Transcript: How Healing Attracts Soul Clients with Allyson Scammell

May 29, 2023


How Healing Attracts Soul Clients

Whitney (00:00):

Welcome to Spiritual and Ambitious. I’m your host Whitney McNeil. I’m a certified medium and spiritual teacher and I help spiritual and ambitious souls just like you live your life purpose through your career and attract abundance by connecting into your intuition and spirit guide. Let’s get spiritual and ambitious.

Whitney (00:31):

Welcome to this episode of the Spiritual and Ambitious Podcast. I’m here with Allyson Scammel, Master Intuitive business coach, energy healer, psychic medium. Allyson is a master intuitive and her mission is to help soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs to upgrade their energy frequency to gain unstoppable momentum in life and business. As the founder of the Soul Guide Academy, Allyson has helped thousands of leaders and light workers to earn more, serve more, and grow spiritually along the way. She regularly shares priceless wisdom and insight on Soul Guide Radio, a top rated podcast for soul guided influencers ready to unlock massive soul aligned success, and we are gonna be talking about energetic soul, client attraction and how healing attracts your soul client so welcome to the podcast Allyson.

Allyson (01:27):

Thank you, Whitney. I’m so thrilled to be here.

Whitney (01:30):

I’m happy you’re here. And just for the listeners out there, Allyson and I were having these technical issues before we recorded this episode and every time I have someone who’s really high vibe on this podcast, it just kind of happened, so it’s so interesting. I know that we already have good energy here and I can’t wait to see what’s gonna come through, and I know that you really deal a lot with alignment and I love that cuz of course I talk about it quite a bit on this podcast and in my business. But I wanna talk to you a little bit more about soul clients and that alignment and how you got started or started to understand what that was. So can you tell us a little bit about what a soul client is in your definition and how you kind of came to know this?

Allyson (02:25):

Yeah, so I define a soul client as that person you’re like literally born to serve and you agreed on a soul level before you came into this lifetime that at a certain point in your journey you are going to meet and have an exchange, and so we have soul clients in all aspects of our lives, in our families, in our communities but from a business perspective then that exchange is he, she or they arrive into your business and normally that exchange is they invest in something, they invest in you, they invest in your business, they invest in your offering and then in exchange of course you give your gifts, your genius, and that exchange is powerful because it’s a soul connection and they don’t want your gifts. They literally need them to advance to the next level on your path and this is really for whatever, if it is a soul client, it doesn’t matter what you offer. You can sell blenders and she’s going to drink green juice, your soul client avatar and she needs your specific blender. So yes it works if you’re in the service based industry and you’re a coach or a healer or whatever, but it really works anywhere when it, when there’s a soul exchange happening.

Whitney (03:49):

I’ve got a question about that. So do you feel like these clients are predestined to meet you on some level?

Allyson (03:57):


Whitney (03:58):

Oh, I love that. Tell me a little bit more about how you kind of came to know, I know I just interrupted you, but tell me a little bit more about how you came to know that.

Allyson (04:07):

Such a good question. It just, it happened so organically and I said, you know, Whitney, like all the best stuff just sort of like shows up and it just sort of showed up in my experience. I’ve been super lucky in my coaching business that I haven’t had a lot of, you know, sad client stories where I had this horrible client. But it did happen a couple times where it was just, it felt really off like they were a great person. They weren’t saying anything or do anything mean to me. They were paying me and all that but I was like whoa, that just fell off, and I realized how quickly it could take something I love so deeply, coaching, healing, channeling, serving others and turn it into something that I don’t like to do at all, you know, like it really just like whoa that that’s, that alignment is just not here.

Allyson (04:56):

So that’s when I, it was at the, more towards the beginning of my coaching career where I think a lot of new coaches, a lot of new people in business, we all fall into the mindset, well, it’s not an ideal client but I need the business. I need the money and I think that’s okay when you’re first starting because you need to start generating wealth in your business. So if it’s not a perfect match, that’s okay because it helps you understand what the perfect matches are. But I was to the point where I felt like I was already cutting my teeth and I finally got to the point where I kind of had the courage cuz it does take courage to say I only want the highest aligned clients. And so I kind of put a red velvet rope up in front of my business and I said I’m only gonna call in the most aligned clients for me.

Allyson (05:44):

And things started to shift in my business when I had the courage to do that because it does take a lot of courage, right? And I did have to say no to a few people. That took so much courage for me and it created this space. And in this space, these soul sisters, I serve mostly women but you know, choose your pronoun for your soul client avatar. These soul sisters started arrive and it was just, it was magical. It was effortless, and the thing that lit me up the most were the results they were experiencing because obviously as a coach or a healer, you wanna get your clients these massive results and that was just like, oh this is what I want. So then I started doing some channeling around it and I started doing some research around it and then I really started to tune into the energy around it and that’s when it started to come through that we actually have, there are certain people that we are literally destined to serve and those are soul clients.

Whitney (06:43):

Hmm. I really love that. And you know what’s interesting? It’s like we learn so much from experience, right? And that really tells us if we’re in alignment or not most of the time, and I learn so much from spirit and so it’s so interesting cuz I’ve been asked that question, I just ask you, how do you know this? It’s like, well I know this because I’ve lived through it or I’ve had that experience and I can really relate to what you’re saying. It’s like when you have this client that you know, kind of fits the part on the piece of paper, you know, what you’ve kind of said that you wanted, but it just feels off. You just know something’s just not quite in alignment. And every time someone kind of goes over that feeling and they just ignore it, something funky always happens and the universe goes, oh, you’re okay with this.

Whitney (07:36):

Let me send you some more and it’s like, no, no, so I love what you said. I put this velvet rope, like no, you know, I’m doing this softly, but I’m claiming my space. That’s really a beautiful understanding to have that we are destined to meet each other from a different time and so many times we think about this as romantic relationships, but really this is how we can truly create and co-create together in our businesses as well so I like that. But what about energetic soul client attractions? How do you, how did you do that? How do you attract your soul mate client?

Allyson (08:21):

Yeah, so a key defining aspect of a soul client which I didn’t mention specifically is that we’re like a puzzle piece. So our genius, you know, our core gifts, our spiritual gifts, our natural unique genius is fits like a puzzle piece to their needs, pains, and wants, right? And this really does work for whatever it is you’re offering. You don’t have to be a coach or a healer for this to hold true. And so when you are owning your gifts and like really owning it from that core part of you, from your heart space that I’m out there creating, I’m podcasting, I’m writing, I am talking, I’m teaching, whatever it is you do in your business to talk about your offerings and talk about what it is you do, the more you really are aligned to your gifts and that’s a journey. We don’t know overnight what our gifts are.

Allyson (09:21):

You know, we go on the journey to peel the onion back so we get to the core of who we are and how we’re meant to serve. The more you peel that onion back and stand in your gifts and like when I say own, I mean own, and so you get to that point, let’s say you are a coach and you’re, you have an hourly rate and you start to view your hourly rate like diamonds or you know, like your hour, one hour with you is like one precious diamond and you value it that much and you’d never give your diamond away for free and you’d never give a discount on your diamond. I mean diamonds are what they cost, right? We’re pretty clear on the worth of a diamond and you are that. You are a diamond. And so when you get into that worth and you own it so much, you become a magnet.

Allyson (10:14):

It’s that confidence you exude. It’s that this is it. This is what I do and I will change your life and your people. Your specific soul audience is gonna feel that. You put out an energy frequency and you’re talking about their pain points, knowing them from a deep soul level and their desires from a deep soul level and their needs and they’re just gonna be, and in this information age where we get bombarded, the more you can specifically put out their energetic signal, the more useful it will be for them to pick up on it and it will just be easeful self selection. I need that. I need what you’re offering on a soul level and they won’t hem and haw. They won’t second guess. Their brain might come in and and say, I’m not worthy of this, I can’t afford it, my partner won’t support.

Allyson (11:03):

So you of course you might have to talk them through their objections, right? But on a soul level, they’re gonna be sold before they ever even get on the phone with you and most soul clients don’t even need to read a sales page. They just hear you, they interact with you live and their inner knowing kicks in and it’s like, yep, I need her, I need this, I need that so there’s this ease to it, not all the time cuz it’s not meant to be easy and you will have, you know, there’s always gonna be bumps along the way, but overall, when you’re really in this magnetism, this ease is there that never ever ceases to put me in an awe state when I’m in that alignment and it just, the sole client just falls in my lap. I am always in a constant state of awe about how useful it can really be.

Whitney (11:54):

You know, you were talking, while you were talking I kind of went into this place where I was just picking up on your energy and I went to this place of, oh I really like your energy right now and I didn’t pay much attention. This must be the example of how Spirit is showing me what you’re talking about. I’m like, oh I just really love this energy and then I like came back and I was like, oh, she’s saying words and it was like, I just love this energy and that’s really how it’s of what you were just saying. It’s so funny that that’s how I experienced it in the moment.

Allyson (12:27):

That’s a hundred percent it. You just nailed it. That’s why you know, your soul clients when you are really in the energy, and this is unfortunately something we can’t fake it to make it. This has gotta be true, this has gotta be real and it doesn’t come overnight, like I wasn’t owning my worth to the level I do today two years ago, right? I was like, I was in more of a second guessing like, can I really serve my clients? Could I have gifts this big, you know, all the things and that’s where the healing comes in which I believe we’re gonna be talking about. But so if you view it as a journey and every day you’re owning your worth just a little bit more and you’re standing in your authenticity and your gifts and you’re not holding back, you know, we really do transcend words, you know? Words aren’t necessary.

Whitney (13:12):

Yes. I really like that you’re saying that and also with that example, I think it’s gonna put a lot of pieces together for people listening because sometimes you’re just like, I’m in it, like I don’t, I don’t really care what you’re saying, I’m a yes versus a lot of times when entrepreneurs are selling something or they’re inviting people into their programs, you know? They list all the details and that’s what they’re worried about versus it’s that vibration and that is why it’s so important to make sure that our energy is in alignment. So many times we’re like, I’ve gotta do the things, I’ve gotta do all the marketing or you know, I have to put this piece of the puzzle together versus sometimes we can completely forget about what’s really going on in that magnetism, and I do want to talk about healing cuz I know healing is a huge process of attraction but we are gonna talk about that right after this quick break, so stay with us and we’ll be right back.

Whitney (14:13):

So we’re living in this world where we’re questioning everything and we really wanna know the next steps. If you’re wanting to receive more clarity and really know that what you’re getting from your spirit guides is real, I wanna invite you to my live spirit guide workshop happening on Thursday, August 18th, and you can register at messengerofspirit.com/workshop. I’m so excited to experience a live event with you. For two and a half hours, I’ll be taking you through training and I’ll be partnering you up with someone else in the workshop so that you can implement these techniques right away. I’ll be walking you through clearing your mind, preparing your energy, and receiving the messages coming in from your guides. So sign up for the workshop now happening live on August 18th, messengerofspirit.com/workshop.

Whitney (15:13):

All right, thanks for hanging in there. We’re back with Allyson Scammell and we are talking about really aligning to and attracting your soul clients. We’ve been talking about some amazing things about how much our energy is a huge factor in your attracting your perfect soul aligned clients. And Allyson, can you tell us a little bit more about how our healing helps us magnetize this?

Allyson (15:42):

Yeah, such a good question. So our healing, you know, it’s not fun to heal. Healing implies pain, you know? It implies a wound. It Implies suffering to a degree. So I know a lot of my clients will come to me and say, Allyson, I’ve been working on this wound so long, why can’t it just go away? And I just empathize that with some, with them so much. I mean, some of our wounds are really designed to be with us for our whole lifetime into elderhood and we even have some wounds that we, I’m just checking in with the Spirit Guides. Do I wanna say this? Because I want this to be upbeat and positive, but I don’t wanna give anybody news that they wouldn’t be excited about, but they’re saying, yes, I should share this. We even have a few wounds that have such a long tale.

Allyson (16:31):

For some people, not all people. We’ll have wounds with such a long tale. You’ve had them for so many lifetimes. You picked them up through ancestry, et cetera, collective wounds that you can on, you can’t even heal a hundred percent of the wound in this whole lifetime but you know, you can heal as much as you can heal. So the point is, it’s a journey. Treating healing as it is the journey and that’s what my guides say. Healing is the journey. It is the journey. It’s not the destination. I am healed, it’s all gone. That thing I suffered from is just gone. It’s the journey. And every time we have the courage to heal because it takes courage to heal, it’s gonna get more easeful and you’re gonna be more aligned and you’re gonna hold the space and have the capacity to hold more joy.

Allyson (17:23):

So in this context of soul client attraction, I really invite you to really see healing as the journey and it’s part of the process and it is a powerful part of the process and to put the excitement and the high vibe spin on it, the truth of the matter is you get rewarded massively for having the courage to heal. So how does this work? You can plug this into any challenge in your life where you need healing. But in this, in this example of soul client attraction, let’s say a common wound of the entrepreneur is, I’m not good enough, you know? I, how could my gifts be that big? How could my soul mission be so grand? How could I think I could impact the planet on a massive level? You know, who am I to think, right? Those lovely thoughts. So what we wanna do always, always, always with healing is just noticing, noticing it’s present without judgment, with self-compassion.

Allyson (18:21):

And I know you talk about a lot about healing on this, so I won’t go, I won’t go into too much detail on how we heal, but like more into like how the healing attracts soul clients. So you notice what’s presence, I’m not good enough in this example that makes me feel, you know, shame, it makes me feel sad, it makes me feel angry, it makes me feel resentment, all the things. So I always teach people in the healing, you know, feel the feels, you know, notice what’s present, identify it if it feels safe, feel those feels, and then in the feeling is the releasing, you know? It’s the feel and release. And so once you have the courage to feel those feels which can feel scary, but if you say, you know what, I’m gonna do it and I’m just gonna treat it as a lab, you know? If it’s not like, you know, if it’s real trauma, if it’s current lifetime real trauma, you will want someone to hold the space for you if it feels too intense.

Allyson (19:14):

But if it doesn’t feel too intense and you can do it on your own, just sit in the emotions for 60, 90 seconds and this is when the magic comes in. Had the courage to step up, look inside. I have this thing. I’m ready to release it. So I’m gonna feel these uncomfortable emotions and in that release, that is one of the most powerful moments where we are energetically because you are releasing a block, a wound that is inside of you that is weighing you down, you know, like a barnacle, our energy blocks or like a barnacle. You’re letting it go and your energetic resonance is rising and it rises highest right after a release. It goes, you know, you go down to spring up and you spring up even higher than your normal dominant energetic resonance. So you are in a higher frequency and in that higher frequency in a post, you know, release, that is a beautiful time to what? Connect into your soul client avatar, connect to her energy, you know, connect to her, talk to her, what are your pains, what are your desires?

Allyson (20:31):

What are your needs? And connect into your divine guidance team, to your spirit guides, to your higher self. What am I being called to create? Who am I being called to be? What aspect of my genius wants to come through? And is just an absolutely amazingly powerful time to connect into the spiritual realm, to get that download, get that insight for your next offering, your next blog post, your next podcast or the podcast that you’ll launch. So it’s that reward you get for doing the work and if that’s not enough, you’ve healed so now you’re in a greater alignment. So your soul client is able to find you even more easefully the more aligned you are because you are able to put out a more and more powerful signal. So when you’ve approach healing at, it is the journey and it never ends. It never ends.

Allyson (21:29):

You know, most of us, you know, I talked to my guides about it like, so am I like on track to get enlightenment in this lifetime so I’m like cleared of all wounds and they don’t really answer me, but they’re kind of like, mm, you know, why don’t you just treat it more like a journey? So I’m like, all right, it’s the journey. So if you just treat it like the journey wounds are part of it and you’ve guys have probably heard the expression, new level, new devil. So when you do get to those new levels, they’re just gonna be new types of wounds and it’s just the journey and it’s okay, and when you do the healing and you get that amazing release, you get the rewards of the higher connections, the higher alignment and in this example, your soul client’s finding you in more and more easeful and magical ways.

Allyson (22:15):

And this is when we really start to transcend 3D marketing and they find you in ways like how did this even happen? And nobody is finding you from your website anymore or your blog posts and they’re finding you from all these other amazing magical ways and I think for most soul guided entrepreneurs, this is why we’re here, right? We’re not here to crank out 3D marketing and do all the bro marketing techniques. We’re here to be in the awe and the magic and the flow and the unfolding and our healing is what’s gonna enable us to get there.

Whitney (22:48):

Hmm, yes, absolutely. I know that I attract a lot of ambitious people. I mean here we are on the Spiritual and Ambitious podcast and what I’ve noticed with ambitious people, they’re like, how do I, how do I get this healing done now? Like I’m ready, you know, chop, chop, let’s do it. So looking at it as the journey and that the healing process, no matter if it’s not completed in this lifetime, isn’t necessarily preventing you from living your highest and your best and living in abundance and in your purpose and attracting, and what I really love about the release process is cuz sometimes in that release process we can feel joy and elation, but sometimes in that release process we can feel alone and naked like, oh my goodness, now this is gone. I’ve been carrying it around for years and lifetimes and I feel weird.

Whitney (23:51):

And I like that you are bringing back this memory of this is where you’re sending out the signal. This is where you can ask those questions. This is where you’re really in a higher state to get more clarity. So everyone listening out there, if you are in a release process, please remember this is a beautiful moment in itself even though sometimes we don’t want to cry or we don’t want to feel those things, this is a great step in a vibration. You know, I’ve seen all these memes out there on social media where it’s like, this is, you know, this is how I felt when I was becoming more spiritually aligned and a higher vibration. This is how I thought I’d feel and it was like rainbows and unicorns and skipping in a field and it’s like, and this is the reality and you know, it’s like crying on the floor and it’s just part of our humanness and part of those things that we have to release and let go. So I love that you talked about the more we can heal and release, the more we’re accelerating that magnetism and attraction to our soul aligned clients which is really beautiful so thank you for sharing that.

Allyson (24:59):

You’re so welcome.

Whitney (25:01):

I’ve got a question for you. So I do wanna talk about this cuz we chatted about being spiritual and ambitious. Can you tell everyone listening how being spiritual and ambitious shows up in your life?

Allyson (25:16):

I was just thinking Whitney, how much I love that you named this podcast this because I think we’re programmed to think if you’re spirit, it’s not spiritual to be ambitious. I’m sure you talk about this a lot and I am spiritual and I’m very ambitious. I’m probably one of your soul client avatars, Whitney, because if you’ve come onto this earth at this point, you do not have a small mission. My friend, you know, Mother Earth is going through some stuff. Yeah, and we’re going to a whole new age, a whole new Earth, a whole new time, a whole new energy frequency and we need light workers like you, like the, like your listeners and these are not small missions and that ambition is really like you. This ambition comes from if you’re a light worker, you know, it’s driven. You’re driven by service primarily and I’m driven by money and creativity.

Allyson (26:15):

Like I’m driven by a lot of things and I’m driven by service and having that big global impact, impacting the planet on a, on a massive level, you know, that gets me fired up in the morning. And if you’re someone who likes big numbers and you like the idea of having a hundred thousand followers on social media, I love it, like yes, go for it. And if you’re someone like, you know, I’m more of like a bespoke person. I see myself attracting 1 to 2000. I love that too because this is when we get into that ripple effect, that ripple effect of when I serve you, your person serves her person, her person serves their person and this is the ripple effect so it doesn’t really matter. Numbers again, start to not mean anything. So for me, being ambitious is ultimately about my, I’m ambitious because earth is meant to be our playground.

Allyson (27:10):

And I wanna earn money so I can travel and have a nice house and do cool things. I’m ambitious because I’m so driven by service and I want, like, I wanna give a big middle finger to the patriarchy and like some of the messed up systems that are on planet right now and let’s get rid of them and build systems where everybody can thrive and that gets me so fired up and it makes me feel so ambitious in such a cool way, such a motivated, high vibey way. So if your listeners are resonating with this, this is you. You just have a big soul mission and you’re the one. And if you ever think, well, who am I the one to think I could have such a big mission? Well I am telling you one of my gifts is I’m a mirror of truth. I don’t blow smoke. I’m a mirror of truth and my message is you are the one.

Whitney (27:59):

Hmm, that’s such a good message. I forgot to tell you this, but while we were talking a while back, the light flickered when you were talking and you were getting really passionate and it just kind of went out and then came back and I was like, oh yeah, that’s that energy again. That’s, that’s so nice when we’re talking about signs and intuition and things like that where you just can really resonate with that energy and you can feel and this came in that physical way so it’s really beautiful. So Allyson, can you tell listeners how they can find you?

Allyson (28:35):

Thank you so much for the opportunity. I would love to. So you can find me on my website, allysonscammell.Com, and I have a very cool gift happening at the moment. It’s an energy upgrade meditation and it really will take you through everything we just spoke about where you release a block weighing you down, and then what happens, it helps guide your energy to those higher frequencies where you can tune into your soul client avatar and your guides and your higher self and source and get the messages that you need to hear in any given moment. And then I have my labor of love, my podcast, Soul Guide Radio, and I was lucky enough to have Whitney on my podcast. I will link this episode on my podcast when your episode is released. So I would love for you to check on my podcast. And lastly, I’ll just mention my closed Facebook group Soul Guide Circle and we’re a group of leaders and light workers in service to each other on the planet.

Whitney (29:32):

Thank you. And I will definitely put all these links in the show notes. So for everyone listening, no worries, you can just check the show notes and they’ll be right there. But I did wanna ask you, Allyson, is there anything else that wants to come through? Any last piece of advice that you’d like to share with listeners?

Allyson (29:50):

Yes, I like these questions because I like to read the energy of the listeners. So let me see what your listeners really need in this moment. And that is what’s coming through is if you are in a energy of second guessing your worth, second guessing your ability to transform the life of your soul client, I am here to tell you that your gifts are like diamonds except for they’re more valuable, they’re rare, they’re precious, and they are valuable and my job is just to be the mirror of truth. So if you do have anything inside of you that’s telling you any other story, it’s just the journey. It’s just simply a wound. So I invite you to look within, identify the wound, feel and release and go back to the truth that your gifts are massive and you are here to make a massive impact on the planet.

Whitney (30:51):

Hmm, I received that. Thank you. And I’m so happy that listeners will be able to look at their stuff, kind of weighing them down in this free meditation too so I can’t wait to share that with everyone listening. Thank you Allyson, so much for being on this podcast, and I will definitely link the episode I did with you on your podcast in this too so thank you for this energy exchange today. We really appreciate it.

Allyson (31:20):

Such an honor. Thank you so much.

Whitney (31:22):

All right, thanks for listening to another episode of the Spiritual Ambitious podcast. I will see you next week in a brand new episode. Until then, here’s to staying spiritual and ambitious.

Whitney (31:36):

Thanks so much for listening to this episode, and if you loved it, would you please share it with a friend? I would also love your review and a reminder to subscribe so you never miss an episode. You can find me at messengerofspirit.com and you can take the four intuitive languages quiz and find show notes there too. If you wanna connect on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, you can find me at @messengerofspirit. If you wanna continue the conversation, join my free Facebook group at messengerofspirit.com/group. I’ll meet you right here next week. Here’s to staying spiritual and ambitious.

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