Transcript: How to Know if It’s Your Intuition or Your Mind Making It Up

May 9, 2023


How to Know if It’s Your Intuition or Your Mind Making It Up

Whitney (00:00):

I know you’ve asked yourself at some point, mm, did I just make that up or was it my intuition? Well, that’s what we’re gonna talk about inside of this episode. Stay tuned.


Welcome to Spiritual and Ambitious. I’m your host, Whitney McNeil. I’m a certified medium and spiritual teacher, and I help spiritual and ambitious souls just like you live your life purpose through your career and attract abundance by connecting into your intuition and spirit guide. Let’s get spiritual and ambitious.


So I have a special Intuition Bootcamp coming up. You can go over to messengerofspirits.com/bootcamp to sign up or join the wait list. I cannot wait for this. I’m not gonna reveal too many details right now, but I’m really excited so messengerofspirit.com/bootcamp for all the details, and I’ll be telling you a little bit more about it later on, but let’s go ahead and get into how to know if it’s your intuition or if your mind made it up. Oh my goodness, this is a big one, and the way I like to break this down is by intuitive language. I’m gonna give you some techniques to help you know if it was your mind or not, but right off the bat, I’m gonna tell you that one of the number one ways to know if it’s your mind or something that was real from spirit is clearing your mind.


You’ve gotta clear your mind. This is why I talk about it so much inside of my programs. If your mind is completely clear, you’re literally creating a superhighway for spirit to come through. If you are not clearing your mind, how are your spirit guides actually going to give you a message, right? I want you to think about, you have this force field around you which is your mind, your thoughts, your emotions are all outside of your body. And so if your mind, your thoughts, emotions are all outside of your body and an intuitive message is trying to come through, it’s going to come through what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and you are going to question it because there’s no rhyme or reason and you can’t really identify the energetic signature of your intuitive message so you have to clear the mind. So if you could just take a moment and imagine that you have your aura around you or your mind around you.


So you could just pick a color, and then I’d like for you to imagine that it splits in the middle and half of it moves to the right and half of it moves to the left. That highway, that split, the part that now has no color is where your intuitive messages come in. And this is what I teach people to do inside of my program. So you can clear your mind and let it come in so that you’re not thinking about it. So clearing your mind is the most important way. But you know, before we really get into different intuitive languages, I have to say consistency. The more you’re consistent, the more you develop your intuition, and the more that you receive messages from your guides and dedicate time to talk to them every single day, the more confidence and the more you’ll recognize the intuitive messages.


So consistency is important and one of the other things I wanna share is raising your vibration and increasing your sensitivity. So you have a body and etheric body and then you have other bodies. You have mental, emotional, spiritual bodies. Your sensitivity receptors are on your etheric body and when you work with a spirit guide to increase your sensitivity, then you are going to be in a higher raise vibration. It’s going to be an easier match for your intuitive messages to come through. Your spirit guides are higher vibrational than you. You are on the earth plane. If you can raise your vibration, it’s easier to kind of meet in the middle. So those are three components, but I definitely wanna talk about some techniques today through your intuitive language. So let’s talk about the seer. If you feel that you’re a seer and you see spirit.


So this can be, I literally saw spirit or I saw a flash of light outta the corner of my eye or when I meditate, I see colors, I see faces, I see numbers, I see names, I see words. That kind of thing. Well, it can be a little tricky because when you receive messages, you are receiving messages through the same channel where you receive your imagination. This is the same channel that if I told you to close your eyes and picture a purple flower, you would receive the messages. But here is a way to indicate if it is intuitive versus if it is something your mind made up. If you are imagining it and it is a thought, you’re gonna see that purple flower. You’re gonna see the purple flower. It’s gonna be there. It’s just gonna stay in your mind. If you are receiving it from spirit, it’s gonna come in and leave.


It’s going to perhaps be really quick or really faint and the more that you flex your intuitive muscle, the more that you start to build your sensitivity, you’ll start to see that flower become more prominent but that’s an indication if it’s really quick and faint. I have had so many experiences of teaching mediumship and I remember one example where somebody was giving a message about their uncle’s car. Lincoln came in like a black Lincoln car, just left really quickly. The student said, no, that’s not it, because it just left so quick and then their mind kind of made up a car so that they could see the detail. And once we started to work together, he understood, wait a minute, no, it was the black Lincoln. Darn it. All right. And the client was like, yeah, I had a black Lincoln. So it comes in really quick.


I want you to remember, spirits really quick, comes in really fast. We are heavier, they are lighter. All right? If you are an owl. So the owl hears through clairvoyance, meaning if you receive messages like somebody told you what to do and it could sound like someone else’s voice or it can sound like your inner reading voice, then you would be clairaudient and there’s a way to know if this is intuitive most of the time or if this is a thought that your mind made up. Stay with me and I will tell you that plus the other intuitive languages, some techniques to help you right after this quick break.


I am so excited to offer the Messenger of Spirit Oracle cards. They are my favorite deck, of course, because I channeled them from spirit and I’ve been waiting for so long to really find a deck that really spoke to me. But years ago, I felt it was time to create my own deck and they are finally here in real life. I love them. It’s 52 cards. And when I used to do readings, I really wanted a deck that had everything. This does. What I’ve done is over my years of experience of doing readings as a professional medium, I’ve taken a lot of the common messages that Spirit has given me and I’ve put them into the cards. These cards contain symbols that I’ve seen from spirit and those symbols will have different meaning when you look at them and you read them from your intuitive language. I also have short descriptions on the cards to help you and I have numbers too. Numerology has meaning. Inside of the book, you’ll find a longer explanation, a short to the point explanation, and a line suggested crystal and affirmation to use with your messages. You can go to messengerofspirit.com/cards to learn more.


All right, we’re back and we’re talking about how to know if it’s your intuition versus something your mind made up. With owl, you’re hearing messages from spirit. Most of the time it’s gonna sound like your inner reading voice. It is not gonna sound like God is speaking to you down from the clouds with a thunderbolt. It will sound like your own inner reading voice which causes so many people to question if they are really indeed getting intuitive messages or if they have made this stuff up. So knowing something can be really helpful. Ready? For this what this something is. Here it is. When you’re talking to yourself, you are going to talk to yourself and you can understand to feel the words are thought out and it takes a long time to finish the sentence. When spirit talks to you, it comes in so fast. Sometimes your brain can’t process it or let’s say that you’re asking a question to your spirit guides, you will receive the answer before you’ve even asked the question. This has been so powerful to know this tip. I remember I was asking a question, what is my, this is pretty much what came in. I know that it was a bunch of words and it just happened really fast. It sounded like my own inner reading voice, but a little bit higher and it just gave me all this download of information. Remember, when you’re doing these techniques, it’s really important for you to clear your mind every time you talk to your guides but that’s one little hot tip I can share with you. Now, what about the empath? The empaths generally gets messages through clairsentient so feeling in their gut, feeling emotions and also you can feel messages on your skin.


It can be the right side means hot, or somebody’ is tapping my shoulder, or something like that. So if you’re an empath, it can be a struggle to figure out, is this my own thought or is this somebody else’s? Meaning your spirit guides. So what you can do is clear your mind, but surround yourself in this aura of protection. So if you’re an empath, what I’d like for you to do is move to a place where no one else is there. Just get some alone time. I’d love for you to clear your energy as best as you can. Wrap yourself in this bubble of light and then clear your mind and do a quick check-in. How am I feeling right now? And if you feel like you’re a blank slate, that’s perfect. Then when you get the messages from spirit, when you’re asking the message and it’s received, you know that whatever comes through is not your own.


It is coming in from spirit so do a self-check. Now, if you’re saying, well, Whitney, I can’t get to a place where I’m alone and it’s gonna take too long for me to clear my energy, then just take a few moments and do a self-check. You can do a visual meditation to release the energy coming from the top of your head all the way out through your feet so a white light meditation. You can just feel everything draining into Mother Earth, allowing for earth to transmute and transform the energy that’s there so that it returns to love and light and this can happen in a matter of seconds. It sounds like it’s gonna take a long time cuz I’m being very descriptive but it can just take a few seconds. When you feel a blank slate, ask your question, receive the message of yes or no.


If you are a channeler, a channeler receives messages through claircognizance which is really interesting. So channelers just react based off of whatever is coming into them. So their body is intuitive, their body can just decide, I’m tired, I don’t wanna go anywhere, or, yay, I’m full of energy and zest. Usually if you’ve asked a question and your spirit guides give you an answer, it’s a yes, absolutely, or a, I’m tired, I’m gonna, I need to take a nap, or I just can’t get myself going today. But it doesn’t necessarily just come in from your body, even though it’s always a reaction. You’re reacting through writing an email or I’m feeling inspired, I need to research this thing that just popped into my head, and what I just said there is popped into my head is a knowing. So a lot of times channelers just have a knowing, but they don’t really know where that knowing came from.


They can’t really backtrack it. And one example that I’ve used so many times, and it’s just been so impactful, is when my mom and my family were interviewing to adopt some dogs that had a waitlist a mile long. My mom just started buying toys and I said, what are you doing? Like you don’t know that we actually are going to adopt these dogs? And she’s like, oh, they’re my dogs. So it’s like, I don’t know where it came from. I just know and I’m reacting. I’m going to the store and I’m buying the things even though nobody has told me yet that this is going to happen. So a knowing really, really happens. So one of the things channelers can do to really help determine if it’s an intuitive message or something with their mind made up is to actually be in movement. Yeah, that sounds weird.


Go out on a walk. Allow yourself to move freely. Dance a little bit. So let’s say that you’re getting ready to talk to your spirit guides and you need a message. Well, take a few moments and dance, move your arms or body, run in place, do some jumping jacks, whatever that is, and then sit down, get a piece of paper or type on your computer and just start typing the first words that are coming out. I know that sounds a little different than some of the others, but this clears the energy so that they’re not feeling, oh, I’m so bored, or I’ve got all these ideas I need to start like Googling them and looking them up. This is, Hey, I’m getting it all out of my body real quick. I’m sitting down, I’m clearing my mind, and then I’m just gonna write whatever the first things are coming through for me.


So channeler oftentimes need to expend their energy before they will really trust that they’re getting an intuitive message, so it’s a little different the way it’s coming in for them. Also, with channelers it’s great to do a quick body check. Hey, am I tired right now? Hey, am I full of energy right now? Well, if you have a yes on either one of those, it’s probably not the best time to actually try to get your intuitive messages because your body reacts and if your body is already tired, this can be really confusing. Well, was this intuitive or is it because I’m already tired? Or if you’re full of energy, it can be really hard to clear your mind because you’ve got all these things going and it can be a little deceiving. Well, did I just react to that because I’m already full of energy or did I react to that because that’s an actual response from my intuition that’s coming through?


So that’s the backstory of why I’m telling you this technique. Alright, that’s it for now and I’m so happy to see you inside of this Intuitive Bootcamp, intuition bootcamp. Go to messengerofspirit.com/bootcamp for more details or join the waiting list, and I will see ya next week for the next episode. But until then, here’s to staying spiritual and ambitious.


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