to be very gentle about travel with us, meaning, you know, people have gotten used to sitting a little more, I don’t wanna say at home, but in their environments and I understand now. Thank you, guides. What they’re showing me is what do we really need next? Like, what do we really need? What do we really want next? And start asking some things to the universe. Do we need more support? Do we need more money? Do we need more fuel? Do we need more understanding of our environment? What are the needs that we have right now? That’s what the guidance is coming in. The last thing that they’re saying is love, love, love. All we need is love. That is not a song, but it is a song, but it is a message for each and every one of us that love is spirit, love is abundant, and love is the highest vibration that there is. Please love each other right now. Everybody needs more love and the message is closed.

Whitney (29:21):

Thank you so much, spirit. Yeah, thank you so much for that. So everyone listening, Candace just opened up a message for you. So if you’re listening to this podcast, no matter what time it is, whether it’s three years from now or the day that it’s released, know that that message is what you need to hear right then and right there. I also wanted to just point out for everyone listening, so Candace, I love how you said. I don’t understand what you’re showing me and then your spirit guides will say, oh wait, here it is. Here’s the message. I share this inside of my programs where sometimes when we don’t understand what a symbol means, let’s wait for more information. This is a perfect example that I know you do this on a consistent basis, but for everyone listening who’s just getting started with your intuition or you’re in one of my programs and you’re just learning that lesson of your spirit symbols, know that more information will come, all you have to do is ask so that was a great moment to share. Thank you so much for that touching message. That’s all what you need to do. I think is that love too, right? Like that love message is so very important. So I do wanna ask you, how does being spiritual and ambitious show up in your life since you’re on the spiritual and ambitious podcast?

Candice (30:37):

So for me, in my life I, I call myself a spiritual strategist and a business intuitive. And I do that for a reason because here’s what I find that’s a bit of a challenge for spiritual leaders. I’m gonna spit it out here. I promise. One of the things is sometimes we’re not as grounded as other people, right? And so that’s why I believe we need both spirit and strategy in order to have a successful spiritual business and that’s why I called myself a spiritual strategist because I believe in strategy, worked at a university for a whole bunch of years. There was a whole bunch of strategy. My background is in NLP, neuro linguistic programming. There’s strategy around that so I didn’t wanna leave that part of myself off of my identity when I stepped into a spiritual business and so I think that that blend is what ended up having me go into the world and do the alignment piece.

Candice (31:35):

So, you know, that’s how it showed up. I never thought I would be here. I never thought I would write. I always knew I’d write a book. I just didn’t know how it would come into fruition. So it all came in. Sometimes if you don’t know the how, just do it. Do what you need to do. You’re not always gonna figure out the how. I’m in the middle of figuring out a how with a couple programs right now, and I don’t really know all of it. It’s okay. Take one step, take the next step, one foot in front of the other. That’s all we get, right? We get one, one moment at a time.

Whitney (32:12):

One moment. I always like to say, you know, if you can’t see the vision, just take that next step, that next bread crown, just that one thing to get to that place. So how can someone get started working with you? I know we’ve talked about some of your programs. What is that next step to working with you?

Candice (32:33):

So what I do is I invite people into what’s called your superpower so we all have superpowers. So Whitney has the four intuitive business languages. Am I saying that right?

Whitney (32:45):

Four intuitive languages.

Candice (32:46):

Yeah, the four intuitive languages and I have something that’s a superpower quiz. So what you get with the superpower quiz is you learn about what your mode of intuition is, how accessing it’s already showing up in your life, how to optimize your mode of intuition, how to serve others with it, what to do when you are challenged and how to get unstuck and so this is a free superpower quiz. It’s www.candacehozza.com/superpower. And we’ll put that in the notes, I guess, right?

Whitney (33:19):

Yes, we totally will. Awesome. Is there any other last piece of advice that you would like to leave our listeners with?

Candice (33:27):

Yes. I’ve been noticing a calling lately. So some business owners are coming to me to want to learn something different, like Whitney teaches this intuition. Do you notice that people are coming to you like from walks of life that you would never think because they’re starting to be called to their intuitive language? If you’re listening to this and you’re feeling called, I didn’t wanna do it. Whitney was sitting here saying she didn’t wanna do it. But if you’re being called, why are you being called? You’re not called to something that they don’t need you for. Please step in and step up because you were born for this. You might not know it today, but if you’re listening to this, you may be born for it, so seek it out and learn.

Whitney (34:10):

Hmm, that’s a really great message. Well, thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate this.

Candice (34:15):

Thank you for having me. This has been wonderful. Thank you to all of you listening.

Whitney (34:22):

All right. So thank you all for listening and joining in and please check out Candace’s book. It really is amazing. I’ve read it and the stories are so powerful, and you’re also gonna wanna check out her superpower quiz at candacehozza.com/superpower. We will link to all of these things in the show notes and how to find her, where to find her and thank you again for listening. I will see you in the next episode. But until then, here’s to staying spiritual and ambitious.

Whitney (34:51):

Thanks so much for listening to this episode. And if you loved it, would you please share it with a friend? I would also love your review and a reminder to subscribe so you never miss an episode. You can find me at messengerofspirit.com, and you can take the four intuitive languages quiz and find show notes there too. If you wanna connect on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, you can find me @messengerofspirit. If you wanna continue the conversation, join my free Facebook group at messengerofspirit.com/group. I’ll meet you right here next week. Here’s to staying spiritual and ambitious.

Speaker 3 (35:36):

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Transcript: Align Your Purpose In The Akashic Records with Candace Hozza

Feb 13, 2023