3 Signs You’re Ready To Develop Your Mediumship

Feb 18, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Have you had these 3 signs?

Each Medium wakes up to their own abilities in their own time.

But more than not, people block their Mediumship by allowing fear and ego to get in the way.

If you’ve ever:

  1. Had a burning desire to help others by giving them Spirit messages;
  2. Have had dreams or are getting messages for other people, but you don’t know what to do with them;
  3. or keep attracting situations where you COULD give a message, but you choose not to…

…then these are great signs it’s time to wake up your Mediumship ability!

Check out the video for all the details, but I hope to see you inside our live, interactive Mediumship workshop soon!

Learn more and register here.


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