3 Ways Your Spirit Guides Talk With You

May 7, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Do you feel like you are trying to send your Spirit Guides a smoke signal, and they just aren’t getting it? They are probably trying to communicate with you, you just aren’t allowing yourself to notice them. Spirit Guides give us messages in three main ways. We just need to pay attention! If we know how our messages can come in, we can be more open to them!

They can talk to us through tangible signs, dreams, and Intuition.

There are so many tangible ways Spirit can say, “HEY WE ARE HERE!” Think butterflies, birds, 11:11, pennies, bumper stickers, and even pennies!

Spirit tried to send me messages before with butterflies and dragonflies. Unfortunately, they didn’t go so well. I mean, bugs are still bugs.  No worries! They were fine, it was just me that freaked out.

Spirit Guides actually visit us through astral travel, but for now, let’s just say dreams. Astral travel is definitely another topic for sure! We learn lessons, see Loved Ones, and have conversations in this dream-like state.

There’s also the tried and true way of communicating through Intuition. They know how to speak your Intuitive Language, but do you? They try to give you the message through the path of least resistance.

Check out the video to learn more! See ya inside.

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