3 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Get Your Attention

Mar 11, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Are you blocking your Spirit Guides?

You might be and don’t even know it! We tend to unconsciously block the messages we receive from our beloved Spirit Guides, but the good news is that we can recognize the signs when we aren’t listening.

In this video, I’ll dive into the details on the 3 most common signs that your Spirit Guides are trying to get your attention.

KNOCK KNOCK. HELLO? Are you listening?

    1. Have you ever had ringing in your ears during a conversation with your friend or a during a thought you had to yourself? As long as you don’t have any sinus, ear, or other health issues… I would take that as a sign Spirit is trying to give you a message.
    2. Do you have recurring dreams or dreams of people that are trying to help you? While each dream can vary, your Spirit Guides take your on astral travels at night to teach you certain lessons and share important knowledge with you. Classroom dreams? Those are usually from our Spirit Guide teachers.
    3. When you feel blocked AF and assume nothing is working out for you…your Spirit Guides are like, “Hello! That’s NOT the right direction. Please listen to us so we can give you some amazing guidance!” Yep – when you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, you know that’s a sign you aren’t listening to your Spirit Guides.

I chat more about the 3 signs your Spirit Guides are trying to get your attention in the video, but first….

….Have you taken the Intuitive Type Quiz? This is so helpful in determining the most likely way your Spirit Guides give you their messages.

Okay, see you inside the video!

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